Extra Sensory Perception Proved Real So See How Your ESP Works

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Extra Sensory Perception FAQs and answers 

What is extrasensory perception? | Does ESP exist? | Has science proved ESP real?What are different forms of extrasensory perception? | How does extrasensory perception work? | How can I strengthen my ESP? 

What is extrasensory perception?

  • Extrasensory is an adjective that means outside our normal senses of awareness. Perception is a noun that describes the act of recognition. Together extrasensory perception refers to the process of recognizing information through a sixth sense. Extra Sensory Perception is commonly abbreviated to ESP and in simple terms refers to any form of psychic ability.

Does ESP exist?

  • Scientists had long said, “Not!”. Metaphysicians have long said, “Absolutely!” While many people believe in the existence of ESP, the big question was: "how do we get some?" This also became debatable. Some said we all have extrasensory abilities, and in fact, we rely on them without being aware. Another camp believed Extra Sensory Perception was exclusive to psychics. A majority believed that we all had the potential of ESP, but that certain individuals were more receptive to this phenomenon. As for which superpowers fell under the ESP umbrella, some said four, some said five and others included a very long list. More controversy.
ESP - What Is Extra Sensory Perception?

Has science proved ESP real?

  • For more than 20 years the CIA conducted ESP research for use in their top-secret spy program. With previously classified details about their scientific ESP research now finally coming to light, there can be no more secrets. With the release of the Remote Viewing documentary, Third Eye Spies (2019), featuring Russell Targ, Dean Radin PhD, Uri Geller, Brian Josephson PhD, Hal Puthoff PhD, Stephan A. Schwartz, Edgar Mitchell PhD, and Lori Williams, science has now proved the existence of ESP to be very real indeed. These days, information about the ganzfeld experiments is widely available online. In the 1970s and 1980s parapsychologists carried out successful tests for psychic phenomena under conditions set out in the ganzfeld experiment.

What are different forms of extrasensory perception? 

  • Some of the main examples of extra sensory perception are: Clairvoyance - extrasensory visual awareness. Telepathy - extrasensory awareness of another person’s thoughts. Psychometry - extrasensory awareness of the energies held by objects. Mediumship - extrasensory communication with the afterlife. Precognition - extrasensory learning of future events. Usually occurring in dream or meditative states of mind.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see visions of a paranormal nature, which aren’t scientifically explainable. Clairvoyant means clear seeing. The word is derived from French clair, meaning clear and voyant which means seeing. (Clairaudience is clear hearing) (Clairsentience is clear sensations)

Some people are born with an innate power to see ongoing vibrations in the ether. Such vibrations comprise a world of thought forms and events. Clairvoyants can tap into these vibrations for an awareness of external facts and events that aren’t transmitted by the five senses.

It is possible for a person to develop deeper powers of the mind, as the receptive and believing mind can see things manifest from the invisible into the visible realm. A clairvoyant will often see and interpret your aura according to the colors emanating from your personal energy field.

Mental Telepathy is the awareness of another person’s thoughts not transmitted by language, sight, hearing or touch. It is when the mind communicates with other minds, without physical senses or mechanical devices.

Native Hawaiians practiced mental telepathy for centuries before the white men came to their land. Africa and Tahiti have practiced telepathy for decades. Holy Men in the Far East have used second sight as a matter of course for centuries.

Belief in ESP. We all experience haphazard telepathic experiences such as thinking about someone, and he calls you ‘out of the blue’… Or you dreamed about a person you haven’t seen in years and bump into her at the mall the following day… You are prompted by your inner voice to remain stopped when the light turns green, and you narrowly avoid a collision.

Psychometry is the art of reading the energies held by objects. For instance, psychics practicing psychometry use their extra cognitive ability (usually including clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience) while holding a piece of jewelry that has been worn by a person. They can pick up messages from the person's energy that will have been absorbed by the item of jewelry over the years. Photographs are also often used in psychometry.

Mediumship is where a psychic's extrasensory perceptions act as a channel for communications with the spirits of individuals who have passed over.

