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2014 Predictions

Pisces Horoscope Junkie predictions for 2014 (born between February 19 and March 20)

You’re in the Great Company of These Famous Pisceans: Michael Caine, Billy Crystal, Dr. Suess, Rudolph Steiner, John Steinbeck, Jackie Gleason, Elizabeth Taylor, Kurt Cobain, Albert Einstein, Victor Hugo, Nicolaus Copernicus, Frederic Chopin, Luther Burbank, George Washington, Edward M. Kennedy, Earl Warren, Shannon Tweed, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Tricia Nixon, Sidney Poitier, Rex Harrison, Sharon Stone, Thomas Schippers, Edward Albee, Eva Longoria, Samuel Barber, Jessica Biel, George Harrison, Rudolf Nureyev, Pope Pius XI, Price Edward, Carrie Underwood, Prince Andrew, Pat Nixon, Rupert Murdoch, Cindy Crawford, Steve Jobs, Prince Andrew, Peter Fonda, Buffalo Bill Cody, Jo Anne Woodward, Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Jon Bon Jovi, Ron Howard, Alexander G. Bell, Prince Andrew, Glenda Jackson, Liza Minnelli, Michael Caine, Michaelangelo, Pattie Boyd, Jerry Lewis, Rob Lowe, Queen La Teefah, Nat King Cole, Glenn Close, Bruce Willis, Cyd Charice, William Hurt. (You can add more in the comments at bottom of page)

To help in your own 2014 achievements imagine being one of the above famous Pisceans in various situations you find difficult. How would you direct a certain scenario if you were a Ron Howard or how would a Rupert Murdoch lead those around you? This is a metaphysical way to call upon psychic Pisces Oomph when you need it.

Commitment is the key word for the Piscean year ahead. In 2014 you don’t need to invent new games to play or figure out great mysteries. You already know where you're going, it’s just a case of stick-ability. Avoid distractions and turn down offers that may sound fantastic but indicate diversions from your previous intentions.

Your 2014 Pisces Horoscope for Career sees you staying put and maintaining what you have achieved rather than trying to break records and create a big fuss. Stay quite, be solid and reliable and enjoy the zone you are comfortable in. Yes - stay inside your comfort zone this year.

Your Pisces 2014 Horoscope for Love is giving you all the opportunities to settle down and commit to a relationship. If you are single, and don’t want to be, just a little effort in finding that ideal partner is all that is needed. The story about Acres of Diamonds will give you the clue for finding love. Love waits within your own area. You don’t need to look far and wide. Look locally.

Your Pisces Horoscope for 2014 Life Path should be no secret. You are already ‘on path’. All you need do is commit to what you have already chosen. Stay on track.

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