The Different Types Of Spiritual Readings Online Psychics Offer

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Some psychics offer different types of spiritual readings that are based upon a personal connection with the divine. Connecting us all at the metaphysical level. (God, Allah, Great Spirit, Collective Consciousness, or whatever label you like). 

Psychic readings based on our spirituality are more personally empowering. Another way of looking at it is to say the general reading is for questions like "What is going to happen?"  vs spiritual reading is "What can I do to improve?"

I believe these spiritual psychic readings come from the standpoint of your reader’s direct connection to this Collective Consciousness.

Of course there will be some fortune tellers who are not really connected to anything other than a textbook, script, oracle book, or set of tarot explanations.

These types of spiritual readings stand out in other ways too. While Tarot Spreads are a popular tool in fortune telling and general psychic readings, which most often suit question and answers about our future possibilities, someone with a deep spiritual awareness will do better with consulting a reader with solid spiritual foundations.

The Different Types Of Spiritual Readings With Online Psychic Networks

But don't confuse spirituality with religion. As I see it, spirituality is only found from personal experience of the divine, while religion is based upon someone else’s experience - and is usually a regurgitation of old dogma at whatever cost. So psychic readings from a religious standpoint may be framed by fear, judgement, dogma, and unconnected opinion. I've said it often, but will repeat it here as it is very relevant to the subject, Spirituality brings people together, because oneness is at the very foundation of all spiritually minded people. Religion tends to separate people into differing groups with their own dogma. Wars have long been fought over religious differences. Rather silly, sad, and unnecessary. 

Some sorts of spiritual readings are more empowering. Rather than just picking up on possible future events, when your reader is working through a divine connection, there will be stronger elements of guidance. So you may receive more information about the many options YOU can take, rather than just looking at what other people may, or may not, be doing in connection to you. 

However, spiritual based psychic readings are not often accepted by un-awakened souls. In my own experience as a seasoned reader there have been times when wonderful insights would start to flow, but some clients simply wanted to know what the person of their affections was doing or thinking about them. In these cases, the insights of wonder are often passed on to the deaf ears. But if you are open to more enlightened insight you can find pointers and guidance that will assist you on your path.

What Can Spiritual Psychic Readings Do For You?

A spiritual psychic can act as your mentor, taking you under their sheltering wings to guide you from states of spiritual stuck-ness. 

Clients seeking psychic readings of a spiritual nature are always a delight to work with. Yes, future events can be pinpointed, but more than that can be revealed. 

  • Insight that assists you create the future you wish for, 
  • resolve for the questions that may be causing you confusion, 
  • guidance that help you discover your own answers, 
  • true solutions for present and future challenges, 
  • direction for the most appropriate steps you can take at certain points,
  • and insights about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your life. 
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Spirituality encompasses many roads on the path to enlightenment, prosperity, and happiness. A Spiritual Psychic can see into your future, help you find lasting love and heal your body, heart, and soul. Chat with a spirituality advisor and find peace and wisdom, comfort and joy!

Good Questions For Spiritual Psychic Readings

When invited to pose questions, skeptics may answer something like: Well, you’re the psychic. Why don’t you tell me? Some people close themselves off, to make it hard for the psychic to read their energy. Not only are these actions disrespectful, they are a waste of your time and money.

If you do not have any questions ready for your different types of spiritual readings here are a few good open questions that will help get the enlightenment flowing:

  • What is my purpose? What am I supposed to accomplish? Why am I here?

You chose your lifetime “work” before birth. Unfortunately, by about age 7, memories of Original Home fade from human memory. Your psychic can connect with your spirit guides and get answers to these types of questions.

  • Why do I continue to face recurring negative events? What can I do to make better choices?  

You also set out a series of lessons for your soul to learn in earth school. When you don’t recognize negative events as lessons or if you keep doing the same things, hoping for a positive outcome, such events will be presented again and again.

Again, your psychic can tap into higher realms and pass on insights received from Spirit.

  • What is my spiritual gift?

Prior to birth, you chose a specific gift to develop during this lifetime. Subtle nuances will poke and prod at you from time to time, as if saying, “Look at me.”

Questions of this nature may require several readings, where your psychic adviser will push, pull and tug to help you remember. It’s not that Spirit doesn’t remember or that your spiritual psychic doesn’t sense your innate talents. It is that your gift is personal to you. When you begin to remember, you will know how to express your spiritual side for the highest good of all. This is called awakening. And it is a very good place to be.

Here are a few more questions to give you a starting point in these different types of spiritual readings:

  • What information is coming from my guides and angels today?
  • What divine guidance do you have for me on love and relationships?
  • What type of career will bring me the greatest happiness?
  • Why am I feeling so overwhelmed by  ... ?
  • What glimpses of hope can you see for me?
  • How can I find true happiness?
  • Where can I find the strength to make the changes I want to make?
  • Inspire me!

Are These Spiritual Readings Free?

If this is your first time consulting a psychic it would be a good idea to use the free introductory offers available so that you can find a good connection. There are so many different types of spiritual readings, that to just jump in with the first available paid reader you find, it could cost you a fair price only to find conflicting ideas and beliefs to your own.

Luckily for you, there are some great free introductory services available.

  • For instance, on the Kasamba Psychic Network they offer the Free 3 minute deal on ALL their readers. So if you do not click with the first one, three, ten or more you can keep on going until you do.

  • The Keen Psychic Reading Network also has a specific category with 3 minutes of free spiritual psychic readings. 

Alternatively you can try to get a free reading in person at your local spiritualist church. You can also find Mediumship and Healing Circles within these churches. Check out the USA Spiritualist Association of Churches or the UK Spiritualist Church List for somewhere close to you. For other countries just try google's local searches for "spiritualist churches near me".

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