Mysterious Proposal

by Anam Waqas
(Saudi Arabia)

Mystery Man

Mystery Man

Hello I really want to know from past few months I've been having same dream like I see a man's face whom I really don't know in real life...

Every time the same dream comes and at first his family comes for marriage proposal with him in my house and later on they disappear and then after few months my mom says I shall call them that after sending proposal they disappeared.

No contact from them and then suddenly after few days I see that man again and ask him that you wanted to marry me? Why you have disappeared after sending proposal?

This all same thing I see again and again in my dream, what does it mean?

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Aug 02, 2016
Visitor in your dream
by: Mrs Starr

It sounds like you may be having a visitation. They are visitors from beyond the vail. You see they work there like we do here. Contracts and deciding on your behalf. The proposal is you accepting what ever they need to do for you. So until it happens what ever it is done. You will have that dream. Just remember most people are not aware and don't remember this happening. So in a way it is a gift you do

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