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Apr 12, 2015

Psychic Medium Jason McDonald

I visited the ‘Little Light’ Spiritual Fair here in Noosa this weekend. Having been impressed by Psychic Medium Jason McDonald when I saw him work the

Continue reading "Psychic Medium Jason McDonald"

Apr 09, 2015

Your Aura Color

It is often said that first impression is the last impression. We usually form an opinion of a person’s personality after meeting him/her once. Have you

Continue reading "Your Aura Color"

Apr 01, 2015

Art of Clairvoyance

My name is Flora and I've been drawing since age 2 and engaged in metaphysical study since age 11. Like many of you, my childhood was not happy or healthy,

Continue reading "Art of Clairvoyance"

Mar 23, 2015

Sharing Your Psychic Gift

As a Master Psychic, I help others navigate their way through life's obstacles and rocky roads. Many people call me in times of grief needing closure and

Continue reading "Sharing Your Psychic Gift"

Mar 19, 2015

How to tap into your own intuition!

Meditation is key and learning how to be more aware of your surroundings. Once tapped in the universe guides us everyday to lead us on a path of awareness.

Continue reading "How to tap into your own intuition!"

Mar 09, 2015

Famous Psychics Websites

A project developing the very best list of the most Famous Psychics Websites.

Continue reading "Famous Psychics Websites"

Mar 03, 2015

Lunar Psychics

Lunar Psychics is an Australian based organisation which provides our customers with global expert readings and advice. Our organisation specialises

Continue reading "Lunar Psychics"

Mar 03, 2015

Emotional Transference

I am in-tuned with my emotions and can operate under the powers of emotional transference. This technique will help you by changing your mental state of

Continue reading "Emotional Transference"

Mar 03, 2015

Natural Vision Psychic

My name is Nazeerah I have been reading for 38 years. I look at people's lives. Its like watching a movie. I use powers with sight and herbs from the

Continue reading "Natural Vision Psychic "

Mar 03, 2015

Theo California Psychics

Theo is a really wonderful natural reader, I've had several readings with him and have been truely amazed by some of his predictions, he doesn't give fairytale

Continue reading "Theo California Psychics"

Mar 03, 2015

Regret Knowing

Ever had something weird/creepy happen, and you kind of wish you didn't know, without being told? I regret feeling that something odd was going to happen,

Continue reading "Regret Knowing"

Mar 03, 2015

Story of my spirituel path

My name is Ayçayia. I just turned 16 last week. I have connection with angels and my spiritual guides since I was a small kid. I have seen many dreams

Continue reading "Story of my spirituel path "

Feb 18, 2015

Unable To Contact Love

My dream about being scared of losing someone that I am falling for hard.!! In the dream Bryan and I were in a relationship and I did something very uncomfortable

Continue reading "Unable To Contact Love"

Feb 18, 2015

Spiritual Psychic David Mitchell

I was unsure of David, or any psychic-medium, to be honest. I have always wanted to go to one, and have heard several highly recommended testimonials regarding

Continue reading "Spiritual Psychic David Mitchell"

Feb 12, 2015

Cancer/Gemini Cusper!

I am tall, slender with long limbs and yes strong hands. I have light brown,hazel eyes and a smaller mouth and I have a broader back. I am on the Gemini

Continue reading "Cancer/Gemini Cusper!"

Feb 11, 2015

Indigo and Psychic

I was born in 1954, and maybe you think that this is not within the parameters of being a true Indigo, but let me assure you - I am an Indigo. I could

Continue reading "Indigo and Psychic"

Feb 04, 2015

A Visit From Grandma

My dream was me sleeping and when I woke up (in my dream) I had a rectangular whole in the wall that fit my whole body. The whole was coffin shaped, which

Continue reading "A Visit From Grandma"

Feb 04, 2015

Dream Vision Through Others Eyes

What do you think to this dream/vision where I was looking through someone else's eyes: She was in a school swimming pool doing a scuba lesson. She was

