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Karma Questions Answered For Understanding Life's Cosmic Balance

The frequently asked karma questions that follow will help you understand the power of karmic energy in your life.

Whether consciously acknowledged or not, Karmic energy is a potent force propelled by the intentions behind our actions. Encapsulating kindness and goodwill, our Karmic journey unfolds with healing and rewarding outcomes.

For those versed in personal growth, the fundamental truth resonates: every thought, word, and deed shapes our individual Karmic imprint. The premise is simple yet profound - actions breed consequences. Good begets good, and harm echoes harm. Rooted in the depths of personality, Karmic energy transcends mere physical actions, delving into the recesses of the mind.

Karmic imprints, woven into the fabric of our existence, accompany us from birth to the threshold of mortality. Every action, every inaction, births Karmic ripples - inescapable and inextricably intertwined with our journey.

Karma Questions And Answers

Of course, not all the Karmic power that we generate is the same, there is a kind of Karma that ties us or chains us to this life, and another kind that liberates us of the reincarnation cycle. The Karma that chains us, known as Vishayakarma, has as fruits misery and lack of interior peace, while the karmic imprint generated by good actions or disinterested actions, known as the Sreyokarma allow us to reach prosperity and happiness of the soul, that is much more than reaching simple external happiness.

The truth is that while good and bad events can happen in this life, karma can also carry over to the next life too.

Frequently Asked Karma Questions And Answers

What Is Karma?

  • Karma is the spiritual principle of cause and effect - that all of our intentional actions will have equal repercussions in the future, either in this life or a future one. It teaches that everything we do, good or bad, will eventually return to us, shaping our future lives and experiences. Karma links our current deeds to the happiness or suffering we experience later on. It serves as a form of cosmic justice, ensuring we face the consequences of our moral choices and deeds. Practicing ethics, compassion and mindfulness creates good karma, which manifests as future wellbeing and peace. Living consciously, with awareness of karma, encourages us to take full accountability for our choices and their impacts. In this way, it motivates us to live an upright, meaningful and caring life.

What Is Karmic Rebirth?

  • The terms reincarnation and karma are strongly connected in Hindu belief. In this religion, the life following this death, is one that deals with karma. If a person is good in this life, their next life will be far more rewarding. If they are not good in this life, they may come back as a lower life form instead. To have good Karmic energy in rebirth, a person must live according to what is known as Dharma or doing what is right. As you learn more about karmic relationships you will find there is disagreement on the power of karma. The reason is that the idea of positive and negative debts do not make sense. So, any debt owed must be repaid. So instead of singling out the good and the bad, plus expectations one should live their life as close to kind as possible. This way we set ourselves up for good and positive things that will transpire later in our lives.

How Can I Attract Good Karma?

  • It is when you begin to keep track of good and bad karma that it can become problematic. Sometimes, you wonder what is karma sending me? You may feel like a few good deeds should instantly come back to you. Especially if something you perceive at the time outweighs the justification for what has occurred. In addition, bad Karma is not when you do something bad, something hits you back fivefold. Instead, it is when you do something wrong and the action that led to that is responsible for you to feel guilty and responsible for this action. When you feel bad and guilty for the situation, you have incurred the bad Karma as mentioned. If the individual feels the need to have some form of revenge, your lives will intertwine so they could enact their revenge. Once it is done, you are the released from the guilt that you feel in the situation. You then have a clean slate to work with. My main answer about how to attract good karma is to be aware of your intentions, - you either do things with a clear heart or you do not.
What Is Karma Clearing?

Karma Questions About Clearing And Cleansing

What Is Karmic Clearing?

  • Karmic pattern clearing is the cleansing of ingrained habitual responses that dictate the way we react to certain situations. The process of clearing karmic debt often leads to the surfacing and uncovering of tendencies and thought-patterns that are stored in our subconscious mind. For that matter, meditation and an understanding of our dreams are helpful skills in our management of the process. Karmic energies are neither good nor bad. Energy is just the way it is. However, beliefs and influences, possibly picked up when young or in some previous lives, will make us regard certain ‘characteristics’ as either being positive or negative. This tendency to judge is almost natural and instantaneous. Energy (reaction) very often must run its full course for the cause to be discovered and then ‘understood’. When the first reaction arises, a second reaction will often analyze the first one and decide whether the former is good or bad. If the former reaction is deemed as bad or undesirable, our personality will try to ‘fix’ the situation by preventing (karmic blockages) it from arising again. Well, what we have now is more and more reactions, which can sometimes complicate the entire situation.

