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The Shift Network Free Courses Best For Psychic Junkies Like Us

The vision behind all the Shift Network free courses that you find featured here is to empower a global network of evolutionary change agents through their mind body spirit online events featuring leading wisdom keepers, mystics, and visionaries. 

The Best Shift Network Free Courses For Psychic Junkies Like Us

The Shift Network Free Courses – Recommended Live Online Events

Explore The Power Of Your Supersensory Gift

April 2024

Do you possess supersensory gifts - such as energy healing, medical intuition, any of the four clairs, mediumship, or the ability to access the Akashic records? Or perhaps you suspect you have such gifts but don’t know how to establish and use them.

Join Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive and healer Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest for a brand-new event with The Shift Network with as she guides you to connect with an ancestor on a guided medicine journey.

Your ancestor will unveil one of your supersensory gifts and explain how you can harness its full potential to support your soul’s evolution as you serve others. You’ll learn how to feel more connected to - and empowered by - your intuitive gifts as you explore them through an Indigenous framework.

When you tune in to Your Most Important Supersensory Gift with Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive and healer Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest you’ll connect with an ancestor and identify or confirm one of the supersensory gifts you were born with - and take a huge step toward understanding the reason your soul incarnated at this time.

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Explore The Power Of Your Chakras & Vagus Nerve


If you’re like many people who are striving to get closer to the all-loving power of the force you may call God, Source, or Spirit, you may be disillusioned by some of the dogma of our conventional religions that imply you’re not already whole - especially after trying for a lifetime to become more spiritual, more enlightened, and better equipped to manifest your best life.

What if God wasn’t a figure outside yourself who casts judgments and punishment and rewards you when you’re “good” - like you may have been raised to believe, but is simply the luminous pulse of unconditional love, REAL love, that lives in the center of your own being and fills you with a sense of delight and joy?

According to Danish-born spiritual mentor and author Anja Steensig, the mystical Nordic approach to spirituality is the simplest way she knows of connecting with the Divine because it strips away all the excess layers of what the modern mind has created God to represent, and eliminates the obstacles in the way of simply surrendering to the essence of love, the big love within your own heart.

Join Anja in a free video event, where she’ll remind you of your true nature - of the love that you ARE - so you may enter into more loving relationships with the Divine, yourself, and others, and become an imprint of love in the world.

This is the Nordic path, in which there’s no spiritual hierarchy, ideas, thought systems, or religious tenets that impose commands about who you should be and how you’re supposed to live.

This event will help you feel empowered - knowing that you don’t have to search and seek outside yourself because you’re already everything you need to be an incredible resource of love and wisdom - with compassion for yourself and others, and the understanding that we’re all the same.

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Book of Solace: Love and Light for Dark Days by Anja Steensig

From the outside, Anja Steensig's life seemed picture-perfect – a Danish television star surrounded by beauty and success. Yet within, she was engulfed in darkness, stumbling through each day without direction or hope. Until one day, she surrendered, utterly broken and stripped of all defenses. "It was not until I was vulnerable enough to truly open the gates of my heart," Anja writes, "that I found the courage to rebuild my life from the sole perspective of Love."

In Book of Solace, Anja guides readers on a profound journey of self-discovery, one that transcends religion, gurus, or dogma. With compassionate wisdom, she reveals that the source of light and solace lies within each of us, always ready to be embraced. Through her insightful words and personal experiences, Anja offers a gentle yet powerful path for the disheartened to find their way back to their inner radiance.

Whether grappling with heartbreak, loss, or life's overwhelming challenges, the Book of Solace is a beacon of hope, reminding us that we all possess the innate capacity to rebuild our lives with love, joy, and authentic beauty. Anja's message is one of profound healing and transformation, inviting readers to reclaim their inner strength and create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

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Upgrade Your Psychic Skills By Learning How To Read Your Own Soul


Do you sometimes sense who’s knocking at your door before you open it? Or have a dream about an old friend you haven’t seen in years and surprisingly run into them the next day?

If so, you’re certainly intuitive, but you may also be well on your way to being an effective psychic.

According to psychic counselor Lisa Campion, dreams like that and “gut” hunches are just two of the many ways to receive psychic messages. She teaches that we all have the ability to access knowledge, wisdom, and guidance from our own soul — or Higher Self — which is always speaking to us through signs and symbols.

Join Lisa in a free video event, in which you’ll get a taste of doing your first soul reading! It’s a transformative process that you can start to practice and apply daily to obtain guidance and important information that can help you live a more soulful life, find more joy, and navigate the challenges you encounter with skill and conscious awareness.

Lisa will show you how to tap into your intuition — and when you combine your intuition with psychic signs you receive, you’ll be better equipped to interpret those soul-given messages and confirm their validity.

Lisa will show you how to enter an alpha brainwave state to tune in to the right side of your brain, which houses your intuition and recognizes signs, symbols, and omens. You can then, at will, allow the left side of your brain to take over, decode, and make meaning of those psychic clues.

If you’re at a crossroads and looking for a deeper connection to your internal guidance system, this hour with Lisa promises to ignite a spark of confidence in the wellspring of knowledge and insight awaiting to be accessed within you.

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The Shift Network Free Courses - Recommended Stream-On-Demand Events

Discover How To Communicate With The Spirit World Through Soul To Soul Mediumship

Recommended Stream-On-Demand Event

Did you know that anyone can learn to seek guidance and comforting reassurance from loved ones who have crossed to the Other Side?

This is because everyone has what it takes… a soul.

