My Psychic Clairvoyant CV

Psychic Clairvoyant CV for Ian Parkin

My Psychic Clairvoyant CV

I am an experienced psychic with exceptional knowledge and I hold a very high standard of professional expertise and excellence in what I do.

My Psychic Working History:

Ancient Wisdom Bookshop 1986 - 1991

Townsville - Australia

  • Owner operator (importer, retail and wholesale) New Age store. Personal Development seminar organizer.  Averaged five psychic clairvoyant readings per day in store.

Ian Parkin Hypnosis 1991 – 1996

Brisbane - Australia

  • Therapist in Hypnosis and NLP. Ran a private hypnosis/NLP practice. Behavioral change, past life regression, life coaching, clairvoyant readings.

Self Employed - Spiritual Pursuits 1996 – 2003

Dallas USA, Phoenix USA, London UK, Mumbai/New Delhi/Chennai India, Gazimağusa Cyprus

  • Various positions held while traveling, developing spiritual self, and conducting psychic readings. 2003 - 2007

International Psychic Reader by Phone

Sydney - Australia

  • Contracted as a psychic reader via phone, text and email. 90% repeat loyal client base from UK, Ireland, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. Six hours per day, six days per week. 2005 – present

Owner / Webmaster / Psychic

Sydney NSW and Sunshine Coast QLD - Australia

  • Webmaster: affiliate marketing and content writing in the psychic niche. 
  • Semi-retired from clairvoyant readings but I still maintain a local and international client base via phone, Skype and face to face.
  • Internationally life coaching with a sixth sense twist.
  • Author and teacher on Psychic Development

Skills: TarotVision, Crystal Ball, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, Past Life Regression, Public Speaking, Author, Life Coaching, Psychic Coaching.

You can book a reading with me here:

Ian Parkin - ForeSeeingFutures™

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More on my Psychic Clairvoyant background:

Ian Parkin

It was on a ferry ride from my island home to the mainland for work back In 1985 when I experienced one of those moments where one little thought can change your entire life. This was where my journey into the mystic began

Still in 1985 a chance satellite encounter in the middle of nowhere took me right out on a limb (with Shirley MacLaine): Read more . . 

Jump ahead to 2005 and I started building this website while doing readings for another psychic company so I became ZorbaZiv. Then, when free of my contract, I was able to be seen as myself on this site. I go into more detail here: Read more . .

This page covers more about my reading style: Read more . .

And here is my psychic online reading schedule: Read more . . 

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