The Fool Tarot Card Can Mean A New Beginning In Store For You

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The Fool tarot card meaning can be very insightful when you look deeply enough. The Fool is the starting point of the Tarot’s Journey. It is numbered 0 (Zero) being connected to the idea of a Quantum Leap from non-existence to being. It represents Consciousness taking form. It also stands for birth with all its facets: from actual coming out of the womb to the first spark of the Big Bang. 

But, in the most specific and useful sense for the adept Tarot reader or enthusiast, the Fool can be considered the starting point of a journey of self-discovery. 

In a reading the Fool can represent you (as the querent), someone in your life, a general energy or all of these at the same time. But because it is tempting for people to project greatly and give away their responsibility to others, it is always safer to presume that the cards are talking, first and foremost about you. 

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When you get the Fool in a reading, you are, somehow starting a new journey or endeavor. At this beginning, the you can be seen just like a new baby, in a way. Glowing with energy, resources and promise. The beginning holds no concrete expectations, goals or a form. All of these remain to be shaped, discovered and experienced along the path. According to medieval tradition, the Fool is not lacking in intellect. He is just a being outside of social norm; an eccentric considered somehow insane by the rest of the community. He roams the world without a concrete plan. He takes every day as it comes and lives life as he pleases. He doesn’t own much other than what he carries in his heart: a longing to learn, discover and complete his, yet unknown, quest.

The Fool is brave and carefree, just like a child. He doesn’t yet know about the dual nature of reality. He is unaware of the darkness, the struggles, the hardship and the dangers that lie ahead. This is the energy and arrogance of youth that is both necessary and protected by the Universe. The Fool, is protected by the forces around him because his heart is light and pure. Also, he had the childlike ability to see everything while being amazed by the greatness of Creation. 

If you have just drawn this card from a deck of your own, the Fool tarot card meaning suggests, you can at this point of time, enjoy doing whatever you feel inspired to begin. (if it is moral and safe according to personal definition). This is not a time for careful planning, setting goals or acting in a conservative manner. You should not worry too much. Just enjoy the opportunity to simply be free! 

From some of my own well used card decks. Intuitively reading, the Fool Tarot card meaning of each has a unique message.From some of my own well used card decks. Intuitively reading, each of the Fool Tarot cards has a unique meaning.

FAQs for The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

What is the meaning of the Fool in Tarot cards?

  • In a tarot card reading the Fool suggests new beginnings, taking risks,  making it up as you go, live spontaneously, and can also indicate pure beginners luck. 

What does the fool tarot card mean in a love reading?

  • If you as seeking love guidance with the help of a Tarot reading and you are dealt the Fool take heart! Be optimistic and have fun with what is most likely to be a new relationship for you. If you can go forward without rigid expectation for things to turn out the way you want them to, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Do you know why the fool is the most powerful card in the Tarot?

  • The Fool can be the most powerful tarot card in the deck because of the promise it holds for new beginnings. Whatever is going on in your life (good or bad) you will always be in power knowing you can successfully start something new with relative ease. 

Is the fool a good tarot card?

  • The fool is an excellent card to receive. Especially so, at the end of a negative spell, because of the breath of fresh air that gently nudges you in a new and positive direction. Stop for a moment and listen the the whisper within the Fool Tarot card meaning.

Is the fool a yes or no card?

  • The Fool is a most certain YES card. It is all about taking a risk with something new. There are no warnings to be found in this Tarot card's meaning. 

What element is the Fool card?

  • A breath of fresh AIR is the element associated with the Tarot's Fool. 

What does the fool upside down mean?

  • If you are looking for the Fool Tarot Card meaning when drawn reversed, or dealt upside down, simple read all of the above FAQs and accept the precise opposites. 

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