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TarotVision Readings Provide More Meaningful Psychic Advice And Guidance

TarotVision is a distinctive method of clairvoyant divination that can utilize Tarot and Oracle Cards to provide insightful psychic advice and coaching. It's a technique I've cultivated and refined through years of practice and experience.

At its core, TarotVision is about using the symbolic imagery of the cards as conduits for intuitive insights and revelations. As I draw each card during a reading, I take a few deep breaths to center myself and open up to the energies and messages that the cards may hold.

The magic of TarotVision Psychic Reading lies in its fluidity. Unlike traditional Tarot reading methods that rely on fixed interpretations, I embrace the dynamic nature of intuition and psychic perception. As I focus on the cards and tune into the context of your questions, the imagery of the cards comes alive. The meanings of the cards evolve and transform, aligning with the unique circumstances and nuances of your situation.

In this way, TarotVision transcends the generic to deliver personalized readings that are more relevant and responsive to your inquiries. The process allows me to delve deeper into the heart of the issues at hand, offering psychic advice and guidance that resonate with your life's journey and spiritual path.

So, in essence, a TarotVision session with me is more than just a reading. It's an intuitive experience that bridges the gap between the mystical wisdom of the Tarot and the realities of our everyday lives, offering clarity, understanding, and empowerment in the process.

TarotVision = Clairvoyant Divination of the Tarot

My TarotVision Technique

Meditation calms my mind before your reading and opens me up to the subtle messages I will find within the cards for you. This peaceful state is known to enhance anyone’s intuitive abilities and it certainly allows me to perceive deeper meanings.

Clairvoyant Visualization involves deeply focusing on the imagery of the card, letting my mind wander into the picture, and visualizing an interaction with the characters and symbols. This immersive practice leads me to more meaningful intuitive insights and revelations.

Free Association allows my mind to freely associate images on the card with your questions in mind. This process reveals connections and insights that are not evident through a traditional card interpretation.

Journeying into the cards is akin to a guided visualization or shamanic journey, where I immerse myself in the card's imagery as I explore its landscape and interact with its characters and elements.

5 Ways My TarotVision Psychic Readings Can Help You

#1 - When there is something on your mind…

  • Life can be frustrating. When you are fretting over things, like a dog worrying with a hambone, Clairvoyant TarotVision Readings can help. Tarot is often compared to a snapshot of your present life. The cards align with your energy at the precise time of your reading. A ‘picture’ of your current situation shows detailed information concerning your strengths and weaknesses, potential obstacles and outcomes. Your clairvoyant TarotVision reader will suggest helpful actions. But not make your decisions for you.

#2 - When you’re beginning something…

  • When you are about to start something new, Clairvoyant TarotVision Readings can point out alternatives you haven’t considered, helpful people, upcoming changes and how to avert prospective obstacles. The cards can open your awareness to improvements you can make when you interact with others. Just for grins, suppose The Fool shows up in your Tarot reading. This card is better than a B12 shot, it’s like a shot of confidence. The Fool is good news. It can reveal a fresh start and a great time ahead. You can be navigating life with creativity, and your clairvoyant may see just where!

#3 - When you are ready to ‘Know Thyself’…

  • The savvy Tarot reader separates the 22 cards of The Major Arcana for readings concerned with “Know Thyself”. These cards illuminate the life of man, his joys, sorrows, dreams, wants, needs and fears. The Major Arcana is like a repository of collective consciousness. It is believed an ‘extra-physical power’ ensures the cards fall into positions that are specific to the person having the reading. When you are ready to understand the meaning of your life, who you are and how to recognize and manifest your spiritual gifts, this special Tarot reading will provide insights and guidance. Tarot, through a clairvoyant's eyes, will help distinguish your negative habit patterns, your associated life lessons and how to achieve your best possible outcomes.

#4 - When you just want to be happy…

  • Tarot may call attention to the difference in what you think it takes to be happy vs what is best for your highest good. For instance, putting a little less emphasis on materiality and focusing more on spirituality could prove to be what you need to find your happiness. And sometimes making money at the expense of your family life will foster unhappiness. Clairvoyant TarotVision Readings can often reveal obstacles that are separating you from your happiness and suggest ways to go around or through them.  

#5 - When you’re standing at a crossroads…

  • Clairvoyant TarotVision Readings can provide wise counsel when you are faced with life-altering decisions. The cards will demonstrate what Spirit wants you to know and guide you toward success. The clairvoyant will reveal your potential outcomes allowing you to create your best possible future. Your reader can help you come up with an action plan, so that you can get a good night’s sleep. You will leave the session feeling the information and insights you received is a gift from beyond.
Ian Parkin Psychic Advice And Coaching

Clairvoyant Readings Direct with Ian Parkin
"the predictive psychic for when real insight matters"
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Ian Parkin is the owner and webmaster of this platform, leveraging his expansive experience of over 35 years in providing top-tier professional psychic advice and coaching on an international scale. 

As a respected authority in the field, Ian has consistently been the go-to psychic for clients seeking predictive insights and transformative guidance.

A TarotVision Journey Along The Path Of The Major Arcana

The Fool's journey using the Major Arcana Cards from the Rider-Waite Deck. I have incorporated a TarotVision from the individual cards in the major arcana and weaved them together into what can become a mystic’s initiation through life's spiritual lessons. For an initiate each single card becomes part of a virtual guide to a fascinating lifelong adventure.

