How To Use A Tarot Spread For Decision Making In The Business World

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Using a tarot spread for decision making purposes can be a fascinating tool for business executives. Interpreting the symbolic meaning of the cards in relation to specific strategic decisions or dilemmas can provide additional clarity and insights for business leaders seeking a unique perspective on navigating the complexities of the corporate world.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a tool for reflection, insight, and decision making. With over 78 cards in a typical deck, each with its own symbolic meaning, tarot provides a rich set of prompts to explore any issue or dilemma with more clarity.

Though tarot has a mystical aura, at its core it's simply another framework to help organize your thoughts, reflect on your feelings, and tune into your intuitive inner voice. 

How To Use The Tarot For Making Executive Decisions

How to conduct a predictive decision-making reading using your own Tarot deck:

Connect With Your Deck: Before starting your reading, take a moment to connect with your Tarot deck. Shuffle the cards while focusing on your question or decision you need insight into.

Set Intentions: Clearly state your intention for the reading. Be specific about the decision or situation you seek guidance on. Intentions help channel your energy into the cards.

Choose A Tarot Spread For Decision Making:

For making executive choices, the "Yes or No Spread" or the "Three-Card Spread" can be most effective.

The Quickest Yes/No Tarot Spread For Decision Making: Shuffle the deck while focusing on your question. Draw a single card. Simply interpret upright cards as a "Yes" and reversed cards as a "No".

A More Thoughtful, Yet Still Quick, Spread For Big Yes Answers And No Answers: Ask your decision question clearly and concisely, center your intentions and then shuffle the deck. When ready, cut the deck into three piles, sliding the middle pile towards you. Then from this, now closer pile, select a single card and place it facing down in front of you. Take a breath and then reveal the card, allowing its imagery and meaning to register intuitively before analyzing it.

While the upright cards generally signify a "yes" and the reversed cards indicate a "no", the meanings of some Major Arcana cards are favorable (The World, The Sun) while others are unfavorable (Death, The Tower) regardless of reversal.

Alternatively Determining Yes And No Cards: 

Tarot cards associated with positive energy, progress, and affirmation can signify a "Yes" answer. These may include:

  • The Sun: Success, positivity, clarity.
  • The Star: Hope, inspiration, guidance.
  • The World: Fulfillment, completion, achievement.
  • Ace of Cups: Emotional fulfillment, new beginnings.
  • Ace of Pentacles: Material prosperity, opportunities.
  • Six of Wands: Victory, recognition, confidence.
  • Ten of Cups: Emotional harmony, happiness, fulfillment.

Cards that represent challenges, setbacks, or caution may indicate a "No" answer. These can include:

  • The Tower: Upheaval, chaos, unexpected change.
  • Five of Cups: Loss, disappointment, regret.
  • Eight of Swords: Feeling trapped, limitations, obstacles.
  • Ten of Swords: Endings, betrayal, hitting rock bottom.
  • Five of Pentacles: Financial loss, hardship, insecurity.
  • Three of Swords: Heartache, sorrow, emotional pain.
  • Seven of Swords: Deception, dishonesty, evasion.

Once you have your answer, take time to reflect on how it resonates with your intuition. Do you sense it confirms what your heart already knows? Explore why you may have been hesitant to trust this inner knowing until now. The card's symbolism and meaning can illuminate why "yes" or "no" is appropriate for your situation.

For more nuance that the single card draw cannot provide, you can pull two more cards asking "Please explain further" and interpret how they build on the initial yes or no response. But sometimes one card's concise wisdom is exactly what we need to make a clear choice!

The Three-Card Tarot Spread For Decision Making: In a 3 card tarot spread for decision making your question should be open-ended, not something that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Instead of asking, "Should I invest in this project?" ask, "What will be the outcome if I invest in this project?"

Shuffle the deck and draw three cards. Each card can represent different aspects of the decision: Past, Present, and Future or Problem, Action, Outcome.

Before drawing cards related to a decision, take some time to get clear on your dilemma or question first. Quiet your mind through taking some deep breaths, journaling to vent thoughts, or meditating to get centered and present. When focused, articulate - even if just to yourself - what specific guidance would be helpful. This gives the cards a focal point to illuminate. 

When ready, set the intention that your reading will provide clarity and wisdom. Shuffle the cards meditatively then cut and draw three cards, placing them face-down in front of you from left to right. These will represent your past, present, and future - or problem, action, outcome - as related to the decision.

Turn over each card slowly, taking time to observe and reflect on each one before moving to the next. Allow the visual symbols and meanings to resonate intuitively. How might each card relate to your decision and question? Does part of its meaning stand out as particularly relevant?

After turning over all three cards, consider how they relate to one another. Is there a progression in the story they seem to tell when sequenced? How might this inform the way forward?

Use all the cards symbolic meanings, intuitive impressions, and narrative flow as mirrors to better understand your feelings, beliefs, and tendencies related to this decision. Let them challenge your assumptions or confirm your intuitions. Use the "future" card to imagine how things may unfold if you make this choice. How might the three cards' meanings come to life? Does this foreshadow align with your goals?

“Should I Do It” Tarot Spread For Decision Making

This decision making tarot reading is designed to answer your “Should I Do It” question. Always begin by closing your eyes and concentrating on an important ‘Should I do It?’ question.

Next, select three cards for your reading. Shuffle and select three cards. 

“Should I Do It” Tarot Spread For Decision Making

I suggest two ways of looking at your results.

First do the simple thing and just read the meanings. The alternative is to look at the image for each card and see what your intuition tells you for an answer.

  • Card 1) Gives an answer for “If I Do It” 
  • Card 2) Gives an answer for “If I Don’t Do It
  • Card 3) Wraps up the prediction with some general advice to be read with your “Should I Do It?” question in mind.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you are coulda – woulda – shoulding all over yourself and creating more anxiety than you need. 

I’m going to ask the question “Should I create this "tarot spread for decision making" page for my website?

Simple Reading Card 1 - “If I Do It” > The Magician: Symbolizing the power of manifestation, The Magician encourages us to harness our creativity and willpower to bring our dreams to life.

Simple Reading Card 2 - “If I Don’t Do It” > Page of Cups: Symbolizes a messenger of love, creativity, and emotional growth.

Simple Card 3 – Advice > Queen of Wands: Embodies confidence, courage, and charismatic leadership.

Intuitively Reading Card 1 - “If I Do It” > Looking at the Magician I see I have all the tools in front of me. And I have the power of the universe in my hands. This reveals to me that I would be successfully doing the right thing. 

Intuitively Reading Card 2 - “If I Don’t Do It” > Looking at the Page of Cups I can see that in not doing this now, I would be looking at this, and always regretting not taking action when I could have. 

Intuitively Reading Card 3 – Advice > Seeing the Queen of Wands I can see that my inner feminine energy makes me a master in action. The Sunflowers behind the Queen tells me that there is plenty more inspiration to come. The Queen's staff tells me to do the work that needs to be done. 

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