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How to make the most of the real psychics on Kasamba offering you a free start and a discount on your first reading. Find guest posts, reviews, best deals, and coupons here!

Of all the Psychic Portals I’ve reviewed the Kasamba Psychic Reading Network comes out on top. Since 1999, Kasamba has focused on customer satisfaction. You've got to admit they’re doing something right, as evidenced by three million 5-star reviews, which has clearly established them as a leading and accurate online psychic network.

The real psychics on Kasamba are well reviewed.

Whatever your are seeking on an online psychic network Kasamba’s got it! From astrologers to numerologists and spiritualists, hundreds of bona fide real psychics on kasamba call this portal their home base.

Accurate psychic advisors post a picture and profile.  Read those of interest for an overview of their spiritual gifts, prices and customer reviews.

Kasamba makes your experience stress-free with various categories, such as fortune tellers, love psychics, astrologists, career advisors, dream analysis experts and much more.

Each category shows the total number of advisors. A random sampling shows 260 fortune telling advisors, 273 dream analysis advisors and 59 remote viewing exerts.  

The real psychics on Kasamba provide their services through text chat, email or phone.

Kasamba Psychic Reading PortalAll real psychics on Kasamba

The website is user-friendly. When you’re ready choose a psychic who appears a good match and you will be directed to the sign-in screen. If your psychic is not available or you prefer your readings via email, a reply is promised within the next 24-hours.

Kasamba’s claim to fame is the instant messenger-esque chat. The ‘PrestoChat’ is a nifty function, which lets you and your psychic chat in real time. For those with very little patience, this means no more waiting overnight, to get insights and direction.

  • Tip:  Print the transcript of your chat reading to review at your leisure.

No prepayment required means you can put your attention on your reading and pay when you are ready. Virtually unheard of in the psychic biz. Kasamba wants happy customers, backed by their satisfaction guarantee. So if you are not happy with the real psychics on Kasamba you just complete the handy form to request a refund.

Your privacy is important! LivePerson's Kasamba is a third party client processor. Their portal provides you with a discrete connection between you as a client and the experienced psychic reader. Neither you nor the psychic will be given any personal contact or billing information.

What’s to like?

  • Site is easy to navigate, even for newcomers. Random sweet deals for new users, and a free 3-minute chat any time, combined with a pay when you please posture, makes the site more inviting than most. Layering on Kasamba’s satisfaction guarantee ensures your experience is a win-win.
  • Psychic advice is as close as your fingertips, day and night, including weekends.

What’s not to like?

  • Kasamba promises a satisfaction guarantee, but there is a lot of buzz about the difficult dance involved in requesting refunds. The lack of telephone support, may cause small issues to grow.

The verdict on the reading experience with the real psychics on Kasamba?

A visit to Kasamba is comparable to visiting a fine-dining establishment. Kasamba’s ‘menu’ offers a prodigious selection of expert advisors, a vast display of specialties, i.e. astrology, fortune tellers and master tarot readers, with desserts (readings) that are good for the soul. Following a friendly chat, you will leave totally satisfied.

FAQ: Who are the best real psychics on Kasamba?

  • To find the best real psychics on Kasamba that suit your needs you go to their website and start looking under the main category of Personal Psychic Readings. You can drill down through over a dozen sub-categories, and some of these even have their own sub-categories from which you can narrow your search even further. When you are in the right category browse through profiles and decide upon the best of the real psychics on Kasamba for what you want help on. Be sure to review the ratings and feedback of past clients to ensure that the one you've chosen is the psychic with the most suitable experience. Then try the free 3 minutes offer. To save you some time and effort I have listed and linked all the sub-categories below:

Finding the best real psychics on Kasamba

Or use this wizard to connect with your perfect online psychic today!

Once you’re ready to make contact, simply press the `Let’s Chat or Call Now!` button to start your reading. If you already have an account with Kasamba you will be immediately connected. If you are new you will need to create an account. This is easy to do; you will need to provide a valid email address, choose a password, and choose a screen name (this keeps your personal details confidential whilst online with Kasamba)

You will have 3 free minutes with each new advisor, unlimited, so you can find the right match for you. This applies to the live chat but for phone psychic readings you will have the 3 free minutes with the first advisor only. If you’re not satisfied with your first session, you can request a refund.

Sometimes an experienced psychic reader that you want is not online. When this happens, you will be prompted to enter an email a request for a reading with them at a later time. Your chosen psychic will then answer as soon as they can – generally, in less than 24 hours.

There are no hidden reading costs with the real psychics on Kasamba. You pay your psychic’s by-the-minute rate, multiplied by the exact amount of time you have interacted after clicking the `hire` button.

For email psychic readings the amount is pre-determined before your psychic provides their email reading. Your credit card will only be billed after the session has been completed and that is after you have reviewed and accepted your Kasamba Psychic Advisor’s invoice.

You only pay for the minutes of Live Chat from "Hire" until either you or the psychic clicked the "Quit Session" button. The length of the paid session is indicated by a timer that is located at the bottom of the chat window. Parts of a minute are rounded up to a full minute. Once you click "Quit Session" and depending on your initial selection, the session fee will either be charged to your credit card.

After the reading has ended it’s a good idea to rate and leave comments for the psychic that you consulted. Your ratings and comments for paid sessions will appear in the psychic’s virtual office as well as their listings on the Kasamba websites and can be seen by all.

Another neat thing with the Kasamba service via Live Chat is that a full transcript will be available to you at the end of the session. You will find the transcript under the blue ‘History’ tab at the top of the page of your account.

You can use this wizard to connect with your perfect online psychic today!
  • Step 1 - what area of expertise do you need?
  • Step 2 - which type of reading do you prefer?
  • Step 3 - what level of experience fits your needs?

Use this wizard to connect with your perfect online psychic today!

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