A TarotVision of the Fool

0 - The Fool

Add-Venture! The adventure only begins when you take your first step into the unknown. If you play it safe you are not on the path.

A TarotVision of the Magician

I - The Magician

When the pupil is ready the teacher appears. You encounter a person of amazing skills, as if by magic! In some arenas you are the magician, in others you meet your magus.

A TarotVision of the High Priestess

II - The High Priestess

Your intuition is now unlocked. You may be tested by a situation that only your psychic perception can answer correctly.

A TarotVision of the Empress

III - The Empress

Your needs are ‘naturally’ met. The Empress provides the key to your ongoing requirements. You can now trust that you will be sustained for the entire journey.

A TarotVision of the Emperor

 IV - The Emperor

With confidence and courage you are now called into action. Do something with the resources at your disposal. Make decisions with authority, be influential.

A TarotVision of the Hierophant

V - The Hierophant

Take some time out to learn about your inner self and find out who you are. Enlightenment comes with the study of spirituality and a spiritual guide may enter the scene.

A TarotVision of the Lovers

VI - The Lovers

Passion is a source of great power. When passionate you are energized. When you lack passion you are weak. Learn to experience the fullness of passion. Being a lover of life, people, and endeavor will empower you always - in all ways.

A TarotVision of the Chariot

VII - The Chariot

Remember this path less traveled is a challenging journey. When you find yourself pulled in opposite, yet valued, directions; consolidate and continue.

A TarotVision of Strength

VIII - Strength

Emotional fortitude will overcome challenges that psychic power will not. Strength of character will now be put to the test. Have your wits about you.

A TarotVision of the Hermit

 IX - The Hermit

The next great teacher is your self from the future. Take time, in solitude and meditation, to connect you to your ‘higher’ self. Seek and you find. Ask and you will know. Your next moves are taken with foresight. Don’t leave here without it.

A TarotVision of the Wheel Of Fortune

X - The Wheel of Fortune

Everything changes; day to night and the four seasons, yet something remains constant throughout. Staying aligned to the constant force at the base of everything ensures you can handle the ups and downs of the people on the outside, those drama kings and queens, who don’t yet understand who they really are. Stay centered.

A TarotVision of Justice

XI - Justice

You will only know which turn to take next by remaining non-judgmental. Balance real evidence without preconceptions. That way you will make the right choice because all will be crystal clear to you. Be sure before you act.

A TarotVision of the Hanged Man

XII - The Hanged Man

Delays, what to many will be their stumbling block, to the initiate will be time well spent. Answers from deep within are the only solutions. Learn to relax and you will always be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, - eureka!

A TarotVision of Death

XIII - Death

Transformation is welcomed with courage and excitement by the enlightened, but the death card is feared with trepidation by those in the dark. Just when a caterpillar thinks the world is over, it becomes a butterfly.

A TarotVision of Temperance

XIV - Temperance

The changes you have come through need to be assimilated. The newly emerged butterfly needs to wait until its wings unfold and dry strong enough for flight. This is an in-between state where the past is well and truly over but the future has not quite arrived.

A TarotVision of the Devil

XV - The Devil

As the initiation draws to a close the journey gets more severe. Release what restrains you; these things must be left behind if you choose to continue. Be aware of dazzling temptations designed to derail your progress. There’s no room for baggage on this next segment of your journey.

A TarotVision of the Tower

XVI - The Tower

You are getting to the point of no return. If you continue, the warning is that what is no longer necessary will be abruptly removed. This is a shake up of a severe nature. No pussy footing about now, the last of the hurdles is about to be destroyed and new possibilities are about to be revealed.

A TarotVision of the Star

XVII - The Star

The first glimmer of light after the storm brings new hope, guidance and inspiration. There is only a forward viewpoint now. Ambitious anticipation will motivate you in this moment in time.

A TarotVision of the Moon

XVIII - The Moon

Just when you make it through an ordeal your mind can fill you with fear and foreboding. Choose wisely which thoughts you allow to guide you now. Remind yourself of your ambitious anticipations then feel your fears and push forward anyway.

A TarotVision of the Sun

XIX - The Sun

Liberation! Now you can bask in the warmth of success and happiness. You have overcome the odds and can now relax. You find confidence and a new clarity can excite every cell in your body. You will feel free spirited, enjoy it a while.

A TarotVision of Judgment

XX - Judgment

Acknowledge your accomplishments and take note of your difficulties. This vital stage of self assessment brings to your awareness what you would do differently and what you would repeat in the future you are about to enter.

A TarotVision of the World

XXI - The World

Accept and enjoy your well earned rewards. The journey successfully completed you will have come full spiral which opens new doors to new adventures.

A TarotVision of the next Fool

And back to -

0 - The Fool

You find yourself evolving into a new Fool in a new Add-Venture. Add [to unite or join to] + Venture [an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome] A new adventure can begin ....

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Ian Parkin Psychic Advice And Coaching

Clairvoyant Readings Direct with Ian Parkin
"the predictive psychic for when real insight matters"
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Ian Parkin is the owner and webmaster of this platform, leveraging his expansive experience of over 35 years in providing top-tier professional psychic advice and coaching on an international scale. 

As a respected authority in the field, Ian has consistently been the go-to psychic for clients seeking predictive insights and transformative guidance.

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