How Do You Do Karmic Clearing?

  • This is one method that you can employ as you define all those reactions that come into your awareness. Basically, you are training yourself to be aware of your own tendencies. Do this in situations that you have a strong reaction to. To define these reactions by saying ‘how you feel’. Express them and then write them down in a record book or journal. By defining these reactions, you are recognizing them and thus they (the thought patterns) become known or conscious to your conscious self. By expressing them, more and more of your karmic tendencies will be uncovered (and eventually be understood). This will continue until a time comes when the reactions lose their emotional charges. When they lose their emotional charges, you will be less interested in them. With that, you can consider this as having ‘cleared the karmic pattern’. Know that the ‘external’ situation, is basically ‘designed’ to tell you something about yourself. Sometimes, you may need to apply the ‘mirroring’ principle. When you encounter a person whom you do not like, check to see deep within your unconscious or subconscious if you have the same pattern. This may be the hardest part to swallow.

  • Dream interpretation can also a good karma clearing technique. Dreams often reveal to us our unconscious and subconscious personality aspects. As such, the ability to decipher dreams greatly assists in the understanding of ourselves and our thought patterns.

Every time that we face an activity with the desire of obtaining a certain result, this throws us into the arms of desire, greed, and ego. While only the pure actions that we do for love without considering the possible consequences of them, are the kind of actions that drive us, little by little, toward illumination and liberation. Those whose nature allows them to carry out these kinds of unselfish activities, little by little, realize that Spirit provides them with all that they need and inner peace. Another form of achieving inner peace is through meditation.

Karma Clearing Meditation

My Karma Clearing Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down. Take a few deep breaths, breathing in calmness and peace, and breathing out stress and tension.

Imagine sitting by a calm lake with tall trees overhead. Above the trees the sky is clear and blue, and the sun is full. Notice the sun’s rays filtering through the trees as if softly showering you with pure flickering sunlight. Start to form a rhythm of breathing in the shower of sunlight (karmic healing cosmic energy). 

Now bring your attention to your heart center. Visualize a glowing orb of gentle golden-white light within your heart. Feel it radiating warmth, love, and compassion throughout your whole being. Keep breathing slowly while focusing on this light.

Consider if there are any past actions you have taken, words you have spoken or thoughts you have had that may have caused harm to yourself or others, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Without self-judgment, acknowledge any regrets you may feel, and sincerely forgive yourself.

Invoke the violet flame of transmutation to surround you now. Imagine this violet light clearing away old energy patterns, dissolving regret, guilt and karma from your past. Release these old energetic ties with your outbreath. Forgive and free yourself.

Affirm that you have grown into a wiser and more conscious person. See your past actions as opportunities for growth rather than reasons for blame. Know that you cannot change the past, but you can shape your present and future by living with compassion.

Envision a clean slate before you. You are free and filled with inner peace. When you feel ready, gently return your awareness back to your body and the room. Carry this sense of lightness and renewal with you.

The Connection Between Karma And The Akashic Records

The universal law of karma refers to the principle that every action has consequences that affect the future. Similarly, the Akashic Records are a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent. They represent the imprints left by everything that has ever occurred in space and time.

Any karmic effect caused by an action would register as an imprint in the Akashic field. Understanding the karmic impact of one's actions provides insight into what impressions those deeds leave. In essence, karma decides what gets documented in the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified

Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified
The Akashic Records can be an amazing resource that allow us to manifest exactly the human experience we want for ourselves - in very real, practical ways. Soul Realignment is the intuitive healing modality that focuses on the reading and clearing of the Akashic Records.  FREE Online Training EventLearn more > >

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