Schumann Resonance 7.83Hz
Is The Key To Unlock Your Intuition

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The Schumann Resonance pulsates at 7.83Hz. It is the Alpha brainwave level known as the twilight state between waking and sleeping. The Schumann Resonance is the same as the brainwave frequency for Psychic Resonance.

It is possible to sync your brain with the earth’s frequency during meditation. This is but one quality of the scientific study which revealed marvelous truths about the vibration of the energy field that encircles earth.

Pretty exciting, huh? Are your little gray cells tripping over each other with questions like – how did these truths come into light – what does knowing them do for me?

7.83Hz and the Schumann Resonance

Without digging too deep into scientific jargon, let’s get you some simple answers.

In 1899, Nikola Tesla, inventor and scientist, determined that the resonant frequency of earth was about 8 Hz. No doubt, Tesla was a forward thinker; however, his work was never proven.

W. O. Schumann, German physicist Professor, Technical University of Munich, taught the physics of electricity. Quite by accident, one class found the exact pulsations produced by planet earth. Subsequent to Schumann’s report in ‘Technische Physik’ journal, the physician, Dr. Ankermueller deduced there was a correlation between the resonant field found in Schumann's discovery and Alpha pattern brainwaves.

Schumann delegated the task of further exploration concerning earth and the brain employing the same natural resonance to Herbert Konig, who determined 7.83 Hz the main frequency of the planet's predominate resonant field.

Scientific testing in 1954, affirmed that earth resonates at 7.83Hz. They called it Schumann Resources after Professor Schumann, who delivered proof that Tesla could not. 

Ongoing research globally have categorized various qualities of this resonance. For instance, we are now aware of a spectacular truth that when our mind is attuned with the 7-8Hz frequency (Alpha Brainwave Level), the body produces neuro-chemicals, which calm, relax and renew us. These slower waves turn us inward for learning and introspection.

Alpha brain wave patterns are also known as the twilight state between waking and sleeping. Operating from the Schumann Resonance allows you to tap into creative ideas and hidden thoughts.

We’re not done yet folks…

Psychic Ability and the Schumann Resonance

Psychics and mediums have long availed themselves of Alpha brain patterns to access thoughts and ideas of other people. Also, two people, who are in Alpha state, can communicate via mental telepathy when both are senders and receivers.

Now, let’s put the cherry on top of the Schumann Resonance. Accelerated learning is a huge benefit of earth and brain synchronization. Now called super-learning,  research conducted by Georgi Lozonav, a Bulgarian psychiatrist, found that students in the Alpha state studied less, but learned up to five times more information. Plus, they retained the information longer than students who were in everyday awakening consciousness.

Experts believe the natural “heartbeat” of mother earth is masked by the widespread gamut of man-made frequencies. (Think mobile phones, electrical devices, cell towers, power lines, etc.)  In essence, man has generated “bunkers”, which have disengaged us from the Earth's Heartbeat and our psychic resonance.

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