Indigo Child Telekinesis

by Roselin
(Ballarat, Australia)

Hi, I have telepathic abilities, see ghosts, have dream warnings, predicted the 2008 October crash etc... Lately I have discovered telekinesis.

If you are interested go to YouTube and type telekinesis. There are simple instructions about how to move a small pinwheel. Be patient and believe in yourself.

I think all indigos have this ability, and perhaps we need to develop this skill to show by example the power of the mind and thought. I have just started experimenting with a candle flame and the results are amazing. I recommend beginning with a candle flame, and then moving onto the pinwheel.

I am thinking of making a video for YouTube demonstrating these abilities, though being shy, the idea makes me feel nervous! People are naturally sceptical because they believe it is impossible. I encourage all indigos to join in what I hope will be a telekinesis movement; helping others to understanding they are spiritual beings, capable of small miracles.

Blessings brothers and sisters of the violet flame.

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Dec 02, 2011
About Telekinesis
by: mudartor

Hi. I have been practicing TK for a few years.
Here is a few of my videos. I am not sure whether I am an Indigo.
Thank you..

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