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What Is The Human Aura, How Does It Work, And How Can I See One?

What is the Human Aura?

  • The human aura is a profound phenomenon that offers a glimpse into the very essence of our being. This luminous energy field emanates from and surrounds our physical form, pulsing with vibrant hues that reflect our emotional, mental and spiritual states. At the most profound level, the aura is an expression of our soul's radiance - an ethereal fingerprint that is as unique as each individual. Perceived by gifted intuitives, healers and mystics, the aura's vibrant layers offer insights into our karmic patterns, personality traits, chakra health, and even traces of past life experiences.

How The Human Aura Works

The aura is comprised of seven main layers, each corresponding to a different dimension of our multifaceted selves. The layer closest to the physical body is the etheric body, which acts as a blueprint for our biochemical processes. Moving outward, we encounter the emotional, mental and spiritual layers that make up our subtle anatomy.

To the extra-sensory eye, the colors, textures and dynamics within the aura provide a profound symbolic language. Vivid, radiant hues like golden yellow or emerald green often reveal elevated states of joy, vitality and spiritual awareness. In contrast, dense clouds of gray or streaks of harsh red may signify stagnant energies, unprocessed emotions or energetic imbalances calling for deep healing and release.

How The Human Aura Works

For those committed to self-exploration and personal growth, learning to sense and interpret your own aura can be a profound practice. You may discover insights into your soul's highest calling, your energetic strengths and weaknesses, and profound opportunities for expansion. An experienced aura reader can be an invaluable guide on this journey, sharing their perspective on your unique auric patterns and providing tools for cleansing, balancing and enhancing your energetic radiance.

By attuning to the sacred language of the aura, you open a direct channel to the depths of your soul's essence. This mystical exploration empowers you to embrace your fullest potential, navigate life's challenges with greater wisdom, and quite literally, let your true colors shine.

What Is The Human Aura Saying About Us?

While these auras can seem daunting to decipher, professional psychic readers or aura readers have honed their ability to interpret these radiant blankets of energy. They offer a definitive sense of practicality, providing you with insight into emotional rein, spiritual direction, health conditions, and a peek into the fascinating nature of your own personality.

Engaging a professional psychic allows you to explore the intricacies of your aura. With their expertise, they will provide not only a unique interpretation but also guide you into understanding this energy field's implication on your personal trajectory. This validation can resonate deeply with those uncertain about their future, providing them with newfound empathy and grounding.

Online Psychic Aura Readings

Our auras are unique to us with different colors and patterns. Which colors and patterns are in yours? What do they mean? An online psychic aura reader can help you find out what your aura says about you and your energy. Learn more > >

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What is the Human Aura?

Psychic Diamond Is A Keen Aura Reader Answers: What Is The Human Aura?

Emanating from all life forms, not just people, is an energy field that is constantly reflecting your state of being. The human aura is a clairvoyantly visual life force surrounding your body. It consistently radiates different colors that mirror your consciousness and how it is being affected by your present attitudes and beliefs.

Have you ever had times when you said to yourself "why is everyone pushing my buttons?" Or times when it felt like the world was smiling with you and everyone seemed to know where you were coming from, and they were trying to help. This has to do with your aura.

Your body itself does not stop at your skin's top layer or epidermis. It actually extends far beyond that. Some people's aura is as big as a mile wide! Many great spiritual beings have big auras like this. When you can 'feel' someone approaching, it is because their aura has already 'met' yours. We are all connecting and meeting one another like this. So, sometimes people who are more sensitive are noticing this more.

I have many clients who ask me about this because they notice it strongly. Clairvoyants who have not sufficiently built 'filters' for themselves will get much 'information' about people without wanting it, just by being in someone’s aura. This can be very disturbing for them especially if the aura is negative or confused... 'so what does that mean?' you might ask! That said, lets next talk about:

The human aura is comprised of nothing but consciousness and energy. So if you are full of negativity... what do you think your aura is going to be like? You guessed it! It is going to 'feel' sticky, yucky. Well, it’s just negative... but most people don't like it. ;) That is why they call it negative. Negative auras are caused by negative thoughts. And yes, positive auras are created by positive thoughts. Simple.