Continue reading "Dream Vision Through Others Eyes"

Feb 04, 2015

First Wave Indigo

Lets get together! I am from the first wave of Indigo's 1956!!!!! I was born and still don't know who my father is. I'm almost 60 now. I have had experiences

Continue reading "First Wave Indigo"

Feb 04, 2015

Indigo Adultc Can Be So Misunderstood

You get it when you grow up, but while growing up an Indigo you are often seen as a dreamer, a misfit, a loner or maybe as someone who just doesn't fit

Continue reading "Indigo Adultc Can Be So Misunderstood"

Jan 21, 2015

Astrology Predictions

Before seeking personal forecasts for your future read about Deborah McLoughlin's Astrology Predictions

Continue reading "Astrology Predictions"

Jan 21, 2015

Deborah McLoughlin

Fourth-generation Psychic and Astrologer with over 18 years professional experience Deborah McLoughlin is an endorsed contributing writer for Psychic Junkie

Continue reading "Deborah McLoughlin"

Jan 14, 2015

Ask The Crystal Ball

Perhaps you are ready for a little magic. To empower your wish ask the crystal ball.

Continue reading "Ask The Crystal Ball"

Jan 08, 2015

Michael Gourley is an Amazing Psychic Medium.

I recently lost someone close to my heart and like many others I was having a really difficult time. One of my co-workers told me about an amazing Psychic

Continue reading "Michael Gourley is an Amazing Psychic Medium. "

Jan 08, 2015

What Happens During a Tarot Reading

At the start of a reading, most readers will generally ask for your name and ask what your question is. Occasionally readers may also ask for your date

Continue reading "What Happens During a Tarot Reading"

Jan 07, 2015

Horoscope Junkie

Prophecies for the passionate in planetary prediction, and with accurate psychic predictions of the future, for free on Horoscope Junkie

Continue reading "Horoscope Junkie"

Jan 05, 2015

Seeing Death's Entity While Awake

Have you ever seen death? Walking beside someone you love! And you want to go with that loved one. I do... I have the will and power to decide, Yes

Continue reading "Seeing Death's Entity While Awake"

Jan 05, 2015

Aura Cleansing For Psychic Protection

Let go of other peoples stuff and prevent psychic attack with these simple aura cleansing steps.

Continue reading "Aura Cleansing For Psychic Protection"

Jan 05, 2015

List of Psychic Abilities - The Complete A to Z

I've compiled a full A to Z of extra sensory perceptions in this extensive list of psychic abilities and forms of prophesy.

Continue reading "List of Psychic Abilities - The Complete A to Z"

Dec 29, 2014

Blow Your Own Psychic Trumpet

The place to share your own extra sensory wisdom and ideas and learn from the insights of others is the Psychic Trumpet

Continue reading "Blow Your Own Psychic Trumpet"

Dec 29, 2014

Using Spiritual Intuition to Guide Your Life

I sat in the spiritualist church where I went every week. I rarely got a reading and didn't usually win the raffle either but I liked the people and the

Continue reading "Using Spiritual Intuition to Guide Your Life"

Dec 22, 2014

Aquarius Horoscope 12/18/14

Revel in the company of your dearest friends today, Aquarius. Their energy will help you to find inner peace as the calendar years approaches a close.

Continue reading "Aquarius Horoscope 12/18/14"

Dec 21, 2014

Our 2015 Love Forecasts are in:

Will 2015 be the year all your romantic hopes and dreams come true? Does love await you? Is marriage in your future?

Check out your 2015 love horoscope from our talented psychic astrologer and get ready for a great year!

