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List Of Famous Psychics And Mediums In The World Wide Web

My TOP 15 list of famous psychics and mediums is anchored in empirical data, as it's based on officially verifiable website popularity metrics. I am committed to ensuring its relevance and accuracy, hence, I continually monitor and update the rankings based on the latest statistics.

I determine the rankings using data from Similarweb's DigitalRank™ and TrafficMeter™, which are widely recognized as the gold standard in assessing digital popularity. These tools are trusted daily by industry giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, ensuring the credibility of my list. Through these platforms, I gain insights into the monthly traffic of each website, providing a transparent benchmark for comparison.

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Most Famous Psychics And Mediums

Fame in the world of psychics is a blend of talent, validation, media representation, and the evolving cultural understanding of psychic phenomena. As society's views on the paranormal and spiritual realms shift, so will the metrics of fame within this intriguing community.

  • Historical Context: Throughout history, certain psychics and mediums have achieved notoriety, either due to their alleged abilities, their high-profile clientele, or the events they've predicted. Names such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce have become synonymous with the world of psychic phenomena.
  • Media Influence: Television shows, movies, and books have greatly influenced the fame of certain psychics. Appearances on talk shows, reality programs, or documentaries can significantly boost a psychic's profile.
  • Validation of Predictions: The accuracy of predictions can catapult a psychic to stardom. Those who have correctly foreseen major world events or have provided information that's been verified in criminal investigations often gain increased attention and credibility.
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Just as in other industries, a celebrity endorsement can amplify a psychic's fame. If a well-known figure publicly attests to a psychic's abilities, it can attract a significant following.
  • Variety of Skills: Within the realm of psychics, there are various specialties - like clairvoyants, mediums, tarot card readers, and aura readers. The most famous figures often have a unique style or niche that sets them apart.
  • Legacy and Institutions: Some psychics create lasting institutions or schools, passing on their teachings to future generations. This can perpetuate their fame long after they've passed on.
  • Ethical Practice: A genuinely ethical practice, where psychics prioritize the well-being of their clients and avoid exploitation, can also be a pathway to long-term respect and fame. Word of mouth in the community can play a significant role in bolstering reputation.
  • Commercialization: With the advent of digital platforms and social media, many psychics have expanded their reach by offering online readings, courses, and merchandise. This commercial aspect can also influence their popularity and recognition.
The List Of Famous Psychics And Mediums Ranked by Website Popularity

Who are the most famous psychics and mediums in the world Right Now?

  • As of August 2023 the world’s 15 most famous psychic mediums, verified by website popularity, are: #1. Sonia Choquette, #2. Edgar Cayce, #3. Tyler Henry, #4. Lisa Williams, #5. Theresa Caputo, #6. Tana Hoy, #7, Suzanne Giesemann, #8. John Edward, #9 Uri Geller, #10. Ian Parkin, #11. James Van Praagh, #12. John Holland, #13. Allison DuBois, #14.Michelle Whitedove, #15. Chip Coffey.

List Of Famous Psychics And Mediums Updated August 2023

Sonia Choquette
  • #1 - Sonia Choquette
  • SoniaChoquette.net
  • Monthly Visits 126.5K
  • Worldwide Rank #479,923

Sonia Choquette is celebrated by her audience members worldwide as an author, spiritual teacher, transformational visionary guide and one of the best psychics. Her psychic gifts were evident from the young age of twelve. Now an enchanting storyteller/teacher, Sonia is known for her delightful humor and adept skill in quickly shifting people out of psychological and spiritual difficulties, and into a healthier energy flow.

Edgar Cayce
  • #2 - Edgar Cayce
  • EdgarCayce.org
  • Monthly Visits 91.2K
  • Worldwide Rank #446,502

Edgar Cayce became known as the sleeping prophet, after more than 40 years of giving the best psychic reading revealing lives lived in the past and prophecies yet to come to thousands of seekers while in a hypnotic state. As a spiritual healer he also diagnosed illnesses and provided solutions from the Akashic Records. His work is, by far, the most documented of all the famous psychic mediums in our times.

Tyler Henry
  • #3 - Tyler Henry
  • TylerHenryHollywoodMedium.com
  • Monthly Visits 49.9K
  • Worldwide Rank #1,351,503

Celebrity Psychic Tyler Henry began receiving intuitive mental images when he was only 10 years old with the foretelling of his grandmother’s death. He continued cultivating his gift by “reading” his classmates and word began to spread around his small California hometown. He graduated high school early and began taking college classes to become a hospice nurse as he believed his calling was to help people comfortably transition to the other side. Through his show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, broadcast worldwide on E!, Tyler demonstrates how he uses his unique gift of communicating with the other side to bring comfort, closure, and hope to his clients. Tyler’s goal has always been to aid in the grief process and provide validation and closure through his one-on-one private readings, his TV show, his book, and now his live shows.

