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Real Experiences With The Afterlife. Your Short Stories & Guest Posts

A collection of true short stories about real experiences with the afterlife from people like you and me. My own proof first came from a really vivid regression session. What about you? Do you wonder if there is an afterlife? Do you have your own personal story to share?

So how do you bring about your own experiences with the afterlife? For me it was a past life regression session many years ago with Denise Linn. Long story short, in the trance state I had a death experience in a past life, and in particular, the moments after that where my consciousness was fully there. My awareness of that death was absolute, and my awareness of the afterlife was certain. That happened in 1986 and it was so strong that it erased my own fear of death and I have never questioned the reality of the afterlife since.

What about you? Do you wonder about life after death? Do you have an explanation of your own near-death or after death experiences to share?

Short Stories About The Afterlife

Your Real Experiences With The Afterlife

The posts below contains content from multiple authors. – Primary Authority: Ian Parkin reviews, verifies and edits the guest posts published on Psychic-Junkie.com

Extinguished Candles From Afterlife - by Judith Shoupe  (Bronston, Ky. USA)

I've had real evidence of the afterlife when my brother who passed away.... blew out three candles in front of four people three weeks after he died.

He was born with a severe blood disease and had been ill all his life.... He died from kidney failure, cardiac arrest, and not being able to breath, and he seemed to be drowning in his own body fluid.

We made a promise that whichever of us died first, the survivor would purchase three votive candles and light them and if the one who passed over got to heaven, the candles would blow out.....

He died; I bought candles! My friend was with me and his son and mine and we lit the candles.... after a few moments my friend said to me... "are you watching those candles?" at that time the center one would almost go out.... the flame went down but the other two stayed... they were touching so if there were a breeze, all would have flickered.... I moved the candles to a corner cabinet, and they did the same thing so I put them back on the coffee table and watched. Then I remembered and I said "I'll bet he doesn't know that he is in Heaven and can blow these out.... he doesn't have to struggle for a breath anymore!... At that very second.... ALL THREE CANDLES BLEW OUT!

Flickering Candlelight - by: Joshua 

I sometimes attempt to become more still or conscious through creating gaps in my constant stream of thoughts and by reading spiritual books. I recall reading somewhere that monks would focus on a single flame to help create more stillness/space. I decided one afternoon to give it an honest attempt and to my surprise, after 30 minutes the flame started to move. Little by little the flame flickered more and more. Within another 15 minutes the flame began flickering nonstop. I've tested many times and found the same conclusion. I don't know what exactly happens, though I now know how to accomplish it at will.

Afterlife Wife Uses Cell Phone - by Michael (PA - USA)

Before my wife died, she had her cell phone set to sound an alarm when she would need to take her pain pills etc. After she passed, I kept her phone, and her alarm would go off. I turned off the alarms. But it seems when I’m doing something questionable that she may not agree with the alarm will go off. It continues until either things work out or I change my mind and don't do what I was going to do.

I even had the children make sure I was turning off the alarms. I visit her almost every day at the cemetery and talk to her and tell her what’s going on with our lives.

One night I was sitting in the kitchen, and I swear I could smell her perfume but thought it cannot be true! Is there an afterlife? Let me tell you that before all this I was never a believer in life after death. But now, after my own real experiences with the after life, I am. My wife always was.

She's not at the cemetery. She's with you. - by: Sylvia
Michael, you don't need to go to the cemetery to talk to your wife. She's not there. Only what used to be her container is there. Her perfume is her way of telling you she's next to you. When my mother comes to me, tears pour out all over my face and chest. They dry up as soon as she leaves. I smell apple cinnamon cookies when a friend visits and roses when my spirit friends want to communicate with me and I'm ignoring them. After my husband died (1972) I could feel him beside me much of the time for two years. Four years later while I was being given CPR I "went home" and had a real sensation of the afterlife where I was seeing my spirit friends. My husband wasn't there because he was back in a new body, and I knew he was okay.

Signs Of Real Experiences With The Afterlife?  - by Tricia Mascotti (Stone Creek, Ohio U.S.A.)

