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What Is The Higher Self And How Do I Find Mine?

Would you like to discover something extraordinary within yourself, a wellspring of wisdom, strength, and purpose that lies beyond your everyday consciousness yet is eagerly accessible? This guiding light, know as the "Higher Self," is universally acknowledged in the world's spiritual practices and philosophies. Let's take a closer look at what the Higher Self is, and how you can find yours.

The Higher Self refers to the ultimate, divine or spiritual aspect of your identity, often viewed as a transcendent, infinitely powerful version of yourself. It is not tethered by the limitations and desires of everyday life.

Discovering your High Self isn't about being superior or ego-centric. Rather, it's about channeling your spiritual potential and observing reality from a perspective that transcends mere surface appearances.

What is the Higher Self?What Is The Higher Self?

Most faiths and philosophical systems have different terminology for the Higher Self. Still, the underlying principle is the same; there lies within every human being a universal, eternal essence that transcends the individual ego's confines.

As a professional psychic I would refer to the Higher Self as the ideal version of you, the ultimate personification of your potential, capable of incredible wisdom, love, and power. When you are connected, it is like having your own accurate psychic on tap, to call on whenever you need real guidance.

Connecting to your Higher Self brings you a clearer understanding of your purpose, aspirations, values and the direction of your spiritual journey. This sense of clarity and certainty raises your consciousness and empowers you to make wiser, more purpose-driven actions and decisions.

The guidance you receive from your Higher Self is not nebulous or abstract; it is as practical as it is profound. It can guide you in resolving personal dilemmas, making vital decisions, healing emotional wounds, or understanding deep-seated motivations.

The idea of finding your Higher Self might make you feel anxious or overwhelmed initially. But the beauty of it? It's a journey, not a destination. A self-discovery voyage that unfolds uniquely for every individual in accordance with their readiness and their willingness to explore.

Your Higher Self Is An Eternal, Omnipotent, Conscious, And Intelligent Being

While delving into the realm of your Higher Self, you may encounter aspects of your personality that surprise you or engage in profound realizations, bringing to light the things that really matter. This process might make you feel vulnerable initially, but it is precisely that vulnerability that allows for growth and connection.

Learning to distinguish your Higher Self's guidance from your imagination can be challenging but not impossible. Using tools such as meditation, consciousness expansion exercises, and deep introspection can aid you in this endeavor.

Recognizing the voice of your Higher Self begins with differentiating it from your ego. Unlike your ego, your Higher Self communicates with a sense of love, acceptance, and compassion. Its guidance is always beneficial and constructive.

The Higher Self resides within all of us, patiently waiting for us to awaken to its presence. Acknowledging your Higher Self can reveal a profound sense of unity with all living things, fostering a deep respect for every creature, culture, and tradition.

Channeling your Higher Self is about reaching a state of harmony and balance within yourself and with the universe. This synergy can leave you feeling grounded and safe, and far more capable of handling life's challenges.

The Higher Self isn't a singular entity; it's an interconnected component of the cosmos. Discovering your Higher Self doesn't alienate you from others; instead, it reminds you of your inherent interconnectedness with everything in existence, enabling you to experience universal love and compassion.

Discovering the Higher Self necessitates a willingness to leave behind familiar, comfortable modes of thought and behavior to venture into the realms of wonder and mystery. Only by doing this can one truly grasp the profundity of their existence and the universe that surrounds them.

You might wonder if such a connection to the Higher Self is exclusive to mystics, yogis, or spiritual masters. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding no. Connecting to the Higher Self is absolutely inclusive and universally accessible to anyone willing to embark on this journey.

Unveiling your Higher Self is not about becoming a different person but about becoming more your self. The journey reveals the inherent values and passions that define your identity and purpose, making you feel validated and affirmed.

So, where do you start on this journey of self-discovery? A fantastic starting point is the book "Access the Power of Your Higher Self: Your Source of Inner Guidance and Spiritual Transformation" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It provides real world, everyday examples, and exercises to help you manifest and interpret guidance from the Higher Self.

This enlightening guide serves as an eye-opening introduction towards understanding, acknowledging, and embracing the Higher Self and its divine wisdom. It offers activities and meditations designed to help connect to and communicate with the Higher Self.

Exploration, curiosity, empathy, and dedication: these facets are crucial for unmasking the Higher Self. Prophet's book helps you nurture these intrinsic traits, mobilizing your spiritual journey.

Her teachings and exercises provide a roadmap to your Highest potential, which fosters self-awareness, personal growth, and a spiritual realization that can empower and uplift you.

So go ahead, set aside your skepticism and trepidation. Embrace your Higher Self, tune into its guidance, and transition from mere existence to a life rich with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

Remember, connecting to your Higher Self is a transformative voyage rather than a one-time event. Be patient with yourself and take heart in knowing that every step, even the small ones, brings you closer to your Highest potential.

