Accessing Your Higher Self: The Six Essential Steps

Accessing Your Higher Self - Step 1 MeditationCenter yourself so that you can begin to hear the divine inspiration that the universe is giving you. Quiet the mind to allow your soul to speak. You have lived many lifetimes always learning and gathering knowledge. When we are reborn we forget, but you can quiet your mind and allow your spirit to remember. Meditating is vital to accessing your higher self. When meditating allow your mind to wander even if you can't understand what you are seeing or feeling. 

Jennifer Marie Solis is the verified author of this guest post.

Accessing Your Higher Self - Step 2 Affirmation: It can be hard to change the way one thinks. It is instinctive to judge, doubt, and question. Everyday you should chant affirmations. One positive thought has 100 times more power that one negative thought. Two affirmations that can change your life in two weeks are, " I (your name) am the perfect child of God." and " Money flows easily and abundantly in my life." If you repeat these, ten times every morning, you are accessing your higher self, so never doubt the power that you have when you tap into that well of divine inspiration that lives within you.

How To Find Your Higher Self

Accessing Your Higher Self - Step 3 Forgiveness: Love yourself with no judgment. Many say that they have forgotten the past. Then why are people still making the same choices and recreating the same experience over and over again? If someone has hurt or failed you in some way, forgiving them is only half of it. Forgiving yourself is the second half. Know that you chose this experience for a reason and allow yourself to leave without guilt. For example, if one's spouse is abusive then one must forgive oneself for allowing oneself to experience this. Then, and only then, will you make peace with past, present and future problems.

Step 4 Is Happiness: God is all loving. God wants you to be happy. Never question something that brings you joy. Nothing anybody thinks should make you doubt your happiness. God judges our sins, but not who we are. So why be so self critical?

Step 5 Is To Connect You With Your Angels: Can you imagine the sense of security that a newborn baby feels in the arms of their mother? This is the feeling that most people spend a lifetime searching for. When you connect to your angels, you feel this same feeling. You no longer feel confused, angry, and lonely. You feel loved. Imagine not being affected by the negativity from your boss, spouse, or lack of money. Believe that divine inspiration can provide for you. This connects you to the universe and opens you to the divine inspiration that can heal anything. It is time to look to love and abundance and find peace. The love of your angels is never-ending and they will teach you to love yourself in the same way. This will allow you to begin to find happiness around every corner. Being connected to your angels will change the way you view yourself and the world.

Step 6 Is To See Tragic Events In Our Lives As Inspirational Gifts: Life is a series of cycles. Just like the human body develops in stages, so does our spirit. In life, we find that every cycle seems to end in chaos.

Six Steps to Accessing Your Higher Self

More Thoughts On Accessing Your Higher Self

Think to yourself. . .   ‘If I am comfortable would I want to get up?’

  • No. Life is the same. What if one has a job that gives the necessities and wants to be comfortable, but suddenly you get laid off? This can be a devastating event in one's life but, know and have faith that divine inspiration will turn our tragedies into opportunities. Life is an evolution of betterment. Every time tragedy strikes, know that God has a bigger plan in mind. Analyze and learn from your downfalls. This will allow the chance to move forward. Experience a great tool for learning - and happiness comes with each experience learned.

Jennifer Marie Solis

Jennifer Marie Solis

From as early as three years old Jennifer remembers her grandfather Ricardo as her best and only friend. Yet Ricardo had passed on two months before she was even born in Madrid, Spain. Growing up through a battle of obstacles it was many years later that she realized that this connection with the other side was not normal and accepted that she had a gift. The ability to meet someone in person, or just be given a photograph of a person, and immediately envision a whole slide show of images depicting that person’s circumstances was something special. She then realized that she could use this gift to help others understand that every one of us is surrounded by angels, spirit guides, and our family and friends that have passed on.

Jennifer says.. "Divine inspiration is something that everyone looks for at certain times in life. Problems arise when we look for this guidance in material things and in relationships. When doing this we recreate the same problems over and over again. Only in accessing your higher self can we bring change. When we begin to look within to find that much needed guidance we find that direct link to our source - God. Only this will give you the peace that comes with knowing you are divinely guided through the adventure that is this lifetime.

If you could see with your own eyes that we are all surrounded by our angels, our spirit guides, and our passed on family and friends, you would never doubt that you are truly blessed. My purpose is to help you know that there is more to this world than just the physical, to help you understand that even the tragic events in our lives are really gifts."

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Guest Posts by Jennifer Marie Solis

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