So let’s say you are trying hard to think positive and yet you are feeling awful? So what is up with your aura??? Well, it’s not so simple. The human aura has millions, millions, and millions of layers! You have so many thoughts. So it’s very hard to get to the roots of some of the thoughts. What about your beliefs? Aren’t those thoughts too? Oh yes they are! They are almost like a bunch of layers of the aura. You can think of it that way. What if you 'believe' you are bad, and yet you are trying to think positive? Kind of contradictory, right? This is why I say "Keep things simple!! And get to the root!" Also, since we interact with people a lot, we are affected by their auras and their thoughts. It’s not easy!! That is why I also, when dealing with 'cleansing auras,' always tell people to "take it easy", because life is not so easy!

So what about when people take colored crystals and do all that aura cleansing? What about Shamans? What about fancy stuff? I say it’s all good. If it is good for you then it’s great. If your aura and belief system "believes" it enough, you will "receive" that blessing. It’s not the crystals. So, if you happen to be spending your last dime on it and you do not really believe it - don't do it!. YOU are the one with the power. The power is you. Inseparable!

You may or may not have many thoughts that contradict this. But we are "spiritual" beings having a "human" experience. Yes, although the aura is invisible, and many people think that this is all woowoof, it is still a part of the worldly; still part of our human experience.

My own aura cleansing regime is a daily meditation. I visualise myself standing under a shower of white light that energetically clears any gunk I may have empathically picked up in the day.

Katt with Chief Red BullKatt with Chief Red Bull

What Is The Human Aura? - Answered by Robert Brenner (Melbourne, Florida USA)

I got a photo from a lady for a reading, I could tell it had been cropped from a larger photo. She gave no details as to what she wanted to know. The photo is just a basic headshot. Top of the head to the waist and shoulder to shoulder.

I sat with the photo and then spirit starts typing. The message was, "There is a powerful energy off to your side. It is the energy of a powerful, native American Indian Chief"

She wrote back and asked me what photo she had sent because she thought she sent the wrong one. I returned it to her. Then she came to me via instant message and we chatted. She was blown away about the information I had sent to her. Then she said, I will send you the photo that I cropped myself out of.

When I got her next email and opened the photo, I could not believe it myself.

It was a photo of her, the one I already had but had not been cropped. On the wall to her right side was a piece of artwork she had created, hanging on the wall. It is a rugpull, I think you call it, of a chief Red Bull, who joined forces with Sitting Bull to take down, Custer in Custer's Last Stand. I still have the photos!

About Aura Readings - by: Anonymous
I don't understand how you can do an aura reading from a photo. Wouldn't your aura be different if, perhaps, you were very upset one day, or grieving, and another day you were so happy you got the job you wanted? So a photo would not give you your true human aura.

How I See Auras

What Is The Human Aura? - Answered by Anna (Kansas USA)

For many years I would see auras around people randomly and unexpectedly, but not on a regular basis. An Apache friend of mine, who sees human auras very well, and I started spending time together looking at people's auras where ever we might be. 

He would ask me what color I thought someone's aura was and I would tell him what I thought it would be, even if I wasn't able to see it very well at the time, and he would not only confirm what I saw but also tell me what information he sensed about that person. 

At first, red was the most difficult color for me to see and, ironically, my friend is color blind and does not see red, but when you are viewing an aura you are seeing it with your third eye and so it is possible for him to see that color. He has never seen the beautiful pinks and reds in a sunset, but he can see someone's aura turn red when they are angry with no problem. 

After several years of practising and comparing notes with my friend, I began to see auras most of the time. There are always situations that make it challenging to see an aura, and for me it is when someone is standing against a brown background, because brown includes all the colors and just washes it out.

