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Jeff's Alpha Level question.

"I have just started trying to reach the alpha state. I have tried your alpha mind relaxation methods, but for some reason, when you ask to see each colors of the rainbow, I cannot do it.

I only see black and white. I am a 43 year old male. I am most interested in trying to bring myself, if possible, into a state where I might be able to contact the afterlife.

I have been into paranormal research for a while now and the founder of our team is a medium. She seems to be very well in tune to what is going on around us at each investigation.

I was very intrigued by her gift and spoke with her about possibly learning if I could possibly untap my ability. Although I have seen things when I was a teenager, I have not seen much since. But for many years, I have always thought that there is something trapped in me that needs to be released. And I possibly believe this is what I have been feeling.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or what might be able to help me. I have reached a state before of a very relaxed state where I actually feel slow vibrations throughout my body. I don’t know if this has any significance or not."

Jeff - Atco USA 

My Alpha Mind State answer.

Alpha Mind

Jeff, if you have trouble visualizing colors the trick is to imagine 'things' of the color you want to visualize.

So, when imagining the color RED, just think of a ripe red tomato for instance. Then allow the redness to expand and expand until you are imagining RED.

For ORANGE, think of a juicy orange. YELLOW a bunch of daffodils, GREEN, a field of lush green grass, BLUE, the sky or ocean, PURPLE, the royal robe of a king or queen, And for VIOLET perhaps some delicate violet flowers.

Two great tools I'd recommend would be:

The Silva Program - Click here to

The Brain Evolution System - Click here to

Mary's Alpha Question

What is the best way to induce an alpha or theta state of mind? And what is better?

My Answer

A) Try my induction script on the following page:

B) Theta is a deeper level.

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