Lisa Williams
  • #4 - Lisa Williams
  • LisaWilliams.com
  • Monthly Visits 31.9K
  • Worldwide Rank #5,973,161

Lisa Williams is a UK psychic medium who became one of our famous psychics and mediums after an invitation to visit the USA led her to meet the television host and media mogul Merv Griffin. With the hit television show Life Among the Dead', and ‘Voices from the Other Side' , and 'Lisa Williams Live' as well as providing personal readings for her clients, Lisa also tours, gives messages from Spirit and teaches Spiritual Development Classes online and throughout the world.

Theresa Caputo
  • #5 - Theresa Caputo
  • TheresaCaputo.com
  • Monthly Visits 29.9K
  • Worldwide Rank #1,128,805

Theresa Caputo was an earlier TV reality show star of Long Island Medium. A New York Times best-selling author, and an incredibly busy mom, wife, and all-around family gal. She has been seeing, feeling, and sensing spirits since she was four years old, but it wasn’t until her 20s that she learned to communicate with souls in Heaven. Theresa says: "Spirit speaks another language, at another speed and in another dimension".

Tana Hoy
  • #6 - Tana Hoy 
  • TanaHoy.com
  • Monthly Visits 29.4K
  • Worldwide Rank #1,784,382

Tana Hoy was born with a very rare psychic gift. He not only has the popular ability to “hear” the voices of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, and loved ones passed to the other side, but he can also see them, and even talk with many of them! Tana first joined the ranks of the world's famous psychics and mediums for the first time when he predicted the tragic Oklahoma City bombing on national radio – 90 minutes before it happened! Ever since then, he’s been in great demand.

Suzanne Giesemann
  • #7 - Suzanne Giesemann
  • SuzanneGiesemann.com
  • Monthly Visits 25.9K
  • Worldwide Rank #1,693,368

Suzanne Giesemann came into her gift of mediumship later in life, after the sudden and tragic death of her stepdaughter and the unborn child she was carrying. She’s a former U.S. Navy Commander and the author of 13 books, including her memoir, Messages of Hope. Suzanne has been a keynote presenter for the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment, the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, and the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Suzanne’s evidence-based approach as a spiritual medium has been tested and verified, and her work is recognized as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers and organizations.

John Edward
  • #8 - John Edward
  • JohnEdward.net
  • Monthly Visits 21.6K
  • Worldwide Rank #2,655,000

John Edward is a world-renowned psychic medium. You have likely watched his live television shows, Crossing Over with John Edwards, where he connects with the dearly departed and delivers their messages to appropriate members of the audience. John is a psychic and medium, author and lecturer. In his live events he has helped thousands with his uncanny psychic ability to predict future events and is recognised as one of the world's foremost mediums for accurately communicating with those who have crossed over to the Other Side.

Uri Geller
  • #9 - Uri Geller
  • UriGeller.com
  • Monthly Visits 23.7K
  • Worldwide Rank #2,854,832

Uri Geller was born in Israel on December 20, 1946 and first became aware of his unusual powers when he was just five years old. He is now one of the world's most investigated and celebrated famous psychics and mediums. Renowned across the globe for his mind-bending abilities, he has led a unique life shrouded in debate, controversy and mystery.

Ian Parkin
  • #10 - Ian Parkin 
  • Psychic-Junkie.com
  • Monthly Visits 15.8K
  • Worldwide Rank #1,463,458

Ian Parkin is the owner and principal psychic of this Website, working from his home base of Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia. With over 35 years of experience Ian provides professional psychic readings with tarot cards and spiritual coaching for his clients around the world. (See how Ian out-guns the Big Guns online)

James Van Praagh
  • #11 - James Van Praagh
  • VanPraagh.com
  • Monthly Visits 15.4K
  • Worldwide Rank #2,311,959

James Van Praagh is a survival evidence medium, and is able to bridge the gap between that of the living and that of the dead. He provides evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages. A pioneer in the community of famous psychics and mediums. Not only has he earned kudos by enlightening conventional people about the difference between mediums and psychics, but he has also empowered the credibility of mediums in general. His debut book, Talking to Heaven introduced pride of profession in a field that is notoriously maligned. His work has brought spiritual insights to millions with his numerous guest appearances on the recorded and live shows of Oprah, Dr. Phil, Larry King Live, 20/20, The View, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately, Beyond Belief, Biography, Coast to Coast, 48 Hours, and a multitude of others.

John Holland
  • #12 - John Holland
  • JohnHolland.com
  • Monthly Visits 9.7K
  • Worldwide Rank #5,158,818

John Holland was born with an inner-sense of knowing and learned to deal with the beginnings of his psychic awakenings. After a near-fatal automobile accident when he was 30 years old (His Wake–Up Call!) his system amplified his psychic skills and brought them to the surface. Amongst all famous psychics and mediums, John has become one of the most respected spiritual teachers on today's world stage. As well as being world-renowned psychic medium John has also brought his techniques into his Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards that can answer questions and provide spiritual guidance in an easy way at home.

