TarotVision: is my own psychic way of reading tarot cards featuring the Rider Waite Major Arcana recorded on video.

The many different tarot decks available will all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through your psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked, bring forth a tarot card meaning that significantly answers your question.

However, when reading tarot cards, beginners will oftentimes prefer a prewritten tarot card meaning from which to divine simple answers. Below are some of my interpretations of each of The Major Arcana of the Rider-Wait Tarot.

But when reading tarot cards, at some point, allow yourself the practice of going with the messages these images bring forth to you through your own psyche.


I incorporate a key tarot card meaning on each major arcana card and weave them together into what can become a mystic initiation, a journey along the path of the Major Arcana. For an initiate this can be a lifelong journey, for others a few moments of entertainment.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: 0 - The Fool

Add-Venture! The adventure only begins when you take your first step into the unknown. If you play it safe you are not on the path.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: I – The Magician

When the pupil is ready the teacher appears. You encounter a person of amazing skills, as if by magic! In some arenas you are the magician, in others you meet your magus.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: II – The High Priestess

Your intuition is now unlocked. You may be tested by a situation that only your psychic perception can answer correctly.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: III – The Empress

Your needs are ‘naturally’ met. The Empress provides the key to your ongoing requirements. You can now trust that you will be sustained for the entire journey.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: IV – The Emperor

With confidence and courage you are now called into action. Do something with the resources at your disposal. Make decisions with authority, be influential.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: V – The Hierophant

Take some time out to learn about your inner self and find out who you are. Enlightenment comes with the study of spirituality and a spiritual guide may enter the scene.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: VI – The Lovers

Passion is a source of great power. When passionate you are energized. When you lack passion you are weak. Learn to experience the fullness of passion. Being a lover of life, people, and endeavor will empower you always - in all ways.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: VII – The Chariot

Remember this path less traveled is a challenging journey. When you find yourself pulled in opposite, yet valued, directions; consolidate and continue.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: VIII – Strength

Emotional fortitude will overcome challenges that psychic power will not. Strength of character will now be put to the test. Have your wits about you.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: IX – The Hermit

The next great teacher is your self from the future. Take time, in solitude and meditation, to connect you to your ‘higher’ self. Seek and you find. Ask and you will know. Your next moves are taken with foresight. Don’t leave here without it.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: X – The Wheel of Fortune

Everything changes; day to night and the four seasons, yet something remains constant throughout. Staying aligned to the constant force at the base of everything ensures you can handle the ups and downs of the people on the outside, those drama kings and queens, who don’t yet understand who they really are. Stay centered.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: XI – Justice

You will only know which turn to take next by remaining non-judgmental. Balance real evidence without pre-conceptions. That way you will make the right choice because all will be crystal clear to you. Be sure before you act.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: XII – The Hanged Man

Delays, what to many will be their stumbling block, to the initiate will be time well spent. Answers from deep within are the only solutions. Learn to relax and you will always be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, - eureka!

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: XIII – Death

Transformation is welcomed with courage and excitement by the enlightened, but feared with trepidation by those in the dark. Just when a caterpillar thinks the world is over, it becomes a butterfly.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: XIV – Temperance

The changes you have come through need to be assimilated. The newly emerged butterfly needs to wait until its wings unfold and dry strong enough for flight. This is an in-between state where the past is well and truly over but the future has not quite arrived.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: XV – The Devil

As the initiation draws to a close the journey gets more severe. Release what restrains you; these things must be left behind if you choose to continue. Be aware of dazzling temptations designed to derail your progress. There’s no room for baggage on this next segment.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: XVI – The Tower

You’re getting to the point of no return. If you continue, the warning is that what is no longer necessary will be abruptly removed. This is a shake up of a severe nature. No pussy footing about now, the last of the hurdles is about to be destroyed and new possibilities are about to be revealed.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: XVII – The Star

The first glimmer of light after the storm brings new hope, guidance and inspiration. There is only a forward viewpoint now. Ambitious anticipation will motivate you in this moment in time.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: XVIII – The Moon

Just when you make it through an ordeal your mind can fill you with fear and foreboding. Choose wisely which thoughts you allow to guide you now. Remind yourself of your ambitious anticipations then feel your fears and push forward anyway.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: XIX – The Sun

Liberation! Now you can bask in the warmth of success and happiness. You have overcome the odds and can now relax. You find confidence and a new clarity can excite every cell in your body. You will feel free spirited, enjoy it a while.

  • TarotVision tarot card meaning of: XX – Judgment

Acknowledge your accomplishments and take note of your difficulties. This vital stage of self assessment brings to your awareness what you would do differently and what you would repeat in the future you are about to enter.

  • Tarot-Vision tarot card meaning of: XXI – The World

Accept and enjoy your well earned rewards. The journey successfully completed you will have come full spiral which opens new doors to new adventures.

  • And back to - 0 - The Fool

You find yourself evolving into a new Fool in a new Add-Venture. Add [to unite or join to] + Venture [an undertaking involving uncertainty as to the outcome] A new adventure can begin ....

You can use this four minute video as a brief meditation on the tarot that, repeatedly viewed, will help you learn how to read tarot card or crystal ball psychically.

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TarotVision with Rider-Waite

The Rider Waite Deck is one of the best decks to learn how to read tarot cards. It was the very first fully pictorial decks. Meaning that each of the 78 cards, 22 major arcana and the 56 minor arcana, have a full image. On earlier decks the minor arcana where very similar to the pips of normal playing cards or fortune telling decks used in Cartomancy.

After the Rider Waite deck was published, most future pictorial interpretations of the minor cards were, and continue to be, inspired by this deck. This means once you develop your base tarot card meaning on one of these cards you will easily relate to the same card in just about any other deck you later use.

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