Precognition is an ability to experience knowledge of future events without using any physical agent. Often precognition is a forewarning of negative events that will happen unless a positive change brings forth a different outcome. You may have experienced a precognitive dream or perceived an event before it occurred while in meditation. You may have sensed something awesome was going to happen and even predict what it would be. These are blips of precognition, but they aren’t disciplined.

How does extrasensory perception work?

  • Extra Sensory Perception works because at a metaphysical level all and everything is connected and completely free of the constraints of space or time. Psychics calls this quantum entanglement. According to Deepak Chopra in Synchrodestiny "In most people’s experience, the past resides only in memory and the future resides only in imagination. But at the spiritual level, the past and the future and all the different probabilities of life exist simultaneously. Everything is happening all at once. . . . . People who are tuned in to the deeper self can access this deeper domain because this self is not separate from the universe". According to Dr. Joe Dispenza in Becoming Supernatural: "All potentials in the fifth dimension, known as the quantum (or the unified field), exist in the eternal present moment". According to Russel Targ in The Reality of ESP. "The evidence suggests that who we truly are is nonlocal eternal awareness, manifesting for a few years as a physical body in nonlocal space-time".

How can I strengthen my ESP? 

  • Because all extra sensory perception springs forth from a certain state of mind known as psychic resonance any course of meditation will help strengthen your ESP. Joseph Banks Rhine was the first to coin the term ESP after starting the parapsychology lab at Duke University in the United States. Psychological researchers Dr J B Rhine and his associate Karl Zener published a deck of 25 cards, featuring five bold symbols, with which to practice, strengthen, and test your ESP. Zener Cards are available on Amazon. See also the Zener card test correctly explained here.
Developing Extra Sensory Perception

Developing Extra Sensory Perception

Developing extra sensory perception is possible because at the higher levels everything is inter-connected. You can learn to access to those connections. ESP is innate and quite natural. It is incongruous to believe in a higher universal power and not establish the strongest, clearest connections to that power. We live on a three-dimensional physical planet which exists in a many dimensional universe.

The initial connection to your extra sensory awareness is made via your imagination, so in the beginning you may think you are imagining things, but with a little discipline and practice you will find that things you see in your imagination come to be! There really is a fine line between your imagination and your extrasensory perception. With practice, you learn to discern one from the other.

This poses the question - do events happen because we imagine them? (Law Of Attraction) Or are we seeing things before they happen? (Precognition) With practice you will find that this is actually a two-way street.

Normally we get little premonitions all the time, (usually ignored), i.e.

  • "I just knew that was going to happen."
  • "I was just thinking exactly that the other day"
  • "I was just saying to so and so the other day ....".

I call receiving these little premonitions "listening to the whispers", because that is what they are, they are the outer edge of psychic awareness.

When you are about to make a major decision, and it doesn't 'feel' right, although the facts support it, do you go ahead or not? Do you listen to the whispers or go with the logic?

Did you know that in the psychic reality you cannot ask a question unless you know the answer? This reduces problem solving to asking the right questions, not finding the right answers! Of course, this is dependent on you accepting the given answer. Ask the right question and you will be given the answer.

How often have you asked a question only to have the answer flash into your conscious mind immediately? It was there all the time. A stimulus, (asking the question) was needed to bring it up from your subconscious (or wherever)! In this case, the question provided the psychic connection.

A clairvoyant tarot reader does not 'read' the cards but uses them to provide psychic connections. That is, they prompt questions.

There is no 'magic bullet' to becoming more psychic, it is a process of growth, an increasing awareness which needs to be practiced regularly.  - Awareness Brings More Awareness. As you become more psychic - you will become more psychic!!! With practice you will establish a "Psychic Antenna", which receives messages and impressions at will.

If you are not already developing your extra sensory perception - there is a whole universe out there waiting to be discovered.

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The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities - by Russell Targ

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Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon - by Joe Dispenza 

SynchroDestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles - by Deepak Chopra 

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