Indigo Astrology Project To Look For The Patterns In Your Star Signs

Our Psychic Junkie ‘Indigo Astrology Project’ started out in 2007 as a single comment and expanded to a whole tribe keen to look for a connection with the star signs of Indigo people.

The page below includes content from multiple authors. I have verified and approved these submissions. – Ian Parkin

If you share an interest in this Indigo Astrology Project and want to spread the question here is how you can help. Post the link in Indigo chat rooms, news groups, blogs, web sites, and your social networks so that indigo people can come and comment on their astrology signs. Let’s see what pattern unfolds.

Here is the Indigo Astrology Project link and suggested comment: If you are an Indigo we want to know your star sign.

Comments for the Indigo Astrology Project

The very first comment was from Dakotah (Geneseo, New York - USA)
I'm wondering if there is some pattern with the star signs of Indigo people. I'm a Pisces and most of the Indigo People I’ve met are Cancers, Scorpios or Pisces. So I’m just curious... If you are an indigo please add a comment about your star sign.

Indigo Astrology Project

Görkem Yanaz - Turkey  Hello World :)

(1986) Moon Pisces - Sun Pisces -Jupiter Pisces - Ascendant Libra

1 house in the sign of Libra 24°--12 house in the sign of Libra 00°...!!!

  • Moon,Sun,Jupiter,Mercury 00°rx (Aries) = 5. house
  • Saturn,Mars,Uranus (Sagittarius)=
  • Pluto(Scorpio) =
  • Neptune (Capricorn) =
  • Venus(Aries) =
  • Elements = Water %45 - Fire%35

It is common for indigos to have the numbers 1, 3, 5, 9 or (11) in numerology, this is our very special connection with the universe.

Tiffany - 1985 Aquarius sun/Capricorn moon/Libra Rising

Hello Indigo Astrology Project, I’m Aquarius sun, I have many planets in Aquarius, outer planets in first, second, third, fourth, houses. Neptune in Capricorn with Capricorn moon . Saturn in scorpio. Uranus in Sagittarius and Pluto in the first, Libra is ascendant.

I have a bowl shaped chart, 6 houses empty of major planets. My Neptune is WOW, I have a predictive intuition about so many things. What I predict or think about, even answers to questions I have no firsthand knowledge about or events past, yet especially present to future events. I can/do tell others outcomes of future events—I’m nearly 100% creepy accurate. In fact, my own brothers and friends know not to ever bet me on knowledge of events to come or of past—because they learned that they would lose the bet (and $$) pretty quickly via experience.

I have known that I am here to help since youngest memory , I’m dauntless and fiery! I have red hair and I’m very sensitive to energy and it can become overwhelming like a kryptonite effect all over my body. I’m constantly confounding my family (from another planet—typically said about me). I have often written about the "heaviness" I feel and cannot shake because Tis the dense and negative energies on this plane I believe. Knowing others exist creates a lessoning of the tension of this innate knowing I’m here on mission to help change z World.

I lately live in a strange dreamy/visionary/overlapping realm and time is different. No longer linear, no longer a measure that holds fear over me. Time—feels like globs or bubbles of moments, very floaty and confusing at times. Dreams are accurate or extraordinary and I remember them and I also can change my dream or alter them at will typically since child. But oh my! dreams vs reality, I don’t always know where one ends or other begins. Feels like living in Ven Diagrams of altered states!

I wrote this inside journals when very young:  I wish and try to serve the light each and everyday. I wish to give back instead of take. It has become  the theme of my life and a mantra of sorts.

I am very rebellious. So happy to see beyond the basic surface, yet wow x wow waking up to truer truth was depressing and breakdown inducing. Yet necessary for me. Life has not been easy, no. Yet, I have survived thus far by knowing I must keep hope’s flame alive, must crawl in darkness whilst searching for the light. I hold that light inside me I learned. I see what I choose, so I have chosen to focus on the positive. Human connection vs dissection. Being of positive value to others, showing up with open hands and face and an energetic willingness to listen, learn, and teach. I see the good in people and I know we’re capable of so much more. Humanitarian and very Uranian. So proud to be an Aquarius since young, I adore my birthday and I’m so happy to be here, even with the heaviness. Oh! and I will not bend the knee for lies or half truths or live a half life.

