The Types Of Spiritual Channeling That Can Open You To Your Own Guides

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What does channeling someone mean? One of the types of spiritual channeling is where psychic mediums go into trance and link up with the consciousness of dead people. This usually works through disciplined meditation or self-hypnosis, which allows them to draw the veil between their waking consciousness and the energy of an entity in the afterlife who will use the physical body to communicate with you.

Trance channeling, being one of the main types of spiritual channeling, is rooted in antiquity. Mystics, ascended masters, shamans and prophets served as conduits to bring their peoples teachings from the gods and spirits. 

Be mindful, the spirit being who answers the channel’s call is pure energy and, as such, it vibrates at a much higher rate than human’s energy. In order to use the channel’s physical body, the entity must adjust her vibrations to those of the trance channeler. It’s pretty amazing that once the entity gets back into a human body, his voice, inflection and mannerisms are the same as when he lived on earth. Conversely, no matter what language she spoke in her former life, some-kind-of-way, her words translate into English.

Here are the types of spiritual channeling available to you.

Dialogue between spirit beings and humans is interactive. You may ask questions and he will answer. Nothing is off-limits, although the entity may choose not to entertain certain subjects.

People with strong religious upbringing, may find a channeling session stressful, especially those who have been conditioned to believe ‘evil’ spirits can possess a human body.  That entities can ‘possess’ the trance channeler is a false belief. These types of spiritual channeling psychics are never controlled by non-human entities. Instead, they permit highly evolved beings to use their physical body and vocal cords to deliver messages in a manner humans easily understand.  

Best Types Of Spiritual Channeling

The sheer flamboyance and good humor of some spirit beings can bring comfort to people seeking guidance and enlightenment. Once spiritual teachers begin to dialogue, the universal question – is there life after death – is answered. And while they will take your questions about survival after death, their main purpose is to help resolve issues concerning your journey in this life.

If you’re interested in communicating with a deceased loved one, you need the services of a psychic medium. Mediums, like channelers, do their work in an altered state of consciousness but they contact specific spirit beings.

Alternatively, trance channelers will likely assess your needs and send a ‘call-out’ to the universe for your highest and best spirit guide. Or, these types of spiritual channeling psychics may work with one or more spirit teachers exclusively. This is ideal because spirit beings can better acclimate to the channel’s vibratory rate through practice.

Trance channelers will help you find personal answers to universal life questions, such as ‘what am I here to accomplish’, ‘how can I tell if I’m on the right path’, ‘what is my spiritual gift’, etc.  

Spirit beings want you to be happy and through psychic mediums will offer support and encouragement through candid communication.

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How To Learn Channeling.

Do you prefer to know how to learn channeling so you can communicate with your own higher self and spirit guides?

A good way to start is to take a session or two with some different psychic mediums, either online or in person. They can open the way by connecting you to the spirit world, your angels and higher guides. 

If you attend a local spiritualist church look out for a local psychic circle. Surround yourself with the kindred spirits at spiritualist gatherings and you will comfortably expand your knowledge, learn channeling, and develop your mediumship potential. 

The main difference between a psychic reading and these types of spiritual channeling is that the psychic taps into your energy and the energy of anyone else you are asking about and the medium connects to the realms of spirit, angels, and guides. Most often the medium is sought out to connect with lost loved ones who have passed over. The psychic connects with those still here. Many mediums and psychics cross both frontiers but some do not. 

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Opening To Channel with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

How do you start channeling?  I recommend one book above all others to learn channeling. Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, with the help of their guides, Orin and DaBen, have created a definitive, inspirational, and easy-to-use guide to the art of channeling.

Opening To Channel with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide includes practical hands-on instruction in how to know if you are ready, how to attract a high-level guide, how to go into trance, how to channel for friends, how to use one of the main types of spiritual channeling to open to the higher dimension, and much more. It was this book that I followed, back in the 1980’s. It was in this book's lessons that I made the connection to my own guide Quasar.

Opening to channel my own guide Quasar

I remember sitting in meditation, allowing myself to follow the instructions in the book when I was overcome with an inner blinding flash of light. Then, as clear as daylight, on the screen of my mind stood an old guy looking very much like the Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars movies. He gave me his name – Quasar, spelled it out to me and advised me to look up the name in the dictionary for its meaning.

He then proceeded to give me three lotto numbers, (yes just three), and said “watch the TV tonight and you will see these three numbers in this order as the first second and third numbers to be drawn. IN THAT ORDER!” Well of course in those days “I” wanted to be in control. “Three numbers?” I said, “just three?” “I need SIX to SPEND the Rest of My Life!

Hahaha - NO WAY. All I got was “if and when you need to win the lottery you shall be given all six. These three are just a sign to help you believe while you make progress on your journey of spiritual awakening".

Well after that session ended, I forced a new meditation, forced an imaginary meeting with Quasar, forcibly imagined another three numbers and rushed to the shop to put in my SIX numbers for that night’s lotto draw.

That night’s draw came and I sat eagerly watching. First number RIGHT! Second number RIGHT! (Now I got goose bumps) Third number RIGHT! Instantly I crossed my fingers, crossed my legs, my eyes, anything I could have crossed I did. But that was as far as the luck went. My next three numbers weren’t even close.

I looked up the dictionary definition for Quasar (I had never heard of the word at that point) 

[Quasar = a class of extragalactic objects that emit an immense amount of energy in the form of light, infrared radiation, etc, from a compact source. They are extremely distant and their energy generation is thought to emanate from a supermassive black hole located in the centre of a galaxy]

Quasar has remained my trusted guide over many years, so if you really want to learn one of the best types of spiritual channeling for yourself, grab this book and connect with your own guide - it really works!

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