Sun In Aquarius

by AstroKid
(Sedona - USA)

The Sun Shines On Aquarius

The Sun Shines On Aquarius

This is a combination of the Sun, Uranus and the Eleventh House influences. It gives you an intuitive perception of the inner nature of things and a touch with the forces and ideas of the spiritual realms which can lead you to take up when possible, new and advanced methods of complimentary or alternative healing and therapies.

You can also be drawn to quantum psychics, on the edge scientific research and ultra-intellectual or new age and spiritual practices.

This position gives much popularity and firm friends among people who are in a position to bestow favors and further the attainment of your ambitions.

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Yes. This seemes to describe my on again off again relationship with an Aquarian female born Feb.10,1962. I am a aquarian born Feb. 4th, 1961. I am crazy about this woman and have had intimate relations with her for at least 4yrs. MONEY,EGO,FAMILY, and older men is her interest while she tries to pursue to some ctreative effort in the resturant, hospitatality area.

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