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Are you a Tarot Junkie? What do you know about Tarot card reading, oracle decks, the many spreads, and their fortune telling uses? If you can you write great tarotology, cartomancy and oracle card articles, this is the place to be seen.  Do you know how to conduct a great tarot reading? When you are interpreting the cards, what method gives you best results? Write a guest post about it.

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With readings, meanings, and card deck reviews, from the fool to the world you can share your views.

Want to write a Tarot Junkie guest post? Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • How to conduct a great tarot reading.
  • Tell us about your favorite deck tarot cards and why they are you #1.
  • Tips for finding genuine free Latin Tarot readings.
  • What secrets in Love Tarot can you share?
  • Share your own slant on Tarot Card Meanings.
  • What special elements make a Psychic Tarot Reader stand out?
  • Have you designed any printable tarot cards that you can share?
  • What Tarot Spreads do you like to use, and why.
  • Do you know much about the history of tarot cards?
  • Can you share some hints and tips on Tarot Magic?
  • When you are interpreting tarot cards, what method gives you best results?
  • Perhaps you would like to recommend you favorite reader of tarot. Go ahead and tell us all about him or her.
  • Oh, and remember Cartomancy, and other Oracle cards will fit right in with the spirit of this section.
  • Are you a person who follows an eclectic method of tarot divination, what techniques make you so accurate in your readings? 
Write What You Know About The Tarot

Another great subject for writing tarot junkie articles is to review your favorite decks. (Tarot and oracle card decks)

How to review the tarot card decks.

Please include

  • Author/Illustrator of the tarot cards deck?
  • Most impressive aspects of the Major Arcana?
  • Most impressive aspects of the Minor Arcana?
  • Size of cards?
  • How many cards in this deck?
  • Accompanying book/booklet?
  • Why is this a good deck for readings?
  • Who would like this deck and its images?

There’s room to upload up to four images on the tarot junkie articles you post. And remember to add an author bio with your name and any contact details you would like to be included on your Tarot Junkie Article.

So, if you're inspired to write an article on the subject of Tarot please submit a guest post here.

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