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Taking Photographs Of Ghosts While Peering Through The Veil

For those of us fascinated by the great beyond, few pursuits are more thrilling than attempting to take some real photographs of ghosts and capture your own undeniable proof of the afterlife.

While skeptics may scoff, true believers know that ghosts walk among us, and with the right techniques and mindset, you can capture amazing pictures of real ghosts to share with the world.

Before embarking on your ghostly photo quest, it's important to prepare mentally and spiritually. Open your mind fully to the possibilities of the unknown. Meditate on your intentions, centering yourself with gratitude and respect for any spiritual entities you may encounter. Approach this as a cooperative venture rather than an intrusive one.

Once you've attuned your energy, start scouting locations ripe with haunted potential. Historic battlefields, abandoned asylums, and homes where tragic events occurred can all be ghostly hotspots. Use resourceful research to uncover the most active paranormal sites in your area.

How To Capture Photographs Of Ghosts

When you arrive on location, bring all the usual photography gear like cameras, lenses, tripods, etc. But also pack ghost-specific tools like EMF meters to detect magnetic fields, audio recorders to capture electro-voice phenomena, and thermal cameras to spot cold spots associated with spirits.

Work slowly and intentionally, announcing yourself and your peaceful aims aloud when entering haunted spaces. Remain quiet and observant, watching carefully for any anomalies in the atmosphere or environment that could indicate a presence. Use all your tech tools and constantly snap photos, as ghosts can materialize for just split seconds.

Be sure to photograph areas from multiple angles, trying different lenses and exposure settings. Spirits often appear as cloudy forms, whisps of ectoplasm, or fleeting shadowy figures. Getting compelling visual evidence is challenging, but pays off in spades when you nail that once-in-a-lifetime shot of the paranormal manifesting before your eyes and lens.

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Capturing Photographs Of Ghosts On A Smartphone's Camera

Can I Use A Smartphone's Camera To Capture Photographs Of Real Ghosts?

Absolutely! Using a smartphone camera is an excellent option for capturing potential ghost photographs. Modern smartphone cameras have become incredibly advanced and are more than capable of picking up paranormal phenomena.

Here are some tips for using your smartphone to photograph ghosts:

  • Make sure to clean the camera lens really well before going ghost hunting. Any smudges or dirt can create artifact anomalies that may be mistaken for spirits.

  • Use your smartphone's highest resolution camera mode and HDR settings to pick up the maximum amount of detail and light information.

  • Download apps specifically designed for paranormal photography. These can include modes for night vision, full spectrum camera (which may pick up harder to see energies), and tools for adjusting exposure and clarity.

  • Prop your phone on a mini tripod or platform to reduce motion blur when taking long exposures in low light haunted areas.

  • The LED flash can actually be useful for illuminating hard to see entities in a quick burst. Take shots with and without flash.

  • Continuously take video in haunted areas, as ghosts may only appear momentarily. Going through the footage frame-by-frame later can reveal anomalies you missed in real time.

The convenience and accessibility of smartphone cameras make them ideal for spur-of-the-moment paranormal investigating. Always be ready to quickly snap  photographs of ghosts if you sense a presence or experience something unexplained.

So don't let not having fancy equipment deter you. Your smartphone is a powerful tool for determining if ghosts are getting photographed on your ghost hunts!

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Comments About Real Photographs Of Ghosts

My Ghost Caught In Family Photos

Real Ghost Caught In Family Photos - by El Maya

Was a real ghost caught in family photos? You be the judge. When the strange phenomenon happened, I was in the middle of my psychic training. That evening everything was quite normal at first. But that should change soon.

So I went to bed. My little dog slept with me. While we snuggled into the blanket, my dog noticed something. She ran across the bed and was nervous. My dog started whining. Apparently there was something in this room, and she was sure. So I concentrated.

For a short moment I closed my eyes and opened them again immediately. When I looked ahead, I saw a man. He was sitting in my armchair. Where I always left my clothes in the evening. It was clear to me that I had to stay focused, otherwise the spook would be over immediately.

I scanned this person with my eyes. His face was kind. The hair was combed back. His features were fine and I noticed his big eyes immediately. That was extraordinary for a man. The man wore a dark gray suit that was fashionably reminiscent of the 1950s. It's the Sunday suit, it shot in my head. Okay, now I was sure that I could communicate with him.

We are related tells the ghost!

The man smiled gently in my direction. Almost as if he was a little embarrassed to sit in my chair. In my mind I asked him who he was. Immediately I got a mental answer back. "We are related. And we're similar”, he said. I was a little annoyed because I didn't get any exact information. In addition, he looked quite stiff with his sitting posture. But before the virtual conversation could continue, my dog whined again. For a short moment my attention was diverted. And in the next second the man in the chair was gone. Again I was angry. This time because I got distracted. I kept my silence while I waited over the next few weeks for this man to appear again. But the event did not repeat itself. Apparently it was a one-time thing. And soon I forgot that visit to my bedroom.

About a year after this strange occurrence, the man in the armchair became relevant again. My mother and I went through the old photo albums. She explained to me who the people were in the old pictures. When I turned the page, a passport photo caught my eye. That can not be real! I screamed inwardly. And loudly I called into the room: "I know this man". My mother shook her head. "He was already dead when you were born," she said and looked at me in amazement.

She explained to me that this was her uncle Ferdinand from the Ukraine. This man was the man who sat in my bedroom. And Uncle Ferdinand had these big eyes - just the kind of eyes I had. I asked my mother more about this uncle because I wanted to know how he lived. Apparently he was a very spiritual person. Maybe that was the resemblance he had been talking about. I kept to myself how I thought I knew this man. But I got permission to take the passport photo with me. Somehow this ghost caught in family photos has now become important to me.

- - - - - -

El Maya, of Düsseldorf, Germany, is a clairvoyant, spiritual medium, karma expert and a published author of books on the soul, life plan, karma and life after death. https://knowing-portal.com

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