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Different Types Of Clair Senses For The Multi-Faceted Psychic Reading

There are several different types of clair senses used in readings. The main one being Clairvoyance (vision), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feelings), and Claircognizance (knowing), but there are, lesser used, different clair senses listed below.

The clairs are our soul senses. They are our natural psychic abilities. To best understand the clairs as soul senses it helps to know that we are souls having a human experience, rather than humans trying to understand the supernatural.

To best understand the clairs as soul senses it helps to know that we are souls having a human experience, rather than humans trying to understand the supernatural. 

Being human we sense the world around us through our psychical senses. When at the beach we can see the horizon, see the ocean and see the sand we walk upon. We can hear the waves crashing at the shoreline, hear the wind and the squawking of the seagulls. As we walk to the water’s edge we feel the sand between our toes, then the chill water splashing our legs, and if we take the plunge we feel the ocean envelop us and then float us to the surface. We will also taste the salt in the seawater, smell the washed-up seaweed, and we know to what depth we can go out to depending on our swimming ability.

The Different Types Of Clair Senses

Being aware that we are each a soul, experiencing life in our human form, we can also utilize our soul senses. In developing your spiritual connection, you can utilize your intuitive level sensing of sights, sounds, and feelings etc.

The simple analogy for this is to think of a TV set. We cannot see, hear or feel the TV signal as it passes from the broadcast station, though our TV antenna and into the television – but it IS there. The TV tuner must be tuned in to receive and convert those signals for us.

Likewise, we are able to tap in and download clair communication with a brainwave frequency of around 7.83 hz. I call this alpha/theta mind level psychic resonance.

With psychic resonance a psychic medium can tune into the spirit level signals for messages from of our loved ones ‘living’ in the afterlife (as well as guides and angels etc). And our loved ones living in the afterlife can learn to broadcast a signal to psychic mediums and the psychically aware, (as well as to their loved ones directly through dreams, symbols and coincidences).

With psychic resonance a regular psychic can tune into the soul level signals of their clients. And as the soul level is in the realm of Time/Space not Space/Time we access past present and future all in the moment of now.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience are three different clair senses used in psychic readings.

How The Different Types Of Clair Senses Work

While the word clair is French it actually originates from the Latin word clārus meaning CLEAR, in modern day psychic circles the word really means INTUITIVE CLARITY or refers to clarity at soul level for each of the different clair senses.

  • Clairvoyance works with clarity of intuitive vision or clearly seeing soul level transmissions.

  • Clairaudience is clarity of intuitive hearing, or the ability to clearly hear soul level transmissions.

  • Clairsentience is clarity of intuitive feeling, or the ability to clearly feel soul level energy transmissions.

  • Claircognizance is having the ability to clearly know something from soul level transmissions, or clarity of intuitive knowing.

  • Clairalience means the ability to clearly smell soul level transmissions, or clarity of intuitive smelling.

  • Clairgustance is the ability to clearly taste soul level transmissions, or clarity of intuitive tasting.

To name any other soul level sense just add clair!

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FAQs About The Different Types Of Clair Senses

How many different types of clair senses are there?

  • Scientists say that human beings have between 14 and 20 physical senses, so accessing those on an intuition / psychic level would mean there could be up to 20 different types of clair senses also.

Which ability is used by Psychic Tarot Card readers?

  • In psychic tarot reading, clairvoyance would be the main ability used. A psychic physically looks at the cards then clairvoyantly dives deep into each scene to receive information for the sitter.

How to develop Clairvoyance for Tarot Reading?

The best way to develop your clairvoyant Tarot reading skill is to buy a fully illustrated set of cards and throw away the book of meanings. Shuffle the deck while thinking of a question, pick a card, and then do a 5-minute open-eyed meditation on it. Keep practicing this simple technique and you will get it.

What are the 6 most used clair senses?