Access the Power of Your Higher Self - by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Embrace the bliss of your Higher Self

This book presents simple techniques that can help you develop a close, working relationship with Spirit - and experience the joy, peace and empowerment that are your spiritual birthright.

When you are in tune with your Higher Self, you become more loving and sensitive to your own and others’ needs. You fulfill your life’s purpose and express your greatest creativity.

Learn ten dynamic steps to spiritual awakening that will help you realize your full potential.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a world-renowned author, spiritual teacher, and pioneer in practical spirituality. Her groundbreaking books have been published in more than thirty languages and over three million copies have been sold worldwide.

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Endeavor to foster a deep and nurturing relationship with your Higher Self. Savor the beauty of the process and find fun and joy in it - because the journey to self-discovery, self-realization, and self-fulfillment can be a truly exhilarating one. Like everything valuable, unveiling and connecting with your Higher Self needs dedication, patience, and commitment. These qualities can be a profound source of assurance in your spiritual journey. Eventually, an intimate bond with your Higher Self will help you perceive every aspect of life with wisdom, love, and acceptance, adding a profound meaning to even the most mundane events. This unique perspective can create a positive, powerful, impact on your life.

The journey to your Higher Self is a magical one, filled with moments of surprise, realization, growth, and profound self-love. Remember never to be hard on yourself; like every exciting journey, this one is also filled with twists and turns that help shape you and lead you closer to your Higher Self.

In conclusion, awakening to our Higher Self is more than a spiritual expedition - it's an empowering, transformative, illuminating voyage into the heart of our being. This awakening brings forth an infinite well of wisdom, compassion, and universal love that resides within each of us, waiting to be discovered.

FAQs Like "What Is The Higher Self?"

Finding Your Higher Self"What Is The Higher Self?" and "How Do I Find My Higher Self?"

What is the Higher Self?

  • The Higher Self is often described as the truest, most authentic, and divine aspect of an individual's being. It transcends the everyday consciousness, ego, and physical existence, acting as a source of inner wisdom, guidance, and higher purpose. While it's a part of us, it is also connected to universal consciousness.

What are the origins and history of the concept of the Higher Self?

  • The "Higher Self" concept can be traced to ancient spiritual traditions worldwide. In Hinduism, it aligns with "Atman". Plato also referenced it, and many indigenous cultures acknowledge a wiser version of oneself.

What are some practical exercises to connect with the Higher Self?

  • Practices include guided meditation, journaling, and dream analysis, which can all invoke insights from the Higher Self.

How does understanding the Higher Self aid personal growth and self-awareness?

  • It can lead to a deeper sense of purpose, clarity, heightened intuition, inner peace, resilience, and awareness of one’s interconnectedness.

What are some common misconceptions about the Higher Self?

  • It's sometimes mistaken as a separate entity or guardian angel, whereas it's genuinely a deeper, authentic form of one's being.

How does the Higher Self relate to other spiritual concepts like soul, spirit, and consciousness?

  • The Higher Self is akin to the soul – a core aspect of one. While "spirit" might be used interchangeably with soul, consciousness denotes one’s awareness. The Higher Self represents a pure form of one’s consciousness.

Can you share real-life examples of people connecting with their Higher Self?

  • Figures like Gandhi or Mother Teresa are know to have deeply connected with their Higher Self. A more personal account is my own.  When I was about 30 years old I had some profound spiritual experiences, and finding my Higher Self was one of them. You can read about my spiritual journey here > > 

How do I find my Higher Self?

  • Finding your Higher Self is a journey inward. Begin with practices like meditation, which help quiet the mind and tune into deeper levels of consciousness. Incorporate journaling, where you ask questions and await intuitive responses. Embrace nature, as it often facilitates connection to deeper truths. Engage in self-reflection and self-inquiry, constantly asking and seeking the source of your thoughts and feelings. Lastly, consider guidance from spiritual mentors or literature that resonates with your journey. Over time, as you peel away layers of ego and external influences, the voice and guidance of your Higher Self will become clearer.

What challenges might one face in connecting with the Higher Self?

  • Ego, distractions, unresolved trauma, and limiting beliefs can hinder connection. Overcoming these often involves meditation, therapy, and reflection.

How does a Higher Self connection influence daily life?

  • It can enhance intuition, decision-making clarity, deepen relationships, and foster a sense of peace and purpose.

What do scientific perspectives say about the Higher Self?

How does Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s book help with understanding the Higher Self?

  • "Access the Power of Your Higher Self" provides techniques to attune to the Higher Self. It offers guidance on protection from negativity, invoking light, and harnessing the spoken word to connect with inner wisdom.

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