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Starting My Spiritual Journey As The Step By Step Path Unfolded

Starting my spiritual journey was a moment that truly changed my life for good. I was living on Magnetic Island, a tropical island in the far north of Queensland in Australia. 

Starting My Spiritual Journey Following Synchronous Steps

It was 1985 and I'm on the ferry boat to the mainland, (Townsville) at that time a 40 minute cruise. That hot and humid summer day I sat opposite a priest who happened to be wearing his religious regalia - black suit and glistening white dog collar. That would not normally be such an outstanding vision, but up in the tropics with everyone sweltering in shorts and t-shirts he stood out like dogs balls (as they would say in those parts).

As I watched him I thought how hot he must be. Then I realized that he must have a very strong belief. A belief so strong in fact, that he would wear this uniform proclaiming his faith no matter how hot and uncomfortable it may make him.

My next thoughts came to me like a bolt of lightning. “What if he is wrong? What if there is no God or great power! What a waste of his life and effort if there is nothing really there. That was soon followed by a thought that hit me so hard and quick. What if he is right? What a waste of MY life if there is a great power or a God.

I was 30 years old and I had breezed through early life not really thinking about it one way or another. Until NOW!

I remember exactly what I thought and did in those next few minutes. I looked up to the skies and thought very loudly inside my mind. “If there is a God or Great Spirit of some kind, you have to have intelligence and a knowing. Don’t just stay out there hidden away. If you are there come and tell me, make some sort of contact  in a way that I can understand, and make it something real and tangible.

That was the turning point in my life. The ferry berthed to the wharf and as I disembarked (from that life as I knew it) I din not fully realize that starting my spiritual journey had begun. I was on a path of enlightenment that continues to this day and beyond.

Starting my spiritual journey was to completely change my life in 1985Starting my spiritual journey was to completely change my life in 1985

Starting My Spiritual Journey One Coincidence At A Time

How my own spiritual awakening journey began on a Magnetic Island

1) How Starting My Spiritual Journey Began
I am often asked how I became "The Psychic Junkie".  It was a moment that changed my life. I was living on Magnetic Island, a tropical island in the far north of Queensland in Australia. Here’s how my psychic development began with starting my spiritual journey. (You are here)

Going Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine

2) Going Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine
Hey Ian, a book came in today and I thought of you. Come in and pick it up when you like.” Bradley seemed quite excited about it. But it was a week later my spiritual adventures began with the tangible answer to my  request for contact from a higher power. Learn more > > 

The Andronicus Tapes Found Me Here

3) The Andronicus Tapes Found Me Here
My mystic journey continued, this time on a long straight road from the coast to a mining town in the middle of nowhere. While meeting with a newsagent a little blue book fell to the floor stopping at my feet. On picking it up I was found by a channeled entity. Learn more > >

How The Sleeping Prophet Awakened My Life Purpose

4) How The Sleeping Prophet Awakened My Life Purpose
Way back then most new age info was not to be found on the shelves of regular bookshops. I knew where to buy a copy of Edgar Cayce's book The Sleeping Prophet, I was just too embarrassed to walk into the hippy-dippy new age store to buy it. Learn more > >

How Ancient Wisdom Bookshop Opened Up

5) How Ancient Wisdom Bookshop Opened Up
This is the magic that led me to open Ancient Wisdom Bookshop after starting my spiritual journey. It’s now 1986 and my goal is to open my own New Age Bookstore, bang in the city heart. My purpose being to bring the New Age out of the closet and into the spotlight. Learn more > >

Opening To Channel My Own Spirit Guide

6) Opening To Channel My Own Spirit Guide
I remember sitting in meditation, allowing myself to follow the instructions in the book when I was overcome with an inner blinding flash of light. Then, as clear as daylight, on the screen of my mind stood an old guy looking very much like the Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars movies. Learn more > >

More Stories From My Spiritual Journey Through Life

Tangibly Helped By The Angel At My Shoulder

Tangibly Helped By The Angel At My Shoulder
In 1997 I was working on a recording project with BMG records in London. I was running out of time to meet a critical deadline of delivering artwork and copy to BMG. If I missed this deadline the deal was off (and it was a BIG recording deal).  Learn more > >

Passing Time with Bruce

Passing Time with Bruce
At the passing I experienced what I call my psychic surge. It is like being tasered with the warm fuzzies. I closed my eyes and asked who had just entered the room. I sensed a group of eager people standing there lovingly looking in. They had come to welcome Bruce to the other side. Learn more > >

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Evolving Into The Successful Psychic Solopreneur
I was once again living in Australia, a full time psychic reader in Sydney, contracted to one of the world’s biggest providers of psychic insight. I quickly developed a loyal following with a regular clientele spanning the English speaking world. As a sideline I started Psychic-Junkie.com . . Learn more > >

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FAQs And Comments About Spiritual Awakenings

What is a spiritual awakening journey?

  • A spiritual awakening journey can be an adventure of a lifetime where you experience things, people, and/or places that help you to realize you are a spiritual being having a human experience. As you continue your mystical adventure there will be metaphysical happenings that help you to see your life and your world in completely new ways. For many this includes the awakening of your psychic powers.

What is the point of spiritual awakening?

  • The point of spiritual awakening is that single moment when something inside you clicks open and you ask the divine to reveal itself to you in no uncertain terms. You will know it when you have it, as did I.

Does everyone go through a spiritual awakening?

  • In truth, not many people will go through a spiritual awakening in their lifetime. But the good new is that almost ANYONE, of sound mind and ability, CAN have a spiritual awakening. And because you are now reading these very words there's a very good chance you have already begun a spiritual awakening journey of your own.

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