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Real Angel At My Shoulder Provided The Down-To-Earth Help I Needed

True story about a real angel at my shoulder. In 1997 I was working on a recording project with BMG records in London. I was running out of time to meet a critical deadline of delivering artwork and copy to BMG. If I missed this deadline the deal was off (and it was a BIG recording deal). 

As I jumped on the early morning Tube (London Underground Train) and headed into the city I realized there was absolutely not enough physical time to get from A to B, then C, and finally to BMG. Knowing I would not make it in time I came very close to giving up and not rushing all about town.

How does it feel when an angel touches you?

Toughed By An Angel At My Shoulder

So while on the train, I closed my eyes and quietly meditated on the problem at hand. About five minutes in I first sensed the angel standing just behind me with a hand on my shoulder. It felt like a physically real hand on my shoulder so I opened my eyes to check if someone was there. No, and closing my eyes again I received a clear message “Carry on, time will seem to slow down and you will make the deadline and the deal with be sealed.”

I know psychic help when it shows up, so I carried on with the job at hand. And it did feel like time stretched out before me. I calmly went about my business going from A to B, then to C, and finally to BMG. 

When I stepped out of the small office of this department of BMG records (with deal done) I took note of the time. Precisely ONE Minute to deadline! 

Then I felt that angelic hand on my shoulder again. I turned to look if anyone was there. Of course there was no-one near me. But as I gazed across the street my eyes landed upon the Swedenborg Society bookshop widow. There in the window was a full sized poster promoting a newly released book (now out of print). It’s title, “An Angel At My Shoulder”

How I Was Helped By The Angel At My Shoulder

Comments & FAQs for the Angel At My Shoulder

Reassuring Me - Comment by: Martin 

I've had a similar experience but strongly doubted myself. It is reassuring to see it is not just me. Thanks for sharing, it really helps.

What is a real angel sighting?

  • A real angel sighting refers to an event when you have witnessed or interacted with a figure you can identify as an angel. An angel is typically described as a winged entity, appearing in human form that acts as an agent or spiritual messenger.

How common are angel sightings?

  • While it's difficult to document or track the exact number of reported angel sightings worldwide, they are relatively uncommon. They often occur in situations where people are going through immense stress, profound life changes, serious health issues, or near-death experiences. Personally I have had three genuine angel sighting in my life - so far!

What do other people describe seeing during angel encounters?

  • Descriptions of angel encounters vary from one person to the next. Some people describe meeting a figure radiating light or warmth, with a peaceful or calming presence. Others report seeing a more distinct figure, often in human form, and sometimes with wings. In many instances, people claim to have been offered guidance, comfort, or a message during these encounters.

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