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Preminition or Chance

by Leonie
(Gidgegannup , W.A, Australia)

Some 15 years ago after waking from a restless night and early morning dreams I told to my then husband a dream so vivid. I might add my husband always ridiculed me for my experiences of this nature so I was reluctant to tell him but this dream was important enough to me.

Firstly I asked him to ring his brother to tell him not to go onto his building sites. (you can imagine what was said in relation to this request). In short story version, I explained that I has seen a dark haired and bearded man in a suit walking along the scaffolding of the first story of a house being built. as the dream unfolded the man seemed to be hurled towards the ground amongst the building debris on the ground.

As my brother in law was a builder, Italian and bearded, wore suits mostly at work I presumes it was about him.

Some 4 hours later I was at a friends house having a coffee and relating to her my husbands reaction to the dream when her phone rang. My husband knew I was there so I went to the phone to be told to get to the hospital straight away as my second son had just fallen from his uncles building site.

As extra work he sometimes cleaned up after the tradesmen for him. This day unbeknown to me he had been cleaning the upper story of scaffolding and was throwing some through the window opening.

The scaffolding caught him by the T shirt and dragged him to the ground with it landing him amongst the rubble below.

He was baldly bruised and shaken with scrapings and broken teeth but very lucky and within a few days up and about.

I went to the scene to collect his car and as I rounded the corner of the street was confronted with the same scene as was in my dream. Had I not told my husband and my friend of the dream, no doubt I would still be swimming in ridicule. Some parts of the dream do not make sense but most times when I have these dreams or even day-dreams I will not know till after the event and be reminded the these happenings are premonitions I think.

This has happened to me many times.

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