I was in my early twenties, living in New Smyrna Beach Fla. My fiancé at the time had a best friend named Roger. They worked together, and he came over a lot. They came home early from work one day, and I could tell they had been getting high. I was upset and took my children and left the Condo. As I was driving to a girlfriend’s house, I had a strange scary feeling. When I arrived, I told her that I needed to use her phone to call home, that I was worried that one or both could be dead. When I called, I got no answer, so I immediately headed back home. When I arrived, our friend had fallen asleep on our couch, and I noticed that he looked strange. I frantically checked for a pulse and found none. I quickly took my children to their room and shut the door. I found my fiancé sitting on the toilet where he had been when I left, with his head between his legs. I thought he was dead to, but he wasn't. After the coroner had come and taken our friend, I could not sleep or even go into the living room. We had bought a car from him that I was driving. I told my fiancé that I wanted to sell the car. Later on that afternoon I pulled into a gas station in Port Orange Fla. and got out to pump my gas, and a man approached me, and said he wanted to buy my car, he said he knew that I had bought it from a friend, and that the friend had died and I wanted to get rid of it. Nobody knew that and I had only mentioned this to my fiancé that morning. He also told me that he knew some other things were going on in Condo, and that he would check them out for me, he told me that was the kind of work that he did. It was all true, we had been having strange things happen. My pictures on the wall were upside down, I found a Diet Pepsi lid in my purse, and that is the brand Roger drank, and all our clocks and watches in the Condo had stopped at his time of death. To this day, I wonder if these things are an indication of real experiences with life after life.

What Happened? - by: Anonymous
That is strange, did the man ever get back to you?

Reply - by: Tricia
Yes, he did, we spoke on the phone, but the whole situation frightened me, so I never followed through.

Watching Over Us - by Lisa (Louisiana)

Here are my real experiences with the afterlife. My husband was hit by a car while riding his Harley Bike. The doctors did everything they could; however, there was too much brain damage. He passed within 24 hrs of accident.

  • I have since been having clocks stop (with no battery),
  • his credit card that I had the prior day ends up on my floorboard of my car every time I visit the grave.
  • There has been a special song that plays on our son’s truck radio (which belonged to my husband) each time starts the truck.
  • Silverware that I tried to clean out of the house fell downstairs 3 times before making to my car.

As well as my two children, I still have several things happen regularly such as interrupted phone calls with his number etc. He felt like he was still around watching over us all as he always did.

Real Experiences With The Afterlife

Photographic Signs From Our Loved Ones In Heaven - by Guy Dusseault

I began taking photographs containing signs from our loved ones in heaven after our son Billy died. He passed into the afterlife on June 26, 2004, four days before his 29th birthday. About 8 months after Billy crossed over to heaven, we were able to connect with Billy through spirit messenger Vicki Monroe which was amazing in itself.

About two months after we had made the connection with Billy, my son in the afterlife, through Vicki, I began to take photographs at random to see if I could receive any direct signs from our loved ones in heaven. To my surprise we now have real experiences with the afterlife from Billy through our photographs.

We have a book on Amazon as well as a website which everyone is welcome to visit read our story and view a few pages of an amazing event which began to occur to us about 10 months after Billy crossed over to heaven. We have been able to, and continue to, receive many signs from our loved ones in heaven - from Billy and others who have crossed over.

Billy has given us many signs from our loved ones in heaven.

The signs from our loved ones in heaven come through in photographs a few different ways. Orbs, spirit orbs, balls of energy or sparks of light are one of the ways that my son in the afterlife can come through. Another is spirit mist or spirit essence, streaking lights, angel light and my favorite are the heart shaped photographs of the moon, street lights and of our Christmas tree lights. The heart shaped photos are my favorite because the heart shaped represents LOVE. My favorite of all the heart shaped photos that we have taken was one where the heart shaped moon is perfect.

I mostly use 2 Kodak digital cameras and at times inexpensive disposable cameras in taking the photographs you can see on www.oursonbilly.com/spirit-photos.html

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Evidential Mediumship Readings are another avenue for having real experiences with the afterlife:

The sole purpose of psychic mediumship is to bring proof of an afterlife and that our consciousness and personality survives psychical death.

When sitting with a medium for the first time there are usually five points that will give you any real experiences with the afterlife.

  1. What did your loved ones look like in their physical lives?
  2. What was the personality of your loved one in life?
  3. What were your loved one’s hobbies or activities? How did s/he spend his/her time?
  4. What was your loved one’s cause of death?
  5. Does your loved one have any comments that only you would know about?

With these evidential questions answered you will have had your first real experiences with the afterlife.

The sitting can then be continued with the opportunity for you to ask any questions or request any messages from your loved one for you.

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