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Gifted Premonitions

by Tom
(Kentucky USA)

One night while I was sleeping I found myself drifting to a light. As I got close I started to see some of my dead family members. I woke up wondering who I just met on the other side. A year passed and I found out who my uncle is and he paid for me to come and visit him. When I got to his house in Indiana I told him about this experience. He confirmed that it was my dad's sister I had met in the light. I asked him if he knew who the men I saw were. He said I had described my dad's brothers. I was like wow! He then said to me “Tom, you, your dad and me all have this gift. We have accurate premonitions". I was like, ok that explains a lot.

One time I was online talking to a lady about god and stuff. All of a sudden I had a strange feeling come over me that I had never felt before. A word came to my mind, the word ‘rape’. I stepped out of the house and smoked a cigarette and the thought went away. I came back online and I asked the lady if she had ever been raped before. She confirmed she had, no too long in the past, and then she told me what happened. I was shocked by that and by my tuning in to it like that.

At another time I was in my room and I kept hearing someone speaking, even though no-one was there. So I finished what I was doing in my room and went to the kitchen and as I started cooking dinner saw this dark mist. I guess it was something that came out of my room drifted into the living room. When I finished cooking I went in the living room I saw a flash of light sitting on my couch. I’m still seeing these lights; I don’t know what they are. From time to time I will see it out the corner of my eye next to me. If anyone knows what this is let me know.

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Aug 19, 2012
I've seen similar visions.....
by: Anonymous

Wow I've experienced almost the same exact situations, the bright lights and dark "mist" I also see, mostly from the corners of my eyes but I'll see them on occasion closer to my central vision but they'll go away quickly.....I've always thought it was just my vision going bad.....but I've talked to other psychics/mediums who see these bright bursts of light and dark shadows or mist and they've described seeing the same thing. Of course some mediums see figures and clear lifelike images of deceased people...I haven't experienced that that I'm aware but have had some very vivid wild dreams, some of which have proven to be true past/future events. I do psychic intuitive readings so have pinpointed individuals with pasts like you described being raped....I generally don't mention such things unless it's a dry run reading....this is why I prefer to answer questions in readings I do online because I'll typically pick up darker topics and it's not necessarily something the client wants to hear.

May 24, 2012
YES Ghosts,/spirits do exist;)
by: Anonymous

Yes they do exist! Ive, personally have had enough proof that Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons and Spirits do in fact exist! Ive questioned the "voices" to see if they are acuall real beings or just my own thought. I can only see what you just explained, i dont see actuall faces, its just in my dreams that give me a face to a name, except my dreams are usually of the near future. like ive seen a boy about 8 or so with glasses, who was tramatized by his parents! He did'nt say much and stayed in the basement where his parents made him sleep guarded by a crocodile.

I know this dream kinda made no sence, untill i saw the boys face on TV as a missing child. I followed the story untill they found the boys body and new evedence that his own father and step-mother may have murdered this poor boy!

I guess i see their spirits before they pass? Like you though, I do not allways "know" what I can do to help when i see visions of the future! Believe me i consider myself an annilitical thinker, so i question and sometimes overthink what has been shown to me. However its when i try to "overthink" that the message gets skewed.

Maybe just ask what the spirit is doing there or if its scary or does not feel right then ask in the name of God to leave in Jesus name. Ive found, that if the spirit is a good one they will try and not haunt you, if its stubborn or Bad they will give you an eery feeling and try to fight, probably making you feel very uncomfortable, or try and scare you. Dont let it! Have faith in the higher power, believe in your words and God will take care of the rest. The reason I believe, is i have seen both sides, even traveled back from the dead, and will allways be "teetering" on the wall of the land of the living and the land of the dead.

Besides, I think you allready have "seen" your proof that these entities exist. You just need confirmation;) I hope this helps. You can see my strange but true story on this web page under "Adult Indigo Seer" or just reply on your own page, if you need further info. Good luck on your journey!!

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