Taurus Horoscope 2016

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Taurus Horoscope 2016

Taurus Horoscope 2016

Love, Work and Luck in your Taurus Horoscope 2016

Love and Romance

In 2016, you’ll focus predominantly on the emotional aspect of romantic connections. Chances are that you’ll become more sociable and you’ll get numerous opportunities to impress people that you’re romantically interested in.

During the summer of 2016, however, you may experience some bad luck. There are chances of misunderstandings stemming from poor communication and other hindrances standing in the way of finding true love.

Once this period is over, however, you’ll have Jupiter entering the house of love. Your bad love luck will quickly change during this period.

Work and Career

Taureans will have better business success in 2016 when they focus on teamwork. You can reach your goals, but try to gain the support of management in order to accomplish this. Find creative and different ways to communicate with your business coordinates. If you own a business, this can also help when it comes to advertising goods and services. Starting new ventures is viable if you seek help and support from those who are around you.

Things that May Bring Good Luck in 2016

Taurus will see a surge in their social life in the coming year. They’ll experience harmony and a renewed closeness with the people they love. This year, it is important to make sure you also take some time away from the hectic pace of the world and make some time for you. A mysterious romance is in bloom for you in the latter half of the year.

Lucky Months: January, April, July, August, December

Lucky Numbers, 3, 5, 9, 13, 18

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