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The Horoscope Junkie Guest Postarium is the environment for you if you have a desire to write on astrology, star signs, and horoscope prediction. Likewise you will find this section of interest if you just want to soak up the expertise, predictions, advice, tips and techniques of the aforementioned.  

While there is no monetary remuneration for guest posts you CAN add a short bio where you can promote your website and/or services. With close to 4 Million visitors to this site already, having your articles featuring in The Horoscope Junkie Guest Postarium will increase your online exposure for sure.

You post must be exclusive to this site, (I do not  want to publish duplicate content and nor should you). This means that you agree not to publish the article elsewhere in the future, and you certify that you have not published, (or copied or spun) the content on another website in the past.

If you would like to write a horoscope/astrology themed guest post, please select the appropriate Star Signed Section listed below if appropriate, or use the general form below if you are writing in horoscope/astrology general terms.

Also see my additional guidelines and suggestions for guest posts and free advertorials on this site. 

The Horoscope Junkie Guest Postarium

I request that your articles in The Horoscope Junkie Guest Postarium are generally between 400 and 1000 words. You can go over that but not less. You can also add up to 50 words for your bio if required.

If you have a URL to be linked to, include it and I will format the html when I review your contribution.

The Horoscope Junkie readership is always interested in weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. As well as:

  • Information and recommendations for books and courses on Astrology, Star Signs, and Horoscopes
  • Ideas and suggestions on how to make the best out for your charts
  • Historical, Unusual, Humorous, Poetic, Fascinating, and Personal facets of this Astrological niche
  • Advice and guidance on horoscope predictions.
  • Testimonials and reviews of your favourite astrologers

Be sure to add at least one picture to your post. This especially helps in the social sharing of your page. 

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Here are the Twelve Star Sign Specific sections



March 21

to April 19



April 20

to May 20



May 21

to June 21



June 22

to July 22



July 23

to August 22



Aug. 23

to Sepember 22



Sepember 23

to October 23



October 24

to November 22



November 23

to December 21



December 22

to January 19



January 20

to February 18



February 19

to March 20

Here is the General Horoscope and Astrology section.

Horoscope Junkie - Guest Posts

Do you have astrological wisdom to share that can help others on the path?

This is where you can submit your Horoscope Junkie - Guest Posts

Published Horoscope and Astrology Guest Posts

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