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The Psychic Lighthouse

by Azzah

$5 reading from Psychic Anne

$5 reading from Psychic Anne

Allow me to start by saying that I'm a regular psychic readings' buyer on I've had totally BS readings from some sellers, while others had been 65-80% accurate most of the time which is to my mind a fairly good score!

A few days back I was scrolling down the new arrivals and bumped onto a new listing (gig) from seller tpsylighthouse. (The Psychic Lighthouse) The reader's name is Anne, she goes by Psychic Anne there and her url is listed below. She had a really good offer of a detailed 1 question reading for $5, which without much thought I purchased, since she claims to offer instant refund if I were unhappy.

I must admit that the woman nailed it! She has been very accurate to what she saw and with minimum input from my side (only my first name and my question where she stated that she needs no background information). She could describe events/personalities and situations in shocking detail and refer to a couple of things that only I could know - I hadn't shared this information to anyone till now, so it was very pleasant to see her value.

Her reading was promptly delivered in pdf format in around 24 hours and I can say that for sure it was containing uncanny predictions. She doubled the length of my reading without asking for extra money, also threw in some bonus oracle readings and I much enjoyed her attitude (considerate and kind but not the all-sweet-dear type who tells you what you want to hear) and her eagerness to further clarify some shady points.

I have been completely satisfied with her and would highly recommend anyone to use her services. Since my first reading with her I have purchased 2 more and I still be in awe with her abilities

$5 reading from Psychic Anne -

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Where is she?
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where I can find Anne/The Psychic Lighthouse? She doesnt have any listings on fiverr anymore :(

Psychic Anne
by: Allan

I had 3 readings the past 40 days from Anne, each on different parts of my life.First of all, she is very prompt! I had my readings back in 24 hours- usually quite earlier- and what's more, she always upgraded my order to audio recordings- I could listen to her sufling and interpreting the cards, I was virtually, almost there! And what a lovely, soothing voice...

Secondly, she was very kind and sweet and showed a great level of customer service, she just made me feel special, and most importantly, she was listening to me! Most of the psychics I have been to, dumped me once the reading was over or ignored me. Not Anne! She patiently discussed with me,and answered all follow up questions at no extra charge! She was very considerate to even contact me first to ask how have things evolved a couple of weeks after the first reading!I mean...who does that?

So, her readings.... Audio format, quite lengthy/20-30 minutes each ( that, if you opt in for a $5 reading. I assume if you upgrade, the audio gets longer). She used to throw in some oracle card bonus, now she offers like an extra 6 questions answered as yes/no with a pendulum. And she nails it all the time! I mean...her accuracy....she declares over 90% accurate predictions but take it from me, she is 100% spot on!!!!!

She could connect to past issues, describe people as an empathy, and foresee things that were coming my way and the result was so irrational that at first I didn't believe her..…but indeed, things happened the way and time she described.

To sum this up, she is a gem psychic.... Affordable, honest, straightforward but at the same time, caring and considerate. I recommend anyone in search of a credible psychic to give her a try.

I highly recommend Anne to everyone seeking a real intuitive reader, she is very accurate and very cheap!Her reading start from $5. Her page is

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