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Last Updated 22th October 2016

Christina from New York, USA

Q: I would like to fall in love and get married. I haven't been in a serious relationship since 2004. I've dated here and there. Do you see if I will get married at some point in my life? Is marriage in the stars?

  • A: Hi Christina, this is what I see for you today. You will be taken to / introduced to / led to in some way, someone who seems to have been hoping and waiting a while for your arrival. It is like he has everything in life he wants except that elusive life partner. I sense doubts surrounding you once the connection is made. Don’t look back, take the risk you feel is at hand and take this chance when it is yours to take. It will lead to the big marriage. 

John from London, England

Q: How does my ex feel about me? And will we be back together soon?

  • A: John there are lots of things changing around you. Your ex seems to be thinking about taking you back. It appears as if you have been pleading for the reunion. So, if you have not, there is certainly the thought in your ex that you strongly want to get back together. So there are strong chances you will indeed re-unite, BUT I see one of you being led away and out of the picture by another. Ultimately I see you both strongly happy in two separate worlds. 

Shaunalee from St Ann, Jamaica

Q: Do you see me paying off my debts anytime soon?

  • A: You appear protected from difficulty and the opportunity to work for financial stability is with you.

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Richard from Sterlington, USA

Q: I want to know when this woman is going to start showing me what she’s afraid of. Did she move on? Does she still want to marry me?

  • A: You appear to be hanging on to thin threads. Not long after you accept, that you have not really found ‘all’ you are hoping for, and change direction, you will come face to face with someone who is ‘all’ and is all in with you. Have courage and start walking.

Felicia from St Ann, Jamaica

Q: Do you see my life getting any better soon and financially ok?

  • A: I see positive changes in love and money that last. You should see signs of this inside this very month.

Amia from Greensboro, United States

Q: Who will I date this year?

  • A: It’s the second person you date that is the most important for you. Looks like a new person, next date looks like one from the past.

Rebecca from Pakenham, Australia

Q: What does my love life hold for me? Will I reconcile with my ex?

  • A: Things seem a bit mixed for you at the moment. Heart broken in past, and your ex regretting the departure. It looks like you can have a reconciliation, but that looks to prevent a new love interest from stepping forward. I’m not sure you can avoid the short term miss matching that goes on, but once you are really through it, clarity and love truly fills the void.

Michelle from Abertillery, UK

Q: How long do I have to wait to find someone who I will love and love me back? All my life I have never had any luck with love.

  • A: Seems that you have never been in the right place at the right time for magic to click in. Change can happen as soon as you follow your hunches and act on your intuitive feelings. Practice that as much as you can. And using this affirmation will help. “I am in love with being in the right place at the right time.”

Carol from Coatbridge, UK

Q: I fought with my boyfriend. I said terrible things to him which were totally untrue. Everything I do to make things better seems to make things worse. Will he forgive me? And do we have a future together?

  • A: Yes, and Yes. Hang in there and allow natural progression. 

Susan from Prince Township, Canada

Q: What is happening to my lover?

  • A: Covert change.

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Caroll from Jersey City, USA

Q: Will I move out to California with a new job offer in the month of October?

  • A: I see you in brilliant sunshine, and working using your talent/skill and being settled with family around you eventually. I think 3rd week in Oct for the news you wait for.

Anna from New York City, USA

Q: Is Tom planning on telling me his true feelings for me? What does the future hold for us? What's the best advice can you give me in dealing with him?

  • A: No he is not planning on communicating feelings for you. No future shown. Best advice is to accept he is not that interested. But even though this may be hard for you to accept now, you do move on and you do find a true and loving partner.

Hanna from Roodepoort, South Africa

Q: What does the universe want me to know about my love life?

  • A: I get that you may be doing something to bring love into your life. Affirmations perhaps. Well it works. You really do attract the right partner to you. There will be no need to feel insecure in this love match, it is a fully enduring, strong connection.

Jayanta from Rosebank, South Africa

Q: What does the universe want me to know about my love life?

  • A: To avoid unhappiness, do not venture off your path. Stay true to one love.