Soul-to-soul communication is the key to effectively connecting with the Spirit World and more easily conducting accurate and powerful readings through the age-old practice of mediumship.

It’s available to you all the time, according to mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann, and it’s at the heart of living a more conscious, love-filled, joyous life.

Suzanne will share about how you can access clear and accurate guidance from other realms — and from which you can best serve others — in Communicate Soul to Soul With the Spirit World: The Key to Accessing Your Innate Mediumship Skills & a Life of Love & Joy.

During this life-enriching 60 minutes, you’ll:

  • Discover how to surrender your mind’s “story” of you and open to your body’s soul awareness - to deepen connection to your Higher Self and better access guidance from beyond the veil
  • Gain an understanding of the perception of Oneness and its ability to help you receive guidance from the “reading field” to sharpen and broaden your mediumship skills
  • Learn how with focused intention you can shapeshift, merging into others’ fields to more easily do readings - as a medium and in your everyday life
  • Discover the many levels of soul-to-soul communication from beloved ancestors to beings in the Astral Realm to loved ones and pets still living
  • Be guided to tune in to your own soul awareness to experience soul-to-soul communication and seek the answer to an important question in your life

You’ll also discover how soul-to-soul communication naturally expands your access to guidance from other realms… so you can connect not only with ancestors, but with well-known historical figures, pets who have passed, spirit animals, archetypes, archangels, and beings you may have glimpsed in a dream or in your own near-death experience.

More than anything, you’ll begin to sharpen and expand your mediumship skills and your everyday awareness - and experience life at the higher vibration of love and joy.

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Supercharge Your Chakra Practice:
How to Heal Your Energy Centers & Unleash the Full Power of Your Life Force.

Recommended Stream-On-Demand Event

Supercharge Your Chakras directly builds from Anodea’s Wheels of Life book, which has sold more than 300,000 copies and is considered the classic in the field.

  • A quick overview of the chakra system that resonates intuitively and works with Western psychology.
  • The specific health and body challenges associated with each chakra - and practices that can address and heal each of them.
  • How to differentiate between too much and too little “charge” in your system, and balance your life force appropriately.
  • Ways to work with energetic blocks, and how to shift them more gracefully.

After more than 40 years of study, personal practice and teaching, Anodea knows exactly what works (and what doesn’t). You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover her practices for aligning and activating your chakras so you can use them to energize and power every area of your life.

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Discover the Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

Recommended Stream-On-Demand Event

Learn how to simulate your own NDE and welcome peace, love, and joy as the dearest of friends.

Whether or not you’ve had an NDE, or someone you love has had one, you’re undoubtedly aware that this experience is often a dramatic turning point that completely changes the course of someone’s life…

International speaker and bestselling author Anita Moorjani not only had an NDE herself, she now guides others to access the transformative wisdom they so often bestow…

Anita will help YOU access the gifts of an NDE - profound spiritual truths, unconditional love, and a “no-holds-barred” way of living that frees you up to authentically be your very best self - during a FREE video event.

During this complimentary online event, you’ll discover:

  • Anita’s inspiring story of her 4-year struggle with cancer, near-death experience, and return to life
  • A guided journey to simulate your own near-death experience - and begin to release the beliefs and fears that keep you from living fully and joyfully
  • Why you don’t need to work hard at being “spiritual,” but simply to live as who you TRULY are - beyond the constructs and expectations you’ve taken on from your family and culture
  • How fear of illness and “being a doormat” for others can actually make you more vulnerable to illness - and keep you from embracing your authentic life and deepest desires

After literally dying and coming back, Anita viewed the world completely differently. She viewed illness and her body differently; she KNEW she was cured, not simply in remission. And she KNEW it was time to remember her mission and follow her purpose.

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Discover How Your Personality Connects To Your Astrological Chart

Recommended Stream-On-Demand Event

You have traits of all four elements within you, in different combinations and proportions than anyone else on the planet - it’s why each of our personalities and presence are unique. Different combinations result in different strengths and weaknesses within each of us.

When you understand how these elements can shape your personality, you open the door to a deep and profound understanding of yourself and everyone around you.

Debra Silverman will use the psychology of astrology to help you identify how your personality connects to your astrological chart and a precise combination of elements - so you can identify and neutralize your sneaky saboteur… opening the door to your higher self and your ultimate destiny.

In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover:

  • How astrology and psychology work together to help you understand yourself in a new way - illuminating who you truly are so you can create transformation in your life
  • The 4 personality types that live within all of us - and how they connect to the 4 elements
  • A guided meditation for instructing your inner saboteur to help your unconscious mind distinguish exactly what’s holding you back - so you can banish it for good
  • How Debra’s approach, Applied Astrology, helps you quickly learn elemental medicine of astrology and apply it to the specifics of your life and personality - without confusing or complicated lingo
  • Your personal version of what Debra calls your inner saboteur - the thoughts that undermine your happiness and create a trapdoor of negativity that’s holding you back

Debra will help you discover how your personality connects to your astrological chart and how its unique combination of water, air, earth, and fire manifests - so you can ditch your sneaky saboteur and open the door to greater compassion for yourself and others, and ultimately fulfill your destiny.

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Recommended Stream-On-Demand Event

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Explore Psychic Mediumship, Channeling, And Other Metaphysical Skills For Fostering Safe Loving Contact With The Other Side

During this Beyond The Veil Summit, you’ll hear illuminating insights from over 30 seasoned mediumship practitioners, channelers, “returnees” from near-death experiences, researchers, scientists, medical professionals, and experts who can communicate with those who have crossed over (and can teach you how to do the same).

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