Kurt Cobain

by Michael

This is crap. I'm a Pisces, I've got dark eyes and I'm actually pretty tall. Low in fertility? Ask for the girls I dated, nothing wrong with my libido or energy level whatsoever.

And the addictive nature? Scientific research categorizes addiction as a neurological disease, based on genetic and perhaps social factors, but it's definitely got nothing to do with willpower..

If it's all Pisces who lack the power, who then form the rest of the AA-strangers? Well?

Finally, there are no mundane DUTIES, you decide for yourself to live life in slavery or not.

And if there's one duty I can agree with and find universal, it is coping with your mystical sides, because we're all Hitler and Mother Theresa packed in one.

I do believe in astrology, but interpreted as a structured growth pattern of the soul, not a conservative twelve-step program you can put every person in.

Not every Piscean is a self destructive, self made martyr like Kurt Cobain...

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