Allison DuBois
  • #13 - Allison DuBois 
  • AllisonDubois.com
  • Monthly Visits 5.6K
  • Worldwide Rank #4,888,419

Allison DuBois is an American author and psychic medium. Using her psychic abilities Alison has assisted U.S. law enforcement officials in solving crimes. The life and times of Allison DuBois formed the basis of the hit TV series Medium. Allison's mission is to “break old stereotypes that put a negative spin on people with mediumship abilities”. Her aim is to help people achieve closure when loved ones have crossed over.

Michelle Whitedove

Michelle Whitedove won the coveted crown on the first America’s Physic Challenge and earned the title America’s #1 Psychic. You may have seen a sample of Michelle’s psychic gifts in the documentary, No One Dies in Lily Dale. Her passion is using her mediumship skills as a medical intuitive and psychic detective.

Chip Coffey
  • #15 - Chip Coffey
  • ChipCoffey.com
  • Monthly Visits 3.6K
  • Worldwide Rank #2,170,003

Chip Coffey is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, paranormal investigator, speaker and writer. He is the great-grandson of Native American medicine woman Minnie Sue Morrow Foster, whose unique gifts were widely known in the Southeastern United States during the early 1900's. His psychic abilities manifested themselves when he was a young child and, after successful careers in traditional counseling, the entertainment industry and travel management, he began working full-time as a psychic and medium in 2001.


Extended List Of Famous Psychics And Mediums - Not Ranked In The Top 15

Gordon Smith
  • Gordon Smith 
  • GordonSmithMedium.com
  • Monthly Visits 3.3K
  • Worldwide Rank #10,191,454

Gordon Smith is one of the best psychic mediums from Scotland. After years balancing his life as a medium with his day job as a barber in his native Glasgow in Scotland, Gordon is now acknowledged as a famous psychic and medium, and as an international spiritual teacher conducting events around the world.

Danielle Egnew
  • Danielle Egnew
  • DanielleEgnew-Advisor.com
  • Monthly Visits 1.8K
  • Worldwide Rank #None

Danielle Egnew is a Montana native with both Cherokee and Lakota in her heritage. She comes from a long, spiritually gifted family lineage on both sides, including a grandfather who saw "death masks" on others -- and aura changes right before a passing -- and a cousin who sees spirit life and future events. As a child, Danielle displayed highly gifted Spiritual attributes. Over the years, Danielle has experienced many Clairvoyant dreams predicting such events as the recent Iraqi war, the Japan earthquake, and many other events such as train wrecks and plane crashes. Her work in the Spiritual fields has blossomed over the years into a fulfilling Spiritual Advisory and Healing Practice for private clients and celebrities.

Michael Mayo
  • - Michael Mayo
  • MediumMichaelMayo.com
  • Monthly Visits 1.6K
  • Worldwide Rank #None

Michael Mayo is an internationally trained medium and spiritual teacher. He developed his mediumship in the United Kingdom under famous mediums such as Gordon Smith (School of Intuitive Studies) and Eileen Davies (Arthur Findlay College). Michael is also a second-generation astrologer with a deep understanding of astrological theory. He teaches and holds workshops throughout the United States and abroad; helping others explore and personally develop through the understanding of astrology, mediumship, and life after life.

The Psychic Twins

Terry and Linda Jamison, known internationally as The Psychic Twins, are the most documented psychics in history, with an unrivalled track record of over 1,500 accurate world predictions. They are most famous for their stunning predictions of the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks and the Pentagon attacks of 2001 (on the international radio show Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM, November 2, 1999). Linda and Terry Jamison are also the only people who predicted the Paris terror attacks of 2015, Belgium attacks of 2016, the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as the Orlando Florida terror attacks.

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Here A Few Of The Most Famous Psychics And Mediums In History

The following Famous Psychics and Mediums are not included in my ratings. 

  • Sylvia Browne famed on The Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live: wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Browne

  • Between 1997 and 2003 Miss Cleo (real name Youree Dell Harris) was as an informercial psychic for a pay-per-call service called Psychic Readers Network. She falsely claimed to be a shaman from Jamaica. She passed away in 2016 aged 53.

  • Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith are famous for crating one of the best decks for tarot readings - the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

  • Eusapia Palladino en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eusapia_Palladino

  • Daniel Dunglas Home: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Dunglas_Home

  • Jose Arigo: arigothemovie.com/

  • Joan of Arc: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_of_Arc

  • Gerard Croiset: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerard_Croiset

  • Nostradamus: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nostradamus

  • Jane Roberts went from a person playing with a Ouija board to channeling the Seth Material: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane Roberts

You are welcome to suggest sites for some of the most popular psychics in the world if you find I have missed one. I can check the Similarweb TrafficMeter™ for your recommendations and place them in the appropriate order on this page.

If you would like to ask a specific question, suggest a site, or post a comment on this page please use my contact form. Start the conversation with the heading [Add To List Of Famous Psychics And Mediums].

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