How to Read Auras

What is the human aura and how to read them? - by AuraReader (Texas USA)

Auras have always fascinated many in and out of the psychic field. Human auras are the energy fields around each and every one of us. Their colors represent everything from our emotional state to our physical one. They are truly our psychic calling cards that we present to the World.

As a psychic for Over 15 Years I have always been able to look at a person and instantly know what their emotional state was based on the color and condition of their auras. Although some may see the colors instantly some may take turn it on and off through their minds eye.

One of the best ways in which to see human auras is to simply look at a person or visualize them in your mind. Once you have a visual of the person simply visualize energy coming off of their bodies. With the main focus now being the outlined energy of the individual you can then simply ask your spirit guides to show you the colors associated with this energy. Soon you will begin to see outlines of colors surrounding your visual. They may show up in layers or with one or two colors gathered only on one side of the individual. 

Practicing everyday will only improve your technique and visuals. You can then begin to interpret the colors that you see.

Here are some quick meanings to what the colors represent...

  • Red-Anger and/or High Energy
  • Yellow-Intellectual Pursuits and/or Joy
  • Blue-Calm and/or Intellectual Pursuits
  • Green-Relaxed and/or Naturalistic
  • Purple-Spirituality and/or Psychic
  • Orange-Energetic and/or Joy
  • Black-Depression, and/or Deep Protection
  • Brown-Sadness and/or Grounded
  • Gray-Melancholy and/or Neutrality

What is the human aura and what am I seeing? - by Baljit  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

When I was a university Student, I would constantly see auras. This would just naturally continue at all and any time of day. If I were sitting at my desk at home, and reading a textbook on politics, I would repeatedly have to look away from my book and stare into my room. A trio of colors would be whirling around very quickly, (like the colors of the rainbow), and as they were whipping around together very quickly, I would have a thought appear in my mind of a person’s name. As soon as the name came to me, the colors would arrange themselves in order from top to bottom and slow down and float around the outside figure of a human being. 

The way that the colors rested around the figure would instantly tell me what this person was like, ex. Good, bad, to stay near them or avoid them, etc. this would constantly happen, no matter where I was. 

It was very draining and distracting me from my concentration on my studies, so eventually I had to visualize a red stop sign to control this. Each time the auras tried to come to me, I quickly mentally visualized the stop sign, so I could fully focus on my needs, which were studying at the University of Toronto, and working towards my honors Bachelors Degree in political science. 

Eventually, after a lot of concentration on the stop sign, the auras stopped interrupting me. I have always had psychic abilities, or what I consider excellent intuition. I am also very intelligent and creative (artistically gifted), I believe those traits all go hand in hand. I am also very sensitive or emotional, and cannot bear to see injustice, or cruelty. I believe these traits are related to a highly intuitive person. 

My second son is also an intellectual genius with an IQ of 160 - 179. He is also very sensitive and also displays psychic abilities. For example, he knows who is going to call before we answer the phone, or he has connected thoughts like myself, giving him information about another's thoughts before they speak. I believe my son and I share a very strong mental, spiritual bond in a different form than my other 3 children. 

My youngest daughter is also exhibiting the same intellectual genius and very sensitive soul as my son and I. It is all just natural, connected and I believe just a deep sense of intuition. We all have it, but all of us are not as spiritually connected to ourselves yet. 

I can also, if in the mood, look into a person’s eyes and feel their energy. I love to help people, especially those who really need the help and guidance. I can read people very well and speak their language (like dipping my feet in water and sitting in the pool with them, metaphorically speaking). Then, once I’m in that connection, I can help them, using their own energy and giving them what they need. The information or guidance I mean. This happens randomly. I really believe I need to do this at times. To make sure they are ok and become happier. 

I had once warned someone (supposedly a very close friend) to keep away from her love interest, as soon as I was in the room with him for the first time; I felt an extremely negative, bad aura from him. She chose to become angry with me for telling her this truth, and we stopped being friends. Several years later, after he destroyed her life, she confided in our mutual friend that she should have listened to me and regrets not believing me.

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