Clairevoyant Aquarian Songbird

by Zipporah
(Federal Way, WA, USA)

Like most psychics, my abilities began at an early age. I started seeing people, places, events that I just tossed as my creative imagination. However, the psychic phenomena sounded 'cool' to me at age 16. I hung out in the psychic chat rooms and still laughed how I was able to 'guess' things so accurately. When I studied more on how to really meditate and focus on my gifts, I was shocked to find that I could see where people are and what they were doing/looked like if they let me.

Without guidance, I got pretty scared at what I gotten myself in to. I was told real psychic's didn't exist by my elders and other mentors. I am 27 now and my gifts are Raving Mad that I have pushed them aside and it’s been a frightfully wonderful experience.

My strengths are clairvoyance, clairsentience and dreams of future events. I also specialize in dream interpretation.

Life is too short to have these God given gifts go to waste. Don't be afraid of who you are and your abilities, don't try to be the psychic over there and develop your own true potential!

I have recently began to start my own business which will be up very shortly at by May, 2009. I welcome all friendly advice.


Aquarian Songbird!

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