Mary from Yerevan, Armenia

Q: What do you see regarding upcoming positive changes in my love life? (getting a boyfriend, getting engaged, married etc.) Thanks

  • A: Things look a bit of a mess right now, lots of confusion, struggle, uncertainty and worry. All of a sudden, in the not too distant future, all that drastically changes for the better. Love and happiness takes you well away from loneliness.

Heather from Cardiff, UK

Q: I wish to know whether getting back with my long term partner will result in our relationship becoming stable and loving?

  • A: I do see a return, some dedicated work on improvement, resulting in happiness and love. I see a short move, and I see him standing his ground.

Loris from Brooks, Canada

Q: What do you see happening in my current romantic relationship?

  • A: Continuous changes leading to more of the same until you decide you can have what you truly deserve. 

Christine from Glasgow, Scotland

Q: Hi Ian. I am terrible turmoil over my love life. I am married and recently a man I've known for a while came back into my life with whom there has always been a spark. Will anything come of this relationship?

  • A: The man who returns, come empty handed (again). What can come of this relationship is a covert flash in the pan which leads to significant loss and unhappiness.

Sid from LA, United States

Q: I've just started the interview process with this company with the words "cornerstone" in their name. Will I ultimately get the job?

  • A: Ultimately, Yes.

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Jesscia from Queens, USA

Q: Is it possible that I get my Green Card before my company decides to close operations?

  • A: Yes, it looks very possible to me. You stay safely in any uncertain scenario.

Neha from Anderson, United States

Q: There’s nothing going on right in my life. My son keeps falling ill every month and my husband is not able to change his job. What's going on?

  • A: It feels as if you are in-between two different stages of life. Do not stress in this seemingly stagnant time. Rather find ways to enjoy what you can. Life will change with the change of season.

Shilo from Edinburgh, UK

Q: How should I proceed in terms of communicating with the man who I have feelings for?

  • A: Well I do see a perfect match in front of you. Be prepared to take a step forward. Place yourself in the place he frequents. And if there is a celebration, celebrate.

Andrea from Wareham, USA

Q: What does the universe want me to know about Michael?

  • A: I’m a bit cloudy on this one. If you are with him already, someone else has her eye on him. If you are not his partner yet, then it is you doing the watching. I see a baby in his arms. I get the word, “try again”.

Kayla from NC, United States

Q: Will my husband break up will his girlfriend and fix our marriage with our child soon or future?

  • A: It does not look likely. In time you will find a love you can trust. The ex will not stop wanting more than he can handle. Be the strong one and think for yourself. You do get past this, but you need time.

Cynthia from Hopkins United States

Q: My father died and we had unresolved issues and I have questions about the way he died. I wonder if you have any messages for me regarding our unresolved issues or the way he died. Thank you.

  • A: As for as unresolved issues, I get that everything negative has been washed away, or washed clean. In the way he died, I feel very uneasy, as if he had been poisoned. That seems a bit of an extreme comment for me to make but something was certainly amiss and not natural. His spirit is strong and happy now.

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Mercedes from Kansas City, USA

Q: What should I know about my current relationship?

  • A: It feels like he has had another life before you. But it is safe to assume he will genuinely create a new life with you, now that you are together.

Maria from Orlando, USA

Q: Is Brandon my soulmate?

  • A: I do not pick up the difficulty normally associated with soul mate energy. This seems like a strong attraction on your part. It can be a great while it lasts, but it would not be a forever thing.

Kandi from Sherman, United States

Q: Hello, my question is, will my ex Brian and I get back together anytime soon?

  • A: You hang on to very thin threads on this matter. I think not. Save yourself a lot of wasted energy and open your heart to new possibilities.

Lary from Lleida, Spain

Q: Will my ex-girlfriend comeback? What led to us breaking up?

  • A: I see no reunion, and I see that you have tried and have no result. When I look for reasons I see you may not have been focused on her when you could have been.

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Angelique from Texas, USA

Q: There is someone I was seeing and I fell in love with him. We had difficulties/ misunderstandings and stopped seeing each other for 5 months. 2 weeks ago we started talking again but he says were only friends for now. He acts different towards me and I feel I'm putting in more effort in this friendship than he is and I'm confused and on an emotional roller coaster. Do you see us being more than friends?

