7 Chakras In The Human Body That Receive And Radiate The Life Force

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What are the 7 chakras? These psychic power centers, or energetic vortexes in the aura of the human body, pull spiritual energy into you and send it back out. On subtle levels they define how we interact with people and the world around us, and can affect your emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Our 7 chakras, affect our daily lives, even although we may be completely unaware of their function.

The interchange of energies amongst the power centers with interconnecting channels within the aura has a direct impact upon our psychic development.

Any blockages will therefore inhibit our psychic perception and limit the free flow of intuitive thought. As such understanding what and where the chakras are can be key to developing your psychic powers, healing, and the effectiveness of your prayers. 

Your Main 7 Chakras

When asked what the 7 chakras are Anodea Judith, an American chakra expert, describes them as psychic energy centers:

  • "A center of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. The word chakra literally translates as wheel or disk and refers to a spinning sphere of bioenergetics activity emanating from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column. Generally, six of these wheels are described, stacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of the spine to the middle of the forehead, the seventh lying beyond the physical world. It is the six major chakras that correlate with basic states of consciousness"

Susan Shumsky, an expert in all matters spiritual, answers this question about what our chakras are as:

  • "Each chakra in your spinal column is believed to influence or even govern bodily functions near its region of the spine. Because autopsies do not reveal chakras, most people think they are a fancy of fertile imagination. Yet their existence is well documented in the traditions of the Far East"

The psychic energy centers connected within the spinal area are of great importance. These major chakras form a crucial part of what and who we are. They tune into different energy frequencies, which can be increased and developed helping you to realise higher levels of consciousness.

FAQs About The 7 Chakras

What Are The 7 Chakras And How Do They Work?

Where are the 7 chakras located?

  • There are seven major psychic centers found in the human aura. These 7 chakras are located in areas along the spinal column as follows. (#7) The crown chakra is at the very top of your head. (#6) The third eye chakra is located in your forehead area, just above and between your eyes.  (#5) The location of your throat chakra speaks for itself. (But I sense it as ears, nose and throat.)  (#4) The heart chakra spins within the central chest area in line with your own heart. (#3) Your solar plexus chakra is to be found (a little above midway) between your heart line and your belly button. (#2) The sacral chakra is located midway between your belly button and your crotch. (#1) Your root chakra is at the base of your spinal column - at the back side of your crotch.

What is the purpose of chakras?

  • The purpose of these seven energy centers is to keep your body revitalized with life force energy. When properly aligned and activated, you can harness this energy to enhance your well-being, relationships, sex life, power, vitality and creativity.

What is the crown chakra responsible for?

  • The crown chakra is the chakra of pure consciousness. It is responsible for inner wisdom and is our connection to the Universe. The crown chakra governs meditation, universal consciousness, unity, and beingness. 

What does your third eye chakra do?

  • Your third eye chakra governs access of intuition, visual consciousness,  and intuitive clarity. The third eye chakra is responsible for balancing your higher and lower selves and helps you access your inner guidance and visual consciousness. 

What does the throat chakra control?

  • The throat chakra controls communication, independence, fluent thought and sense of security. It will assist your personal growth through expression. This chakra is linked to the thyroid.

Why is the heart chakra important?

  • The heart chakra symbolizes your complex emotions, compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection and well-being. The heart chakra is important to circulation, unconditional love, passion and devotion. The heart chakra is related to the thymus. 

What is the function of the solar plexus chakra?

  • The function of the solar plexus chakra is related to our metabolic and digestive systems, mental power, expansiveness and personal growth. It governs issues of personal power, fear, anxiety, introversion, opinion-forming. 

What is the sacral chakra responsible for? 

  • The sacral chakra is the 2nd energy center from the base. It is responsible for issues of relationships, violence, addictions, pleasure and basic emotional needs. Your sacral chakra relates to reproductive organs, governing procreation, creativity, joy and enthusiasm.

What does the root chakra represent?

  • The root chakra represents instinct and survival. This base chakra governs sexuality, stability, sensuality and security. Managing the energy of this chakra can help deal with matters of lust, sexual addiction and obsession. 

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