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What…? a tribe for a free psychic reading? Yes actually there are tribes of psychic tribes on A Tribe is group who share a common culture and among whom leadership is typically neither formalized nor permanent.

Unfortunately has closed down. The information in this page is now redundant and is due for removal from this site. 

Type into a new browser window and that will take you to the Tribe Site for your area. This is where you register as a member before you find your reading. Then do a search for tribes with the keywords like psychics, psychic readings, tarot reading etc and you will find groups with psychics willing to give you a psychic reading for free.

Remember you DO need to sign up as a member of – and it’s free. Then go searching for groups where psychics hang out. Join in and ask for a reading here and there if you want a free psychic reading. It may be a free – as in a 'NO MONEY' way of seeking psychic advice, but it will cost a bit of time and effort on your part. As with all my tips for finding psychic readings for free, my personal recommendation is to pay a professional psychic. You will save a lot of time and also get more accurate psychic advice.

BUT, this is about finding a free psychic reading on so here are a couple of groups to start you off. I've included the URLs so just type them into a new browser window each time. (Or just cut and paste) You may need some alternatives so do perform some other searches of your own as well.

free psychic readings tribe

Psychic Tech Support is a place for psychics to exchange readings, share ideas, and answer questions. Meant mostly as a support network for clairvoyants and other sensitive people, but "outsiders" are welcome to ask for a free readings on specific questions ... no response is guaranteed; it's up to the psychics if they want to answer.

A forum for Sedona Psychics, Lightworkers, etc. and anyone interested in Sedona Psychics/healers "happenings" to network, share ideas & offer support to each other. This tribe is open to anyone interested in connecting with Sedona lightworkers. Try here reading too.

ESP Experienced is for those interested in the vast array of paranormal topics such as Ghost Stories, UFOs, Near-Death Experiences, ESP and just about anything outside the easily explained... Good spot to ask for a free reading too.


Foot In Two Worlds Earth and Spirit realms: do you live in *both* at the same time?! Dreams? Channelings? visions? Free psychic reading?

You are a SacredConduit through which the divine expresses itself. Spirit intimately guides you in the continual process of co-creation steering you towards greater levels of presence, mindfulness, & inner harmony so that the divine can most fully express itself through & with you.

A Vision Keeper is one that realizes that Desire is gifted by the Devine. They can see its fulfillment. The Vision Keeper knows this is sacred and shares it only in places that will feed and nourish its growth. The Vision Keeper finds success in all things and sees each step as a bridge to gap the longing. Know your vision? Need help holding the energy? Use this tribe as a way to get feedback on your path and contribute to another’s process of goal forming & radical optimism. Ask for your reading here as a symbol of prayer and watch Spirit find a way. Every Desire is borne with its own fulfillment.

Clairvoyant Tribe: someone who has the power to foresee the future; perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses. Good possibility for a free psychic reading here.

UnEarthlySouls. Many of us know that we have chosen to be here, and some of us are lost and are searching for the road home. Many of us are normal people with an awareness of the supernatural, and some of us are Angels who are here to fulfill our destiny. There are those here who are woven of thick elemental forces, and those who dance with vibrations of finely tuned light. Some of us have origins far from this planetary system, but we are all here now. The Earth is our Playground, our Spirit Quest, our Coliseum, our Dream, and our Heartsong...

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Know of a good psychic tribe that I've not listed yet? Add the info in the comments below.