  • A:It is clear you have stronger feelings for him, than he you. To answer the question [Do you see us being more than friends?] I would have to say it is very possible, but not absolutely certain. While you will have the opportunity to totally attract him back to you, I see he is still looking over your shoulder as if looking to someone else. If you do reunite, it will only bring more upset to you at a later date. - Looking at him, I see he is not really wanting to let you go completely, and he could well fall in love (to some level) with you again. But his emotions are very changeable. It is like I see two different people each time I look his way. For him it looks more like he has a 'girlfriend of the moment'. - If you can allow yourself to be on your own for a short while, just to clear your energy of him, someone newer/younger will come and find you, treat you so very well, you will not be able to resist falling in love again.

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Shaunalee from Kingston, Jamaica

Q: Do you see me successful and travel?

  • A: After initial disappointments I see the just rewards of your efforts coming to you. For travel I see you flying to destinations with no limits.

Jane from NYC, United States

Q: Will the company I'm currently working for close down in the month of October?

  • A: It looks likely, and that brings temporary restraint. However, this eventuality results in a very positive change. You will love what is coming your way.

Judy from Brunswick, USA

Q: Will I get my I-485 approval notice by October 1st?

  • A: I see disappointment with that.

Jeffrey from Vansant, USA

Q: I have been betrayed by a former lover whose false allegations have put my reputation and freedom at risk. I have legal counsel but am worried about this situation. What is the likely outcome of my court case?

  • A: Things may not go exactly as you would like. But with careful progression you are rewarded with much happiness.

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Kelli from Philadelphia, United States

Q: Is there anything that Travis wants to tell me, but may be afraid to? I am interested in him romantically.

  • A: This looks good for you. I do pick up his energy as being focused on you. If you can do something to break the ice I believe he will respond positively and quickly.

Ashley from Mesquite, USA

Q: Why is Lee a cheater? He is talking to 5 different women!

  • A: He shows as having no control over his emotions and will easily be enticed by anyone fitting his picture of beauty. The remedy for your heartache is in the arms of another man.

Claire from Glasgow, Scotland

Q: Will I divorce my husband and marry the man I am currently in love with?

  • A: Well you do show as having a lot of upset and disruption ahead of you and eventual glory. 

Velma from Maywood, USA

Q: I can't stop thinking about Kevin (DOB removed), will we ever be together?

  • A: It is time to think of someone new. Kevin is pulled away. You will be very happy after the change of heart.

Donovan from Baltimore, USA

Q: What spiritual gifts do I need to work on right now?

  • A: Kinesthetic gifts come to the fore. Focusing on a tactile ability will lead you in the right direction of your spiritual path.

Roberta from Wapakoneta, United States

Q: What do you see regarding the outcome of my current relationship?

  • A: I see you taking swift and bold actions that bring your hearts together. You feel a bit adrift at the moment.

Lakshmi from Delhi, India

Q: Will he come back?

  • A: Yes, things go bad from him where he has gone.

Lauren from Phoenix, USA

Q: First off I am in great pain, will I ever see my fiancé again, will we have the future and life we have planned, if so when or has he just left me and doesn't care about our life or my heart?

  • A: It is possible, as I do see his return. But you may not want that when you uncover the deceit of the past.

Ivana from London, UK

Q: What do you see happening with me and this guy I am starting to date/am talking to?

  • A: Do a background check. It all feels wobbly to me. Something important is being hidden.

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Marita from Victoria, Canada

Q: How do you see the relationship between me and Mark progressing in next 6 months?

  • A: I get two people, who may have been alone for some time, lovingly together in a relationship that can endure anything.

Lysa from Victoriaville, Canada

Q: Do you see if Gabriel will comeback in my life?

  • A: Pursuing Gabriel leads to upset. Your future love is more mature, smarter, and is fair. 

Kate from New York, USA

Q: When do you see me moving to California? It will be if I get a job offer from there.

  • A: Have the patience to wait for the second offer. Do not fret over the offer you pass up beforehand. 

Anna from Chicago, United States

Q: Do you see when I might get married and have my first child?

