Alpha State Meditation

Entering an alpha state meditation brings us into specific brain wave frequencies. I call these brainwave levels, (in particular 7.8 cycles per second), the gateway to our Psychic Realms.

The Earth’s heartbeat or pulse is known as the Schumann Resonance. It varies among geographical regions, but maintains a predominant measurement of 7.8 Hz. I find it interesting that when we enter alpha states of mind and slow our brainwave frequency down to match the electromagnetic pulse of the planet we find ourselves, our deeper selves, accessing our extra sensory perceptions.

It was the late Jose Silva, the founder of now world renowned Silva Mind Method seminars, who first linked alpha states of mind to clairvoyant ability. After a lot of research in hypnosis and altered states he developed a process of relaxing the mind to the alpha level.

His early research into meditation methods was primarily to assist his daughter improve her studies. He would guide his daughter to alpha states of mind then run through a list of questions based upon his daughter’s studies. Her recall was remarkable whilst in this relaxed mind state. But what surprised Jose the most was when his daughter started answering questions he had not yet asked her! It became evident that while in this alpha state meditation she possessed ‘precognitive’ ability. The origins of the Jose Silva’s courses on alpha states of mind where actually set up to teach clairvoyance and only later toned down to teaching mental dynamics so as to be more socially accepted.

With the Silva Intuition System graduates have been able to achieve unthinkable achievements such as… * Not just enhancing their intuitive and mental abilities… but discovering mind-blowing psychic powers within themselves.* Not just experiencing short bursts of inspiration… but channelling endless streams of intense inspiration—enough to create, write and build previously unimaginable creative masterpieces. Click here for instant online access to the FREE Silva Method Starter Kit.

More than 30 years ago I first learned about the alpha state of mind, and not being adverse to concepts of psychic ability, went on to perfect and professionally live by the remarkable precognitive skills we all possess. To this day I still ensure my mind is very much tuned into the alpha level, holding me in sync with the Earth’s heart beat of 7.8 cycles a second, while conducting my psychic readings.

I've put together a script for you to use if you would like to try my Free Alpha State Meditation.

alpha state meditation

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