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Sidereal Astrology In Akashic Reading Deepens The Insights For You

Integrating sidereal astrology in akashic reading can provide a comprehensive and profound insight into your soul's journey, karmic patterns, past lives, and future potentials.

Sidereal astrology, uses the actual positions of the constellations in the sky, offering an astronomically accurate reading of planetary positions. It can reveal personality traits, life events, and spiritual lessons tied to your soul's journey.

The Akashic Records, is a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. Accessed through meditation or trance-like states, they provide profound insights into past lives, karmic patterns, soul contracts, and future potentials.

To integrate these practices, begin with a detailed analysis of your sidereal astrology chart, focusing on the placement of planets, houses, and aspects to understand your inherent traits, life lessons, and karmic patterns. Pay particular attention to the positions of the Moon, North Node (Rahu), and South Node (Ketu) for insights into past life influences and future directions.

You can access the Akashic Records using a meditation technique, setting a clear intention to gain insights that complement your astrological findings. Ask specific questions related to the themes identified in your astrology chart, such as past life experiences influencing your current life or understanding the purpose behind current life challenges.

Sidereal Astrology In Akashic Readings

Compare and contrast the information from both sources, looking for patterns, confirmations, and new insights. Identify common themes, such as recurring life lessons, soul contracts, and karmic debts, to gain a deeper understanding of your soul's journey. This integration can highlight recurring karmic patterns, reveal past life details that align with karmic themes in your sidereal chart, and offer guidance on potential future outcomes based on current actions and choices. This holistic approach can lead to personal and spiritual growth, enhancing self-awareness, healing karmic blocks and past life traumas, and making informed decisions that align with your soul's true path and purpose.

To get started, learn the basics of sidereal astrology and obtain your sidereal natal chart. Explore techniques for accessing the Akashic Records through courses or experienced practitioners.

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Meditation For Using Sidereal Astrology In Akashic Readings

To access the Akashic Records and integrate insights from your sidereal astrology chart, start by finding a quiet, comfortable space. Set an intention to seek guidance related to your sidereal astrology. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and relax. Visualize roots grounding you to the Earth and surround yourself with protective white light. Call upon your higher self, spirit guides, and the guardians of the Akashic Records to assist you.

Imagine entering a large, ancient library—the Akashic Library. See yourself guided to your personal record. Visualize a book or scroll with your name on it, take it, and find a comfortable place to sit. Open your record and allow information to flow, focusing on aspects related to your sidereal astrology chart.

Ask questions like, “What past life influences are indicated by my Moon's placement?” or “How do Rahu and Ketu reveal my soul’s purpose?” Listen and receive the answers. Once done, thank the guardians and your guides. Visualize closing the book, placing it back, and stepping out of the library.

Bring awareness back to your body by wiggling your fingers and toes, then open your eyes. Write down any insights and reflect on how they relate to your sidereal astrology chart. End with gratitude, saying, “I am grateful for the guidance and wisdom I have received. I trust that this information will help me on my journey.” Repeat as needed to gain clearer insights.

Consulting A Psychic For Sidereal Astrology In Akashic Readings

Psychics who specializes in integrating your sidereal astrology chart with the Akashic Records will possess a deep understanding of both practices, allowing them to interpret complex information and provide a nuanced and comprehensive reading for you. This integration offers a holistic view, combining the accurate depiction of personality traits, life events, and spiritual lessons from sidereal astrology with the broader perspective on past lives, karmic patterns, and your future possibilities provided by the Akashic Records.

The specialized knowledge of the psychic ensures deeper insights and clarity, revealing the root causes of current life challenges and recurring themes. This comprehensive understanding can guide you in making more informed decisions aligned with your soul's true purpose. Personalized guidance from such a psychic is tailored to your unique spiritual path, identifying specific astrological influences and past life experiences most relevant to your current situation. This targeted approach enhances your personal growth and spiritual development.

The insights gained from an integrated sidereal astrology in akashic reading can be profoundly healing, helping you release old traumas and resolve lingering issues. This process empowers you to break free from negative cycles and move forward with greater confidence. The psychic's expertise can also deepen your spiritual connection, guiding you in accessing higher realms of consciousness and understanding your soul's journey from a broader perspective. In a supportive and compassionate environment, such a psychic can provide the necessary guidance to integrate these insights into your daily life, fostering greater self-awareness, spiritual awakening, and alignment with your higher self.

Isaac Rodriguez is an adept reader of the Akashic Records, employing True Sidereal Astrology to assist in his insights. His innovative system, known as the "Cosmic Navigator," enables precise tracking of individuals' thoughts, movements, and intentions within the expansive Great Cosmic Web.

With a background encompassing Astrology, Astronomy, Astrotheology, Cosmology, and expertise in the Akashic Records, Isaac developed the "Cosmic Navigator" practice. This approach merges a True Sidereal Astrology Chart specific to each lifetime with insights from the Akashic Records, revealing pertinent life themes for exploration.

True Sidereal Astrology Charts used by Isaac accurately align with the exact positions and sizes of Zodiac Constellations in the celestial sphere, unveiling the Cosmic Blueprint Contract signed by each soul prior to birth.

Isaac is prominently featured in the award-winning film "Code 12," available for streaming on Amazon, where he divulges the concealed mysteries of the 13th Zodiac sign. Over the years, Isaac has guided numerous high-profile celebrities, film producers, music artists, and business moguls utilizing his unique "Cosmic Navigator" methodology.

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