  • A: This feels like your time now. If you have decisions to make, it is sooner than later. First child is later than sooner.

Venisa from New York, United States

Q: Will I see Jayson again?

  • A: You will see him but I do not pick up on a reunion.

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Mercy from Nairobi, Kenya

Q: What do you see regarding the outcome of my current relationship? Will it lead to marriage and having children together?

  • A: I see an area of disagreement or a past problem that seems fixed and will not go away. Without overcoming that problem this relationship’s difficulties increase over time.

Claire from Motherwell, UK

Q: I am in love with a man called Tom. Can you tell me how this relationship will progress?

  • A: Tom looks to have restrictions around him. Help is on the way and when those ties are cut you can have a blossoming and happy relationship.

Serena from Palmyra, USA

Q: Is there anything I should know in regards to my ex-husband and the outcome of our court case?

  • A: You look to come out on top. This enables you to leave the past behind and fully move into a brighter future. To me it looks like you are on your own, but that would not be for long. Use your past experience to make the right choice when you are faced with deciding between two suiters.

Tina from Kingston, Jamaica

Q: I've been suspended from work a week now. I have a meeting this week with the board to decide if I stay. Can you tell me if I will get my job back please?

  • A: You are retained. At a later date you are ready to look for a better position.

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Mary from Dublin, Ireland

Q: What did my mother want to tell me?

  • A: I get peaceful feelings. You are given the keys to bright and happy days. Your heritage goes with you wherever you may roam.

Jessica from Williston, United States

Q: I've been chatting with a man from a dating site and I want to know what are his intentions?

  • A: This looks good. His feelings are rich and positive. He is putting himself at risk of being hurt. Allow the progress to happen for the pleasure of it.

Shulin from Singapore

Q: Who and when do you see coming into my love life? As I really like Michael, will he become my Boyfriend? I would like to know his feelings and intentions towards me.

  • A: Well the love of your life is in some way connected to you now. He is sending flowers or is connected to flowers in some way. I get the colour green as being significant also. Does he grow the plants? 

Trevor from Toronto, Canada

Q: My ex-girlfriend and I broke up for a second time in July. Yet I still feel that we belong together in a relationship, like we are supposed to be. Wondering if you can sense whether or not her and I will reunite in a new relationship?

  • A: OK, I see the breakups and reunion of the past. You show as being at fault in this. It is possible for one more chance but you will need to align to her energy if you want it to last the distance. And that is totally possible for you to do if you make the effort.

Katie from Kailua, USA

Q: I've been married for the past 5 years and I've had reoccurring dreams the past few years about an old flame. The dreams are always very vivid and sweet. What do these dreams mean?

  • A: You may well be picking up on the thought of your old flame. Seems you both hold fond memories. Those memories are a part of you, a life you have lived and are enriched by. But it would be rather unwise to put what you have now at risk over. Keep the experiences lived and look forward to more in the future.

Ophelia from Wilberforce, United States

Q: Will my financial struggles lessen?

  • A: Your financial struggles can ease significantly when you learn to focus more on what you do have than on what you don’t. What you put your mind to expands, and I’m shown that you can truly master this process. I would recommend two books by Pam Grout E2 and E3  

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Mara from Adelaide, Australia

Q: What changes do I need to make in order to find happiness in my life?

  • A: Firstly, I get a very strong presence around you. I’m not a medium, so this is unusual in my readings. Feels angelic. So listen out for the whispers from behind your shoulder.  Now in answer to your question I would so you do not need to make any particular changes as happiness is coming to find YOU. This may be hard to imagine from your present position. But doors are going to be opened and all you need to do is step in.

Anita from Pune, India

Q: When will I meet the love of my life and how? What do I need to know about him?

  • A: Not too long away. Look higher than you are now. Lift your eyes and look in better circles. What you need to know is that you are not too small to be his love.

Karina from Los Angeles, USA

Q: What do you see regarding the outcome of a relationship with Lindsey and I?

  • A: I sense a troubled relationship. Perhaps you could let it go. However, that may be difficult given the level of lust surrounding this. If you can take the risk of looking elsewhere you will be amazed at the way magic happens and connects you to your soul mate.

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