Continue reading "Our 2015 Love Forecasts are in:"

Dec 16, 2014

The Fortunate Truth

Need an Answer? I see spiritual messages down to the exact word. I am here to share my Psychic Intuitive gifts with you. As a natural-born, 3rd-generation

Continue reading "The Fortunate Truth "

Dec 15, 2014

Heart Centered Psychic Readings

My heart centered awakening was the catalyst for my spiritual career in that my main goal and stipulation to personal success is sharing my heart energy

Continue reading "Heart Centered Psychic Readings"

Dec 13, 2014

Psychic Amelia

Seeking Guidance? Surrounded by Confusion? Don't be left in the Dark - Answers are awaiting! With 15 years of experience, I have successfully assisted

Continue reading "Psychic Amelia"

Dec 13, 2014

Lady Persephone

Lady Persephone goes beyond the cause to help her clients realize the goals that they seek. She is patient and unwavering in her predictions. She is

Continue reading "Lady Persephone"

Dec 13, 2014

Captive with Black Snake

I had a dream last night in which I was being held captive in a house by unknown captors, the male captor that was intimate with me (this was not enjoyable

Continue reading "Captive with Black Snake"

Dec 13, 2014

Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine

One magic night my psychic adventure began as I went Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine

Continue reading "Out On A Limb with Shirley MacLaine"

Dec 13, 2014

Proof The Movie

See both parts of the James Twyman experiment that reveals the secret truth underlying the law of attraction and our psychic abilities. Click here for Proof The Movie.

Continue reading "Proof The Movie"

Dec 13, 2014

Inspirational Movie Theatre

An online theatre to watch enlightening movies and a growing list, with links to view on DVD or live stream, of spiritual, psychic, conscious, and other inspirational movies.

Continue reading "Inspirational Movie Theatre"

Dec 01, 2014

Remote Viewing - Astral Projection - Out Of Body Experiences

Remote Viewing or Astral Projection is a conscious out of body experience (OBE) – and it can be triggered through both meditation and hypnosis. Once you learn to master these modalities, you can start astral projecting whenever you want. And your astral projections aren’t a result of an external situation or circumstance which you have no control over, like surgery or with drugs.

Instead, you are choosing to achieve that state willingly; which is astral projection in its truest form. And this is what astral projection expert, Dr. Steve G Jones, Ed.D., has dedicated his life to mastering.

Continue reading "Remote Viewing - Astral Projection - Out Of Body Experiences"

Nov 28, 2014

Negative Energy Haunts My Sleep

Negative energy haunts me in my sleep... It's getting worse. I've never been superstitious but I need some help or information because I'm starting to

Continue reading "Negative Energy Haunts My Sleep"

Nov 27, 2014

Hereafter: The Movie

Three people set out on a spiritual journey after death touches their lives in different ways.

George (Matt Damon) is a construction worker in San Francisco who can communicate with the dead.

French reporter Marie LeLay (Cécile de France) has a supernatural vision after nearly dying in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Meanwhile, a London schoolboy suffers the loss of the person closest to him.

See the movie . . .

Continue reading "Hereafter: The Movie"

Nov 27, 2014

Lava and water

I usually do not remember dreams. However, yesterday I had a very lear dream that I was able to remember afterwards. It was very peaceful, but I don't

Continue reading "Lava and water"

Nov 25, 2014

Horoscope 2014

Looking back and checking out these archived horoscope 2014 predictions can you match up the forecast with your experience?

Continue reading "Horoscope 2014"

Nov 25, 2014

Virgo Horoscope 2015

Virgo, you will experience a lot of hustle and bustle in 2015, but, it will all be worthwhile. You will find that your luck soars and that you have a high

Continue reading "Virgo Horoscope 2015"

Nov 25, 2014

Scorpio Horoscope 2015

Scorpio, all 2015 horoscopes predict that you will experience a lot of good luck and immeasurable amounts of energy throughout the New Year. In the early

Continue reading "Scorpio Horoscope 2015"

Nov 25, 2014

Libra Horoscope 2015

Libra, in 2015, you will find that you experience higher levels of motivation and ambition, as it pertains to your career. This stems from the fact that

Continue reading "Libra Horoscope 2015"

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