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Psychic Scam Artists - The 4 Red Flags To Watch Out For

Look out! Psychic scam artists are about!

Are psychics a scam?

  • The realm of psychics includes both genuine practitioners who offer sincere insights and comfort and those who might not be as trustworthy. Authentic psychics have a positive reputation, uphold ethical practices, and are transparent about their fees. However, it's crucial to be wary of psychics who guarantee specific outcomes, use pressure tactics, consistently deliver fear-based readings, or rely on vague, generalized statements.

Psychic scam artists are easily avoided if you become savvy to recognizing these 4 red flags.

  1. Cursing and jinxes.
  2. Spam psychic emails.
  3. Social profile skimming.
  4. Good luck just where you need it!

And here are the ways to find the genuinely gifted readers.

Are psychics a scam?

Red Flag 1: Top of the list is the cursed jinx. In these scams they tell you there is a curse on you, or you are jinxed in some way. If this happens to you end the session immediately. This con job is played out by saying that “for a small fee” this jinx can be lifted. By the way these small jinx lifting fees will often run into thousands of dollars!

Red Flag 2: Unsolicited emails (spam) from people described to be clairvoyants, tarot card readers, or psychic mediums is also a big red flag warning for online mail fraud. Spam emails are the front runner for pretty much anything dodgy these days and unfortunately spam-creeps work our psychic advice industry too. Play it safe and never open spam emails of any kind when you receive them!

  • Most famous in this one was the Maria Duval sham. This business pseudo name for psychic Maria Gamba was sold in the 1990s to a criminal network who ripped off over $200 million dollars through a snail mail scam that led with headlines about her. The United States arm of the syndicate was shut down in 2016. But the scheme has been adapted to email under other names out of Eastern Europe, so beware!

Red Flag 3: Social profile skimming. These classic online psychic frauds happens when the faker attempts to persuade you about their genuineness by telling you information about you or that relates to you, but you recently posted that info to Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere online. Sadly, this can happen when you have lost a loved one and mention it online. It is a good idea to google your own name to check the already existing information about you.

Red Flag 4: The good luck just when you need it hustle goes like this. You are struggling financially, and the charmer offers to sell you the secret to massive wealth, or the numbers to win lottery, or a concocted magic money potion. This one gets duplicated into love spells and love potions when you are struggling romantically, and healing potions and spells for those with health and wellness issues. This classic door-knocking gypsy trick has become another very popular online fortune telling rip-off

4 Red Flags That Expose Psychic Scam Artists

How To Avoid The Psychic Scam Artists

  • Google the psychic prior to purchase, focusing on terms like the psychic’s name or company, complaint, sham, or review etc. If someone has been scammed or has had a bad experience in this regard you will have better idea on such happenings.
  • Carefully read their terms and conditions. Look to see whether your credit card would be charged regularly, or some hidden conditions are linked with the purchase you are going to make.
  • You need to utilize secure payment processors and websites. Make sure the website address starts with https:// Do not send payments or give online account information or enter credit card information on unsecured sites that start with http:// (note there is no s)
  • Avoid using premium telephone numbers. While they are illegal in many countries now, premium lines are still used in many psychic scams.
  • Use a well-established online psychic network. Because they have real psychics with genuine reviews, refund guarantees, and free introductory minutes.
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Questions For Avoiding The Psychic Scam Artists

Important questions to ask in a session with your psychic.

In a reading you can ask diverse things from a mystic about your life including love and family relationships, work, careers, success, money, wellbeing, and health etc. Nevertheless, the most vital aspect is to avoid major questions. You would not like a psychic to take your desires and simply tell what you wish to hear. Your psychic should be professional enough to lead you in a direct way towards success in the part of life that you are currently undergoing challenges. What you want is clarity. Your questions should be open ended, instead of mere ‘yes’ and ‘no’ kind of questions. Inquire on the topic or life area in which you are more interested.

Here are some examples of good open-ended questions that you may like to ask your advisor:

  • I wish to see my future generally.
  • Are there any primary changes in the life and in what part?
  • What about my love life?
  • What about my health?
  • What about my career?

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