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Mythology: Two Fish / Mermaids

Gemology: Peridot and Moonstone

Metallurgy: Tin

Colorology: Turquoise – Sea Green

Ruled By: Neptune

Physiology: Short, stout and can be flabby. Flat faced with blue, watery eyes. Large feet may be turned inward. The Piscean can be low in energy and fertility.

Characteristics: With a lack of willpower the Pisces person can be easily led and taken advantage of. Being timid and shy they are easily upset because they will not make a stand for what they want. But that is also because they do not always know what they want and can often lead an aimless life. Because they lack willpower they are also prone to addiction. There will always be Pisces found in AA meetings. Piscean dreamers sometimes avoid life’s mundane duties and find satisfaction in mysticism and the psychic arts.

Planets in the rising sign: Sun gives more energy and ambition. Jupiter brings morality and Venus brings out the musician and artist as well as increasing the addictive tendencies of the Piscean.

Pisces Horoscope Junkie

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