These Are The Psychic Stories That Came True - Believe It Or Not!

There are plenty of psychic stories that came true to read about. For those who are ready, no explanation of the paranormal is necessary and for those who are not, no proof is ever good enough. But if you are stuck in the middle, reading about these reports of true psychic and spiritual encounters may help.

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He Said I Love You, Goodbye - by Aislin Wise (California)

Here is one of my psychic stories that came true.

I was just 13 years old at the time. It was April 13th 1994. My phone rang. I was sitting at the table doing homework when I answered the phone and didn't recognize the voice.

  • Me: Hello
  • Voice: Hello honey
  • Me: Who is this?
  • Voice: I miss you
  • Me: Who is this?
  • Voice: It's your father. I love you.
  • Me: What?
  • Voice: Goodbye.
  • Me: Dad?

At that point the phone got a little static and when it cleared I heard my grandfather saying "Hello, are you there, hello? What the hell is wrong with this damn phone?"

I began a conversation with my grandfather but will never forget the day my father called to say goodbye. You see that was the day he was found dead due to heart failure in his apartment.

Let's Hear Your Psychic Stories That Came True
Ambulance 85

Seeing it before it happened. - by Kim (Melbourne, Florida, USA)

A little less than 3 years ago, a boyfriend and I were driving down the road to go to dinner. We approached a red light and behind us was an ambulance, lights off, just driving like we were.

On this ambulance the unit number was marked 85, which is the year I was born. I instantly got a eerie feeling. I then looked at my boyfriend and said to him “we are going to die." He asked me what I was talking about so I explained that I had just gotten a terrible feeling just from a number marked on an ambulance. He told me I was crazy.

About 10 minutes later we were turning left to go into the parking lot of the restaurant and we were struck by another vehicle. Our vehicle flipped over on its side and I was trapped inside. None other than Unit number 85 arrived on the scene and informed me after they pulled me out, that if the driver of the other vehicle had struck us 5 inches to left of where he did, my head would have been crushed and I would have been dead.

For years now I have felt that I have some sort of psychic ability, but this one of my psychic stories that came true sticks out the most to me.

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Murderous Prophecy - by Mery (San Pablo CA United States)

Murderous Prophecy - by Mery (San Pablo CA United States)

For your psychic stories that came true. My stepson lived with me. I had a murderous prophecy, a dream at 6am, one October morning, that my fifteen year old stepson was murdered on a street corner. I dreamed he was stabbed numerous times and I remember holding him, crying and telling him over and over, come back to me.

I woke up crying, ran to his room, and cried to him what I dreamed of. He just said "let me sleep crazy lady". I remember telling him, "Please believe me. Dreams like this are prophecies and can happen within three months, so please don't be out in the streets late at night."

December 23rd, less then 3 months after, he was shot 3 times, on a corner at night just like in my dream, the only difference, was that he was shot, instead of being stabbed like as in my dream.

Jayne Wallace's Psychic Stories

Jayne Wallace's psychic stories that came true.

Jayne's early life was blighted by an incredibly painful condition that almost led her to turn her back on her spirit guide, Star, and her calling to be a psychic medium. At the age of 12 she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and registered disabled. Fighting against her illness and dealing with the loss of her mother, it was hard to accept Star in her life. But Jayne eventually made peace with Star, who brought her an amazing gift - a connection with her mother in the spirit world. As Star helped Jayne, so Jayne has gone on to help others, channelling loved ones on the Other Side, offering guidance for the future, and hope and healing to those who are grieving. This is the most inspiring page turner on the psychic experience in the market today.

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More Short But Sweet Psychic Stories That Came True

Spooky Experiences

One of my psychic stories that came true - by Patricia Gooderham (Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada)
My Spooky Experiences
I used to work for people in the past and when it was time for them to pass on....this is what I have experienced... For 5 days I would walk in the evening around town where I live and would stop and stand by a light post... well the light would go dim and then bright like a heart beat! This would then stop after 5 days and then I said to myself someone has passed on and so again on the 5th day I would walk downtown and surely enough there was a name on the funeral home bill-board with the name of the person I used to work for.....! Spooky or what?

Attacked By Incubus

One of my psychic stories that came true - by Ashlie (Dunedin, New Zealand)
Was I Attacked By An Incubus?
I was in bed one night with my lamp on and I was in that state between awake and asleep. I became fully awake when I could feel that my blankets were being pulled down off me. I kind of hitched myself up on my elbows to see what was happening. I could not see anybody there. All of a sudden something tightly grabbed my leg below the knee & forcefully tried to drag me off the bed. I was in such terror that a scream wouldn't come. I yanked my leg back & then it was all over. The next day after trying to convince myself that it wasn't real I discovered fingerprint bruises on the leg that I had been grabbed by. - After several years of not knowing what attacked me I became friends with an empath and a medium who told me this was a demon called an incubus. It is a sexual demon that tries to have sex with its victims.

One of my psychic stories that came true - by Kenneth 
My Invisible Friend
When I was little I had an imaginary friend. He made me feel safe. When I was a bit older I was at my Nana's house and she had a picture of great granddaddy. I looked at my momma and said," Mommy who's that?" She replied, "That's your great granddaddy, he's who you're named after. He died before you were born though." Then I said," I know him, I used to play with him all the time when I was little!"

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