Can You Tell Me A Ghost Story From Your Own Real Life Experience?

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Tell me a ghost story from real life, or your tips and tricks for spirit hunting. Share something spooky that came your way. Or just sit back and read the paranormal investigating FAQs and guest posts below.

Personally, although I’ve been a professional psychic for many years, I don’t have many of my own ghost encounters to report. As a child there was often a dark shadowy shape peeking around my bedroom door. Nothing too spooky, however it used to scare the pants off me.

  • Most recently I was visited by a dear friend who had died sometime before. In the night of this occasion, I had slipped into an Out Of Body Experience (OBE) and had walked into the main room of my apartment. I was totally conscious and remember doing the lucidity test of switching on the lights. (Light switches never work in a lucid dream or OBE) Bruce appeared very clearly from shoulder to head, appearing slightly above me so I needed to look up. He looked to be about 30 years younger than when I knew him, but it was so very clearly him. There was enough time for him to say a few words and then I zapped back into my body in bed.
Guest posts: Tell me a paranormal investigating ghost story from real life.Guest posts: Tell me a paranormal investigating ghost story from real life.

Tell Me A Ghost Story - Short Posts

In answer to my request to tell me a ghost story the page below includes comments and guest posts from multiple authors. I have verified and approved these submissions. – Ian Parkin

Locked Eyes With Ghost -by Diane (Wellington, Fl. USA)
I was on a trip in another city and stopped at a little store to get a soda. While in the car, I noticed a man coming out of the store. He looked exactly like my ex-father-in-law Joe. I haven't seen this man for over twenty years. We both stared and each other, like, “what are you doing here”? We didn't speak, and we just went on our way. I kept thinking about him all the way home. It was just so strange, especially that stare, when we just locked eyes. It really shook me. Later that night I received a call from my ex-husband telling me that Joe, his father had passed away that afternoon. I was just dumbfounded. Was it really him?

Real Photograph of Ghosts?Real Photograph of Ghosts?

My First Paranormal Experience - by Shreena Perez-Doi (Waiane HI, US)
I was going through a lot of stuff time I had my first paranormal experience. I had recently left my boyfriend of eleven years for the first time ever. I felt lost but I found it in me to keep my head high and get through it. I went out with my friends a lot and was having the time of my life because I never had any fun in my relationship. So, one day I was at my mother’s house, and I was taking pictures of myself. Later when I scanned through my images, I found this. I don’t feel any harm from the photo I just want to know who that is and what is it that they want because there are so many of them. (PS. Thanks for making this "tell me a ghost story" section available.)

Apparition From Past - by Penelope Ghias (Plaistow London)
I looked towards the stairs and to my surprise I saw an old man, he watched me and I him. As he walked up the stairs his hands were on the banister for balance. He was wearing a maroon woollen top and light brownish trousers, he smiled at me then he vanished. Later I saw my next-door neighbour and asked her who had lived there before. She said a lot of different people. I then described a person, and she said you couldn’t have seen him he’s been dead for years. She said he always wore those clothes as they were his favourite.

Homeless Ghost - by James Howlett (London, UK)
During the 2nd World War, the flats we lived in got bombed and were boarded up. After the war the flats were un-boarded so they could be rebuilt for people to live in again. When they started removing the boards from the windows of the flats, they found the bodies of two homeless men. I lived there in the 1980’s. On one occasion when I was about to leave a room the door swung open and standing in front of me was the shadowy figure of the ghost of one of the homeless men. Although it was a shock at the time, there was never any negativity.

  • Haunting In My Home - by: Starr.  I lived in a house where the previous owner died in the bathroom. I remember getting up in the night to go and opened the door and there he was. I only saw this ghost once. 

Ghostly Baby Monitor - by Megan (Saginaw MI)
This is one of the most scary ghost stories I have to share. We have a baby monitor for our daughter. When it’s on we hear a ghost talking to my daughter. We have both been hearing a female voice coming through the baby monitor. We hear a woman talking to my daughter in a low voice. Sometimes, my boyfriend also sees the shadow of someone walking around.

  • RE: Ghostly Baby Monitor by: Amanda.  I have a similar story. When my son was 10 months old My husband awoke one night to a woman singing him a muted lullaby over the airwaves. We could tell from her voice that she was elderly and that she had a distinct German accent. I sensed her presence and I saw from her eyes as she reached down and touched him on his back - even though I was in the master bedroom on the first floor. Without understanding or thinking that her touch would disturb him-as it now was ice cold to his senses, he cried. Alarmed she stopped singing, looked around the room sadly, and disappeared. She interacted with the children often over the years. I later learned she was the owner of the home just before us. I saw her shadow as she walked off to afternoon mass as she did every day in life.