Zach - Cancer sun, aqua moon, Gemini rising

Cancer sun, Aqua moon, Gemini asc. Cancer in mercury and mars. With water and air being my composites I have high intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, empathic to a degree but with my Aquarius ruling my emotions I can cut off all emotions to an extent. ALWAYS BEEN DIFFERENT!!! My parents had no idea what to do with me, they always thought I had adhd Never wanted to sleep, restless, always happy but always sad too. Never could do the same thing as someone else, I hate rules and limitations. Went through brutal awakening, still healing. But the new growth has Set me on my new path as an indigo child. As an empath and psychic I feel so much but it’s not what I’m feeling, it’s what everyone else is feeling. Extroverted introvert. Chasing Indigo Astrology knowledge and spreading healing, love, and light blessed be makes so much sense that I’m an indigo child haha

Cancerian Indigo Pleiadian by: Rachael

33 y.o, born in Melbourne Australia and grew up until my early 20s in rural countryside. Popular and lass clown in high school, very outgoing and social butterfly in teens, until I was around 21. I become quiet, learnt some life lessons, an extrovert turned into an introvert. Always spiritual in some sense, but it very much became my life approx 4 years ago. I have immersed myself in it and it’s my lifestyle and my true, authentic self. 

Typical Cancerian in every way (though I am childless and feel I will remain so as a choice).

Been a lover of crystals, rocks, nature, animals, since I can first remember. Do have some memories of my Pleiadian life. Also another life where I had to leave home planet due to war as a child. If anyone wants to connect more, I’d love to hear from anyone and share experiences and Indigo Astrology ideas, Instagram @rachaeljeanart xoxo love to all you lightbeings

Indigo Gemini by: Brendan

Gemini June 1967 Indigo. I awoke in August of 2012 the day after my father died ~ 82. He was blind last ten years of his life and oddly enough I awoke as a clairvoyant. I am an energy healer now on the side.

Gamma Indigo Virgo by: Courtney Scott Martin

Well the forces that be decided to plant me in eastern KY, a very challenging place to be different. I have been very empathetic and somewhat attuned to those and situations around me..I can be brutally honest at times..I've felt misunderstood and different since childhood. My awakening came after a 8 to 10 year stint with drugs...when my body was clean my mind and body went through this major..what I like to call "update" it was like receiving all kinds of knowledge and understandings at in the course of about a year..although it has calmed down I am still learning. Hardest part for me is the "out of place" it can be very lonely, although not just anyone can help. I believe I am choosing to be alone rather than act like someone I am not.

Taurus indigo female by: Angelofjoy

I have had a crazy life some of the stuff that has happened to me I’ve been told should be in a movie. I’ve had a really tough childhood I’ve always been drained around people I have come to find I am an empath I have crazy déjà vue where I am testing it to see if I’ve really seen it before it’s cool I’m not sure what else to put here for the Indigo Astrology Project my email is goddessxsentricjoy @

Cancer Child / water sign by: Indigo Alien

I've know for some time that I am a bit different than the people. Read about indigo, or star child beings long ago but recently I had an encounter with a woman whom is also an indigo and she mirrors my energy perfectly we just seem to have know each other in a past life. I think her birthday is in December so I am not sure this is a indefinite Indigo Astrology connection to star signs or rather zodiac.

I know I am something....but What? by: Justin London

Hi, just waking up and fully realising my awesomeness. Born 1971. In North of England. Mum is a psychic but severely traumatised when young. Why did she experience such trauma? I know that we are shifting dark energy from ancestors and relations. What is the reason for this Indigo Astrology Project? I love you all and happy you are there.

Scorpio eagle 》》》dove 》》》Phoenix can't remember which way round. I feel very excited about now and later. Jah Bless. X

Older Indigo Astrology Project comments

Star Child by: Celeste Helia
Hi. I'm a true Indigo Sagittarius.

Sagittarius by: seafoam
Female, sagittarius sun, leo ascendant, capricorn moon.

Taurus Indigo by: Anonymous
I'm an indigo with my sun in Taurus and moon in Gemini

Leo sign by: A.N
Feeling great that i am not alone in this world.

Capriquarius/Aquaricorn (Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp) by: Anonymous
I am an Indigo Adult born on January 20th

Virgo by: Anonymous
I'm a Virgo, I have the sun,moon, and mercury hehe

Indigo Starseed by: Raelyn R
Natal Data- Raelyn born July 13th 1989 at 1:20 P.M in Pasco, Washington

Indigo by: Aisling
I'm an indigo & a Libran born in October 1997.

Indigo by: Martin
born on 09/16/1988 in Slovakia and I an Indigo

Libran Indigo by: Lynne
I am an Indigo and an empath. I'm Libran, born October 1978. My 3 best friends are also Indigos I believe. They were all born 1978 too, but are aries, virgo and scorpio. My son is scorpio, born 1998 and also Indigo. My daughter is another scorpio and a crystal child, born 2004.

Hello indigo astrology brothers and sisters :) by: Daniel
I am Daniel from Costa Rica and I am an Indigo as well. It feels really good when you know you are not alone in this planet. I was born in April 9th 1990, Aries, and lifepath 5

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