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How The Sleeping Prophet Awakened My Life Purpose

I knew where to buy a copy of Edgar Cayce's book The Sleeping Prophet, I was just too embarrassed to walk into the hippy-dippy new age store to buy it.

Way back then most new age info was not to be found on the shelves of regular bookshops. There was at least one rinky-dink new age place in most towns by now, but they were well hidden, way out in back streets, right down in basements, or high up the stairs of some very wobbly looking establishments.

Awakened By The Sleeping Prophet Book About Edgar Cayce

And so it was in 1985 Townsville. Just back from my - Ding Dong – Andronicus calling - trip where I had my first big telepathic experience, I was now determined to continue my mystic journey by delving into the well-documented life of psychic medium Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet. 

Why was Edgar Cayce known as the sleeping prophet?

Edgar became known as The Sleeping Prophet due to his ability to go into a self-induced hypnotic trance. He would lay on his couch, close his eyes, relax, meditate and go into a trance (now known as the Alpha state of mind). He said this state allowed him to connect his mind with all space and time.

While in this trance Edgar’s client, who would be sitting nearby, would ask questions on health, romance, what life is all about, pretty much anything that the client wanted deep and meaningful answers about. This process became known as a psychic reading.

Association for Research and Enlightenment

Also present during the readings was Edgar’s assistant who would document every case. 

With forty years of stenography records, in 1931, the non-profit - Association for Research and Enlightenment was formed and those records are today on file at the A.R.E. in the USA.

The Sleeping Prophet Awakens My Purpose

Looking past the purple velvet curtains in the window of the Rainbow Center I could see The Sleeping Prophet on a shelf. “There it is, all I have to do now is walk in and buy it”. - “But what if someone sees me going in or coming out of this spooky-dook little establishment?” Yes, I was far too straight laced for my own good in those days! To get some idea how totally self-conscious I was, imaging standing and looking in the window of a adult sex shop while everyone you know is walking by on the sidewalk/pavement behind you. (Ok so I’m still a bit straight laced) :-)

“I’ve been standing here too long, someone must have seen me by now, better hurry off as if nothing is going on” - “But I want that book, and there was nowhere else to buy it” - The street was empty by the way, I was torturing myself for no real reason. – “What will people think of me - going into a la-lah shop like this?” - “Go in and buy it” - “No, go and have a coffee and think about it”

Then it happened, I held my breath, quickly stepped in, picked up the book, paid for it. And hurried out with my Sleeping Prophet nicely hidden in a brown paper bag.

I still laugh at myself for being so stupid back then. And I still remember the self-traumatization I created for myself like it was yesterday. But this is why that experience became such a defining moment in my life.

A Sleeping Prophet

Happy with my purchase I thought to myself, “I wonder if I am the only one who is a bit put-off by these back street new-age stores?”  My next thought was; “but this type of information is SO important to life that books of this nature should not be hidden away in wobbly shops. They should be smack in the middle of the high street, or in the malls, and in modern shops with all the other main businesses trading out in the open”. Boom, I was awakened to my purpose. Me, myself, I, would bring the new age out of the closet and into the high street. (Well, in Townsville anyway)

With no money to speak of and no idea of retailing, shop leases, suppliers, etc. I was back Out On a Limb. But magic happens when you are on your path.

Next chapter of my Spiritual Journey:Finding Ancient Wisdom’ 

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet is a product from Amazon, *publishing affiliate may get a commission > >

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn

The Edgar Cayce story captivates readers with its account of an ordinary man gifted with extraordinary abilities. In The Sleeping Prophet, Jess Stearn presents a fascinating portrait of a man who defied modern science yet brought hope, healing, and wisdom to thousands.

For over four decades, Cayce entered mystical states where he accessed a Universal Mind, diagnosing illness and revealing futures with stunning accuracy. With little formal education, this native Kentuckian delivered over 14,000 "readings" on topics from meditation to reincarnation, conveying timeless truths in simple words.

Stearn documents the life and gifts of this unlikely prophet. From curing the lame to predicting World Wars, Cayce used his talents to help others, bringing peace to those seeking answers. The Sleeping Prophet shares this healer's remedies, prophecies and lasting ideas on health, dreams, and spirituality that continue to inspire seekers today.

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet is a product from Amazon, *publishing affiliate may get a commission > >

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