Ghost Of Love Passed - by Jo (Scotland)
I had lost my first love and father to my twin boys. One day where I was really angry and upset with myself and him after reading a letter of his to my boys. I remember sitting heartbroken, shouting at him, and hating myself and him. I could feel him touching my leg, arm and face and I remember telling him “Don't you dare touch me. Just go away leave me alone”. That night I found it hard to sleep although I did end up falling asleep. It was like sleeping but I knew I was awake too. I heard a voice say, “Joanne can you hear me?” I remember nodding yes. I knew this voice it was my love. Then he says, “Joanne can you see me?” Before I could say anything, it was like he just sat right in front of my face, so close I could see is eyes, nose and lips. He was appearing in a pure glow of mist. Then I woke up feeling weird all day.

Who Let The Ghost In? - by Charitie (NY)
As I went out to my garage to take the dog out for a walk my husband opened the overhead door to check out the snow blower. As he opened the door, a man walked in quickly, he was transparent. He was wearing a Carhartt jacket, blue jeans and he stopped and spooked the heck out of us. He said as he pointed to me, "I know you can see ghosts because you looked right at me when I came in". He said, "I need you to help me out", and then his voice started fading as he started fading on me, and he spoke once again saying "they keep moving my body on me, help me find it, so I can go home". I then saw a blur moving out of the garage from where he came from, like he was walking out. Then everything went back to normal.

Afghan Hound and Ghost - by: Anonymous
I moved from the city to a rural mountain area with my Afghan Hound, Asar, and my 6 year old daughter. Not long at all after settling in, Asar would jump upon my bed (which he was not allowed to do) and start barking wildly out the window to the front porch as if someone had arrived. You could hear footsteps or the sound of someone coming up the steps onto the porch. But... no one was there! This happened every day at 5pm. It was becoming so un-nerving that I went to a friend for advice regarding what to do about it. Hence, I was told to speak with the spirit regarding their previous passing, to help them understand that they no longer possessed a body and that it was OK for them to turn towards the light and leave. It worked! First time out! About a year later, I was moving out. Paying my final rent to my neighbor who lived nearby, we started chatting and I mentioned my experience upon moving into the haunted house. He told me that the "Old Lady" who was known to have been living there for many years, had brought her firewood in for the night every evening about 5pm and that she had fallen one evening, perhaps a heart attack, and she froze to death right there at those steps.

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Paranormal Investigating FAQs

Do Ghosts Exist?

  • Yes and no! Yes, for those of us with personal experience. No, for those who have yet to meet one.

What Types Of Ghosts Are There?

  • Poltergeists, (word meaning: Noisy Ghosts). I've never had any real ghost stories featuring poltergeists. I think they are figments of negative thinker's minds, and horror movie script writers. 
  • Ghost of deceased loved ones are more often seen by clairvoyant mediums.  
  • Ectoplasmic Ghosts have been seen by sitters within Seance circles as misty/foggy apparitions manifested. 
  • Some ghosts can take the shape of Orbs. I've personally encountered glowing blue orb ghost while exploring underground caves. 
  • Vortex ghosts are to be seen in old, haunted houses. Swirling ectoplasmic energy takes shape around a funnel of the energy of a returning spirit making itself manifest. 
  • Elemental ghosts have been witnessed by people claiming to have seen fairies and the like. 
  • Animal ghosts are of deceased pets. 
  • Demonic ghosts were figments of the fear-mongering minds of the founding fathers of religions. Often brought back to life by modern horror story writers and today's religious leaders grappling to maintain control of their sheep. 

Who Are The Most Famous Ghosts?

While not a real ghost story: Hamlet's father in Shakespeare's Hamlet.  Casper the friendly ghost from our childhood cartoons. Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol featured Ghost Of Christmases Past, Present and Yet to Come. But London's Drury Lane is famous for real ghost sightings.

Are There Scientific Facts About Ghosts?

  • In chapter 8 of his book titled Real Magic, (Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences) Dean I. Radin writes: "Based on thousands of psi experiments published over the last century by researchers around the world, many properties of psychic phenomena have been discovered. (6) We can gain information from sources purported to be nonphysical entities.

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