  • The six most used clair senses are: 1 Clairvoyance (Inner Vision), 2 Clairaudience (Inner Hearing), 3 Clairsentience (Inner Touchy/Feely), 4 Claircognizance (Inner Knowing) 5 Clairalience (Inner Smelling), 6 Clairgustance (Inner Taste).

What are the soul senses?

  • The soul senses are the same as our physical senses, only we perceive them on a metaphysical level. These extrasensory perceptions (ESP), also known as Spiritual senses, are best known as the clairs. The different types of clair senses are all the ways a psychic can see, hear, feel and just know things for you. A clair sense can be any form of awareness you physically have that you have the meta-physical ability to also use.

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These Clair Senses Are The Most Used In Readings - by Susan Zummo

How do psychics work? - Where did that information come from? These are questions I hear quite often when working with students and clients during a “straight psychic reading”. By straight psychic reading, I mean without the use of outer tools such as tarot, runes, astrology, etc.

Meet the Clairs: Clairvoyance or clear seeing. Clairaudience or clear hearing. Clairsentience or clear feeling. When an authentic psychic tells your fortune and reads the future about you or other people, they are mainly using one of these three forms of extra sensory perception.

Answers can be received through different psychic gifts that can be developed with training and practice. Everyone has natural intuitive abilities and most people are stronger in one aspect than the others. After reading the descriptions below, you’ll have a better idea of which psychic ability is strongest for you.

Best Of All The Clair Senses

When A Psychic Reads With Clairvoyance

Of all the different types of clair senses, clairvoyance - or clear seeing, is the most widely shown on tv and movies because it is visual. Clairvoyance is the psychic language of pictures and symbols. The same mechanism that allows your imagination to create a picture in your mind when reading a story or remembering an event is used by the intuition to provide information. These picture symbols must then be interpreted by the psychic so that it will make sense to the client. Clairvoyants are often very good at seeing auras and what is floating in the energy field around a person. The caution here is that sometimes clairvoyants will see what a person is thinking or wishing for and read that as a fact rather than as a desire on the part of the client. Experienced readers will check the ‘desire or fact’ question before providing the information.

When A Psychic Reads With Clairaudience
Of all the clair senses, clairaudience - or clear hearing, is the most common psychic gift and one which spirit communicators or mediums use to connect with deceased persons. Clairaudience allows us to hear our own Higher Awareness in the form of mental communication. This internal dialogue can cause some natural clairaudients to doubt that they are receiving guidance. Learning to distinguish between the fear voice, the voice of desire and the voice of intuition takes practice and trust. During a reading, a clairaudient would only need to relay the information they are hearing in their own mind without interpretation. This can make for a more direct form of communication. As a result information received through clairaudience can seem direct and have an economy of words. Some clairaudients will expand on the information with their own examples and thoughts to soften the delivery of the information.

When A Psychic Reads With Clairsentience
Clairsentience - or clear feeling, is expressed through empaths or empathic persons. Of all the different types of clair senses, the accuracy of this psychic ability can’t be stressed enough. If the feeling within does not match what the eyes are seeing, clairsentients know to trust their feelings first. We are all familiar with the image of the wolf in sheep’s clothing and the uncomfortable feeling clairaudience communicates is what tells us to run. Clairaudients can feel the truth of a situation and are very good at reading the character of a person just by what they are feeling or sensing in a given situation. In a reading a clairaudient may see the scene of a happy family but feel anger or jealousy. With guidance and tools for protection, clairsentients learn to separate their feelings from those around them to bring themselves into balance.

When A Psychic Reads With Pure Intuition!
When clairaudience and clairsentience are combined they produce pure intuition. This is when you just know what you know and you don’t know why. Pure intuitives trust what they know and accept what they receive as a fact. So when clients or students ask, “Where does the information come from?” my answer is, “It comes from the soul, because pure intuition is the voice of the soul.”

Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. Clients regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet. Susan currently lives in New Mexico where she is learning about the beauty and culture of the Southwest.

For more information: www.susanzummo.com/on-line-training

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