Direction Finding Rune Stone Readings
With The Transformative Oracle of Self

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Rune Stone Readings do not address the future, rather the reader assesses cause and effect and indicates a potential outcome. If you are a truth seeker, this “Oracle of Self” must and will serve as its own teacher, eventually divulging meanings of each of the Runes. 

There is a long held myth that Runes must come to you as a gift. Another myth is that you must make your own Runes. Both are nonsense. You can buy your first pouch of 25 Runes, which will come with a little instruction book. Later, you may be inclined to create your own personal set. 

Most unfortunately, the ancient methodology for casting Runes for divination purposes was lost somewhere in time. Either Rune Masters did not record the sacred knowledge needed to interpret the ancient alphabetic script or any written wisdom did not survive. Any “fortune telling” secrets were buried with the Viking Rune Masters.

How to find Your Self in Rune Stone Readings.Grasp the Secrets Found in Rune Stone Readings

Nobody, but you, can get a real grasp on what the Runes will signify in your personal readings. Possibilities are: connection between little self and Big Self, bridging the gap between Self and Divineness, a direct line to our Knowing Selves and so on.

Let me take you higher. As you conduct research about the wise but obscure Runes Oracle, you will read or hear, ‘ask a question’. This works to a certain extent, but what is little known is that Runes work best when presented with issues.

How To Conduct Your Own Rune Stone Readings

Start with: the issue for today is…

For example:

  • the issue for today is my career 
  • the issue for today is my relationship
  • the issue for today is my home

Making one small tweak changes your role to an active one, rather than passively asking a question and (meekly) accepting the Runes advice.

When you feel ready to begin bonding with your Runes, concentrate on an issue. Put your hand inside the pouch. Start mixing them up.  This is a great way to relax before you begin. Try to touch as many little stones as possible, until you feel a strong compulsion to “draw” one from the bag.

Hold it in your hand and meditate on the meaning as it relates to the issue. Write any insights and then look up the traditional meaning in the little guide. 

To encourage Runes to “talk”, try working with one Rune stone in the beginning. Try not to get discouraged if the Runes ignore the issue you posed and put their wisdom on a different issue entirely.

Actually, this means you’ve reached a significant milestone. The Runes now trust you enough to concentrate on what you need to know, not what you want to know.

Keep practicing and you will no doubt begin to receive ageless wisdom and beautiful messages from your companions, the Runes.

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