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Aura Personality Types And What The Colors Mean To You

A hint about human aura personality types can be found in what is often said about the first impression being the best impression. We usually form an opinion of a person’s personality after meeting them once. Have you ever wondered why just one meeting is enough to understand a person?

There are times when we do not interact with a particular person yet we are attracted to him or her. It is the ‘vibrations’ that exert a pull towards a particular individual. Vibrations refer to the different colors of energy that surrounds a person. Vibrations are the same as the aura. Aura personality types can be negative as well as positive.

People who practice meditation, reiki and self-healing techniques can more easily see a person’s different aura colors. While others do not see the hues they can often feel the different layers of life energy. The aura consists of various hues, such as yellow, black, green and other shades. A person’s personality is determined by the dominant color in their aura. 

Find out what these aura personality types say about the people you knowReading The Aura Personality Types

Read About Each Of The Aura Personality Types

Dominance of a black aura color signifies negative traits in an individual. Royal blue auras suggest sensitive and expressive personalities. A bright yellow auric field indicate that an individual is creative, positive, motivating, aware and easy going. Orange aura personality types have vigor, energy, liveliness and have an extrovert nature. Power, prestige, insecurity regarding personal and professional life is indicated by intense lemon yellow. Light yellow signifies spiritual and psychic awareness, optimism and encouraging notions. Deep red aura personality types are active, practical, focused and are determined people. While clear red auras signify passion, sexual inclination, energy, power and competition. When a purple aura surrounds someone you can bet they are very intuitive people. But that said, if they have not realized their psychic abilities you may be meeting a very indecisive person because they get easily confused between logical though and the insight being received from their spiritual nature. Murky and dark pink aura color indicates dishonest attitude. 

Your spirituality and health determine your aura. A healthy and a spiritual person will have a positive and attractive energy around them.

A simple way to know a person’s aura is ‘physical touch’. Move the hands away and towards an individual’s physical body and you will notice the energy difference. You may feel a minor resistance, heat, or sense a subtle color. 

There are numerous reasons that weaken your aura. They are: drugs, sedentary lifestyle, lack of oxygen in your body, alcohol, unhealthy eating habits, presence of negative persons around you and stress. Any of these above-mentioned reasons can affect your personality negatively. It is imperative to that you know how to rectify the drawbacks. You just need to make simple changes in your lifestyle to strengthen your aura. Start your day focusing on good and beautiful things in your life. Such positive feelings not only give a good start to your day but also strengthen your aura. 

Eating junk food on a regular basis can weaken a person's aura as it has a negative effect on your health. Thus, it is important that you include fruits and green vegetables in your diet. Interacting and spending too much time with negative people acts as weeds in a healthy garden. These negative aura personality types connect with your aura and weakens it. People who have a criticizing, selfish, abusive or jealous nature are considered to be negative.

I would suggest that you stay away from people who indulge in tobacco and drugs. Sleep for at least six to eight hours, as it replenishes your energy levels and charges you. Breathing deeply supplies oxygen to your body; this increases the movement of blood in your body. As a result, your energy levels increase and your own aura personality types will improve. 

However, keep in mind that your aura will not become strong within a short time span. The combination of all the above factors needs to be diligently practiced to strengthen your aura. Gradually you will see a change in your aura and the dominance of colors signifying a negative aura and personality will decline. It will be replaced by positive shades, such as yellow and orange. 

Your personality can be improved with your own efforts. No external factor can influence you.

How To Protect Your Aura Energy

How To Protect Your Auric Energy

In mystery school I was taught how to zip up my aura. In deep meditation you imagine and visualize yourself pulling your aura from the back of your head, over your head, down the front of your torso, under your feet, and back up to the back of your neck.

Then do the same from one side of your neck, lifting over your head, down other side, under feet and back up to side of neck.

Then do same from other side of your neck, over head, down side, under feet, and back up to side of neck.

Finally, reverse the first step by pulling your aura from under your chin, over your head, down your back, under your feet, and up the front to your chin.

That's it, your aura is now zipped up. It feels a bit like pulling on a neoprene wet-suit. (PS. As you get good at this you will find you can make yourself invisible to others!)

Spiritual Awareness Of The Electromagnetic Field Surrounding The Human Body

The life force energy of each different chakra has its own unique aura color. And the chakra colors in the human energy field are:

  • The Crown Chakra has a violet aura color meaning spiritual energy and a divine connection to higher dimensions.

  • The Third Eye Chakra of the pineal gland has a purple aura color meaning predictive vision.

  • The Throat Chakra has a blue aura color meaning the personal power to express self.

  • The Heart Chakra has a green aura color meaning empathy and unconditional love of people.

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra has a yellow aura color meaning the spiritual awakening to life purpose

  • The Sacral Chakra is associated with the reproductive organs and has an orange aura color meaning a highly energetic emotional state. When not under self-control this can lead to low self-esteem and being a little bit unbalanced.

  • The Root Chakra has a red aura color meaning different things to each different aura reader. Because the personality traits of red are hot and passionate you may hear something of that in an aura reading. On the other hand, the root chakra is about being grounded and stable. I just note that the red root chakra pulses with lots of energy that can be used to empower both physical strength and spiritual development.


Thoughts On my Aura - by Estra Lane

This post has made me think a lot about my lifestyle choices and things I could improve starting with my diet for one. Thank you for writing about aura personality types, it's certainly had a positive approach to my thinking x

Aura Protection Roses

My Aura Protection Roses - by Paul Oakridge - a psychic advisor in Tennessee USA 

To protect your aura energy from negative people I've found it's important to put up what I call 'protection roses' around my aura. I often see to this before doing psychic work of any kind, or just when 'out and about' in the world. My visualized protection roses protect your aura energy like a 'White Shower of Light'. You can put them up at any time, and check on them during the day if you want to. At the end of the day, you probably want to 'take them down,' or 'neutralize' them. It's a process I call 'Creating and Destroying My Aura Protection Roses.' At the beginning of the day, I ground myself - run Earth and Cosmic energy, until I get a perfect balance of both (like a painter mixing paint to achieve a particular hue) You'll know when it feels right! Next, I visualize the rose, including color (The first color that comes to you is the one that'll work well for you that day) I put up a rose in front, one in back, and on each side, and one above. I might also posit that these roses capture any negative energy from the aura personality types I might encounter. At the end of the day, I take them down, or 'explode' them, by visualizing a 'bomb' that explodes them, and returns the neutralized energy to the center of the Earth. In addition to this, you can put up transparent reading roses, healing roses, or roses with a message in them that you can send psychically to anyone! 'Hello' and 'I Love You' roses are especially fun to send! And, remember, because there is no time or space on the "psychic plane,' the receiver will get them, although they may not be aware of them! Of course, all roses are tied to the center of the Earth with a grounding cord. So, create a rose to protect your aura energy, and enjoy the shield and peace from all the negative aura personality types that they can provide for you!

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