Rain: Seer.Healer.Sage.Muse Is Phenominally Rare N Accurate

This woman is Amazing, witty, hilariously funny, kind compassionate and I always feel better just from hearing her voice. All I can say is if you don't call Rain you will be missing out on one of life’s great pleasures. One of those Rare True Psychics that will leave you shocked.

I recommend Rain to everyone who uses a Psychic!! She is absolutely a Phenomenal reader and an Amazingly Beautiful Soul. Rain is everything she says she is. She sees such detail so clearly. I always feel mentally, emotionally and physically healthier after I speak to her. Rain has such deep wisdom on so many subjects and she is quite amusing although I believe she uses the term Muse to depict the many ideas she gives me to solve "life’s puzzles".

She is available through her own website HealingHearth a dot com, which is where I recommend you connect with her through her call button, as well as through Keen and has a page on MySpace too. You will find she connects fast and is Amazingly Accurate!

On Keen her name is RainHHinc and her main heading is RARELYmATCHED nVR sURPASSEDgIFTS IcUask anyLife?'s and she means any. She picks up on details that you do not even ask about...

She has a very high degree of excellent five star reviews that can be found on her Keen listing and provides a link to all her feedback at the top of her page. I know for a fact that the feedback cannot be changed so when you read it you will have a good grasp of what her clients are saying. The feedback is what prompted me to get my first reading from her there on Keen. I wish I had found her earlier so I had not wasted so much money seeking a TRUE PSYCHIC. The price did scare me and I had to think about it for a few days before I actually called her but since our second reading she has consistently sent free minutes.

I did a web search for her name Rain: Seer.Healer.Sage.Muse the other day and found many links. This is how I found her main website HealingHearth.com and her MySpace.com page which are both fun. I started calling her through her HealingHearth site because she is more readily available there. I have since learned that she had taken several years off and now is rebuilding her clientele which is growing fast to the point that it will be necessary to book appointments in advance soon. She also offers Healing Touch Massage Therapy and Travels. Her business is growing and she is less and less available on Keen; another reason for doing that search that lead me too her other sites.

She is very professional and you can pay through PayPal which has many options plus it is secure. Rain was concerned at first about taking me through her own company because she is so highly ethical but I let her know I needed her more frequently than she was available on Keen and that I had found her, she had never told me there were other ways to reach her.

She continues to shock me with her predictions that come to pass even the ones that seem way off and her uncanny ability to get into my head along with the other people around me freaks me out sometimes! Her accuracy and the way she describes things to a T is weird I never knew a psychic who could do that before so consistently. What a God send.

I recommend that you get a hold of her through her own website HealingHearth as opposed to Keen because she is booking up fast and if you are like me, a "Psychic Junkie," you will want to stay away from Keen where there are as many good readers as there are bad. I'm telling you don't waste your money seeking a real psychic any more, I found her; a rare gem, a needle in a hay stack!

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Nov 26, 2015
I am Rain ,-)
by: #SusiQRain

You can reach me at 808-729-6974 text your first name and request an appointment. I was recently told about this feedback here; I'm honored and surprised someone took so much time to write about me and that others have commented. Thank you Sweet Camaro, yes you have become a dear friend.

I do have many listings, but the Keen one is no longer as they deleted my accounts because I was absent for almost 90 days and so far they will not reinstate me. So here's my number, text it 24/7 and I or one of my assistants will get back with you to schedule an appointment.

Many things have changed, however, private psychic readings over the phone are always available, and radio guest spots still occur. Coming in 2016 are Art of Manifesting classes and live events. I love what I do and I cherish my clients who often become like Sweet Camaro (friends).
Thank you for this write up. I feel extra blessed.

#SusiQRain ,-)

The hashtag works, specially on Facebook.

Oh and I the comment about Island 98.3 is actually Island 98.5 The Wake Up Crew which airs on iHeart Radio as well. I am always available for other similar 1 hour spots for live callers if you are a producer of your own show or otherwise seeking to fill in temporary spots or build a permanent weekly 1 hour spot, we should talk, specially if you are a Clear Channel radio station or also air on iHeart Radio. Radio is fun!

Nov 03, 2015
by: sweetcamaro

She is a good friend of mine. It still amazes me the amount of things that she says that actually manifest and come true. She is extremely accurate. I love her so much. You will not regret calling her. She is pretty awesome!

Sep 22, 2012
she is real
by: Anonymous

She is amazing. she told me when i would hear from someone and i heard from them exactly how she said i would. they even said what she said they would and actually did what she said they would do. she seems to be taking a break from keen. but i would like people to know that she is truly a real psychic.

Sep 20, 2012
Awesome, amazingly accurate Seet
by: Anonymous

The woman is outstanding. No doubt at all about it.

She books private clients, and I know that I heard her on Island 98.3 in Honolulu. Her number is 808-729-6974.

Oct 09, 2011
Looking for Rain
by: reading

I'm trying to find this woman's page but the website doesn't go to her...if you know of another contact please send it to TDPTI@aol.com

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