High Priestess High Queen of the Witcheries

by Dominique 'Monique' Miller
(Crystal Lake, Il.)

I'm the one in the green sweater and red flowered dress

I'm the one in the green sweater and red flowered dress

I'm Monique, a High Priestess High Queen of the Witcheries and 99th generation witch, medium, psychic, and descendant of the house of Kings David and Solomon - or at least the Merovignian Kings of the same descent and also of the house of Windsor.

I am adept at every form of witchcraft and psychic divination that there is and even some forms of divination that are all my own. I can read anything from your mind to a rock on the ground and tell you detailed information that is always right. I am here for any/all of you out there with questions who didn't have the benefit of your family's help studying your craft like I had.

I also host a real life and online coven. I am one of two co-founders and one of three operators of our coven, and for those who aren't feign to join our real life contingent, please feel free to join up and become a member, a witch, or a clergy person (whatever your level is right now), or let me bring you in under me and I'll initiate you to the next highest level and join you up into our coven all at once. If you are interested in simply joining online, please go to facebook and look up the group, the owls of westwood, or look me up - Dominique Miller - you can join up and learn/study/practice with us. If you are already in a coven, please feel free to ask me to make your coven a sister coven of mine, and we can all share our magick together.

If, however, you are simply in need of only one question and have no interest in the other gifts that magick can bring you besides divination, then please feel free to ask me anything right here, and I'll surely answer. Blessed Be!

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Nov 26, 2012
by: Old Fogey

Hi, Monique:

How wonderful to know that you are there and that your coven exists. Please forgive my pseudonym but I'm not ready to tell people yet that I am strongly attracted to the lovely spiritual path followed by Witches and other Pagans I am a retired Christian pastor in my 70s and I deeply regret the harsh judgments that Christians in their ignorance often make about people who follow alternative paths. In the photo you and your friends seem to have such a great amount of joy in your path that and your joy brings joy to me.


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