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I was fairly hesitant before I began practicing with my psychic crystal ball. I couldn't really imagine how things would just 'appear' within a sphere of rock. But, now that I've been doing it for awhile... it's become one of my favorite tools of divination!

When I read the ball, I use a few of my own little techniques that really help to produce powerful imagery and clear messages in my reading.

First, I like to set the scene around the area where I will be performing my reading as well as the immediate area around the ball. Lighting plays a huge role in what images will arise within the crystal. I like to use low or natural lighting in the room, nothing too bright.

About My Psychic Crystal Ball ReadingsThe Crystal Ball is one of my Favorite Psychic Tools!

Then, I light different colored candles and place them around the ball. I use anywhere from two to four lights - depending on my mood and what I have handy. The different colors from the candles along with the flames help to create interesting scenery and motion in the ball.

I also like to do a tarot reading right before I read the crystal and place the cards that appear around the bottom or directly underneath the ball.

While I'm reading, I place my hands together to form a triangle over the ball, with my thumbs touching and all other fingers extended for the sides of the triangle. I move the triangle around the ball at different angles to produce different results.

Reading the ball, for me, is all about connecting a spark of an image that I see to an applicable situation in my life (or in the life of who I'm reading for). It's funny that I couldn't 'imagine' reading this way - and yet the word 'imagine' is really what it's all about. Intuition, imagination and application are key to reading a crystal ball.

I oftentimes mix and match my psychic tools, but the crystal ball is definitely on my favorites list... along with Tarot, of course! 

Psychic Crystal Ball Guest Post By TPX Tarot

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